I hope the night is cloudy.

We almost had some sunshine again today but the day was rather bright anyway because of all the new snow that had fallen. I think we have around 10 cm (4 inches) now and it’s all powder snow. I do hope the night will stay cloudy because they say if it clears up we might get temperatures as low as -20C (-4F) even here in down the south.


The new dog food I ordered for Albin has arrived, it’s more or less chicken and some beetroot fibers and some bone powder. If he can’t eat this it must be the beetroot he’s allergic to. If that’s the case I’ll give up finding a new food for him and just continue to roast chicken in the oven. He loves it though and gulps it down 🙂 


I’ve slept through a big part of the day in front of the tv 🙂 Still, I don’t think I’ll be able to stay up any longer tonight anyway 🙂 🙂 There’s nothing much on tv anyway and I really can’t sit in front of the computer all night either, if for no other reason they say that the sleep will be disturbed if one does.


Albin is laying beside the radiator here in the kitchen complaining about something. I don’t know why because he has eaten his dinner and been outside too. Sune sleeps here beside me and Nova chose the comfort of the sofa. It is time to get something to eat, I guess I’m getting better in my stomach since I actually feel a bit hungry. It’ll be a long time before I try another headache pill again 🙂


Have a great day!


11 thoughts on “I hope the night is cloudy.

  1. Hi Christer!

    Have you tried Albin with fish? It could be the protein is what he is allergic to. I know with Hunter he can tolerate fish (salmon) but he cannot tolerate chicken, beef or pork. He got some kangaroo treats at the vet earlier in the week and loved them but it is very, very expensive. I wonder if its the chicken he can’t tolerate? Its such a roulette wheel to figure out what they can and cannot have. Good luck!

    We are in a mini melting period. I am sure our weather will not stay this way. We are supposed to get to +6 today! What a treat considering last week we were -48 with the wind.

    Hope you are feeling better.


    1. Hi Dianna!

      The food he could eat for some time was made from Salmon and krill. I have no idea to why he can’t eat that any longer. Chicken seems to be the thing he actually can eat something the vet is surprised about since most food allergic dogs can’t eat chicken 🙂 So now when he’s back on chicken again his stomach has calmed down.

      The predictions here are much the same as yesterday, a few days with cold weather and then back to warmish again 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. Hi Christer,
    I hope the new dog food works out. It does seem with Albin that new food works for awhile and then he gets sensitized or whatever. Maybe it’s something in the processing of real food into canned or bagged food that sets him off? My concern with feeding just chicken is that he would be missing some important nutrients. Are there any vegetables or fruits that he can eat without messing up his stomach?

    It’s nice at night when there is snow on the ground. It’s much easier to see what’s out there before I let my dogs out to do their business.

    Piki Dog had his regular appointment with the veterinary neurologist. She continues to be pleased with his condition and said that he and Rocky can go back to day care and the groomers next month. We’re slowly starting to taper off on his medications, too. I’m holding my thumbs.

    I hope your cold goes away quickly.
    Enjoy the evening.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      I do hope so too.
      Yes it is odd that the food he had worked so good until it just didn’t work at all. I wonder if it is the krill? Isn’t shrimps one of those things lots of people are allergic too? Perhaps it’s the same for dogs?

      I am concerned about him not getting enough of everything he needs, that’s why I want to find a dog food instead of making it myself. The new one also had lots of corn in it and lots of added vitamins to it. I did give him carrots for a while but his stomach couldn’t take that either. He’s not an easy dog to keep alive 🙂 🙂 So cross Your fingers for this new food.

      I was wondering about Piki Dog. I’ll hold my thumbs too! I am glad it looks like everything is going the right way 🙂

      Have a great day!



      1. Allergies to shrimp can appear at any age even if one has not previously had an allergic reaction to it. The protein in shrimp that causes allergic reactions is called tropomyosin but only two epitopes on that protein will activate the reaction. Tropomyosin has been found in Antarctic krill (E. superba) oil products. Further tests showed that a commercial antibody against shrimp tropomyosin cross-reacted to a protein of similar size in Antarctic krill tentatively identified as tropomyosin.
        So I guess whether or not the krill in Albin’s food caused the reaction would depend upon where it came from and if its tropomyosin had those two epitopes.
        Stick with the chicken and the crossed fingers, I guess. 🙂


      2. Thanks for that info! So the problems he got from this last bag of food can depend on from where it came! I’ll stick to chicken then 🙂


  3. i have introduced winnie to salmon and she loves it. the skin is so good for her. tomorrow is a big puppy food day. i have lots to cook to make her food. we had her off leash for the first time in the snow today and she was one very happy pup. we are going to have such warm weather that i am afraid she might not see snow until next winter. what do you use on your dogs for fleas? they want me to use a flea collar and i am not thrilled with the idea!


    1. Hi Joyce!

      The food Albin had was made from Salmon and he loved it. Too bad that he suddenly couldn’t eat it any more.

      No more snow here during the night and it will melt away at the end of next eek they say. Sune will miss it, the two others not so much 🙂

      Fleas are still rather uncommon here so I’ve never had to use anything (It will most likely be more common the warmer the winters get here though) . I would feel like You since most of the things one can buy are rather nasty.

      Have a great day!



    1. Hi jedionne10 and welcome to my blog!

      I’m glad You like them 🙂 I live between the two biggest lakes here in Sweden. This are belongs to the town Falköping in Västra Götaland in the southern parts of Sweden.

      Have a great day and welcome back 🙂


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