The wind is back again.

The sun has been shining a big part of the day, even after I had stopped working and come home after work! It’s well below 0C (32F) but the sun still managed to melt some of the snow away. It could have been a rather nice springwinter day if it hadn’t been the north-eastern winds, they are truly nasty and once again it reach my cottage and kitchen.


The forest owner had scraped the roads in the forest as well and it wasn’t as good as one could have thought. You know that first snow we got, the powdery one had now become tiny ice crystals so it was almost impossible to get any grip at all when walking there 🙂 🙂

I could of course go out and fix some fire wood but it is so nasty outside that I rather skip it and hope this nasty wind will die out. The predictions say they won’t, instead it will change direction and force on Sunday. So I guess I might go out and fix wood tomorrow if I still feel cold here 🙂


I mailed three camera films on Tuesday morning and to my big surprise they were scanned already today, normally it takes at least a week but I guess this cold winter make even professional photographers depressed so they don’t photograph especially much or it could of course be because my films arrived just when they were about to develop color film and took them at the same time 🙂


Here comes six photos taken with the Voigtländer Bessamatic. Voigtländer made high quality cameras for the amateurs back in the days but like almost all camera makers they couldn’t compete with Japan and almost all are gone now days.

I was very sure that I without any problems would know what film had been in what camera because one of them would have double exposures. The camera froze when I was outside with it so I could wind the film and take photos without realizing that it actually didn’t wind the film at all 🙂 It took a while before I noticed that. What I didn’t know was that a second camera did the same thing too 🙂 🙂 I then remembered that the first camera, a Voigtländer Bessamatic, had been used when there was no snow outside 🙂


Here comes six photos taken with the Yaschica camera.

It is time to get something to eat and I think I’ll make a pot of tea later on. I don’t care that it will be after 4 pm because I have been so tired these last evenings that I’ve fallen in to deep sleep in front of the tv well before 8 pm 🙂 So I’m pretty sure it’ll take a lot more than tea to keep me awake tonight 🙂 🙂


The Yaschica took the most interesting double exposure 🙂
I’m normally not happy about sun flares but it does at least make this photo slightly interesting 🙂 🙂

Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “The wind is back again.

  1. Hi Christer,
    I love the fourth photo taken with the Voigtlander. It reminds me of The Hudson River School paintings. Lots of atmospheric views of vast landscapes. Lovely stuff.

    The sun flare photo looked like it had possibilities so I ran it through the DeepDreamGenerator for a couple of iterations. Hope you don’t mind. It was fun. The results were very interesting. I don’t know if this link will work.

    The weather here is almost like yours except it’s a northwest wind that is chilling my house and it’s not sunny. More brightly cloudy.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      That’s my favorite too!
      I had to check the Hudson paintings and it actually does remind of those!

      I really liked what You had done to that photo 🙂 🙂 It’s really cool! I’ve saved it in my computer now.

      I think the wind has changed direction slightly because it isn’t that cold here in the kitchen at the moment and clouds arrived shortkly before the sun set but I hope they’ll be gone by tomorrow morning as predicted.

      Have a great day!



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