Three minutes.

We had sunshine for three minutes this morning (I checked when the photographs were taken) and I thought that would be it but just as I started typing this it returned and now I can’t see a thing 🙂 I doubt it’ll stay for long though because the sky is very gray elsewhere. It has been a nice morning though so I won’t complain about it. 


The new road looks really nice but I don’t like it. The gravel is slightly bigger than the normal one they have for roads and it never settles. It is at least two years old now and still stones move around and I always stumble on them.

Our walks are somewhat limited since the dogs won’t go up-stream the creek, there’s still something there that they don’t like I think and the one leasing the castles pastures hasn’t moved the cattle to their winter pastures so we can’t walk there either. If the hunters decides to hunt in these parts of the forest we’ll have even fewer places to walk around at and that will happen tomorrow. They have already texted me and I think that’s a great idea because none of us wants me walking around in there while they are hunting 🙂


Everyone but me is sleeping and I feel like taking a nap too but perhaps I should take a walk with the dogs since the weather is rather nice (even if the sun should be covered with clouds again). I need to take lots of photos that I can use during the week now when it is too dark to photograph after work. By the way, they have now started with Christmas commercials on tv. Isn’t it nice that they start this early so that we’ll hate Christmas when it finally arrives 🙂 🙂 They also now sell Julmust, Swedes favorite Christmas soda in the stores (well some did already at midsummer but I can’t decide if they are really late or really early 🙂 ). They don’t seem to realise that if they sell it all year around it’s just another soda and to be honest, there are better tasting ones and there’s a risk that they actually kills it just because they are too greedy.


Three minutes of sunshine

and then it was gone again 🙂

I better take that walk now while there still are some holes in the clouds.

Have a great day!


12 thoughts on “Three minutes.

  1. Jag gillar julmust, men jag håller med dig att det räcker att den finns runt jul! Just nu har vi dock en flaska i kylen som det står “Årgångsjulmust” på. Köpte den för att en av våra gäster från fatlandet gillar varken öl, läsk eller vin/sprit. Och han gillade musten….. 🙂
    Det där med att julen börjar tidigare och tidigare hatar jag. Har t.o.m. sett hus där dom redan satt upp utebelysningar. Det är inte kul, dom får absolut inte komma upp före 1 december! Sen ska resten av juldekorationerna upp först veckan innan jul om jag får bestämma – men det får man ju inte!! *fniss*


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Jag gillar också julmust men meningen med den försvinner ju helt om den säljs året runt. Det är ju för att man inte köper den annars som den ju är så god. Om jag vill ha dricka annars tar jag hellre en hallonsoda 🙂 Jag köpte en årgångsjulmust förra året men kan inte riktigt förstå meningen med den 🙂 🙂

      De hinner ju ta livet av all julkänsla när de startar så här tidigt! Belysningen har jag mer förståelse för eftersom det redan är så mörkt ute. Man behöver ju inte sätta upp allt dock, bara så att det lyser upp lite extra. Jag plockar fram dekorationerna lite när som helst om jag skall vara ärlig, bara det är efter första advent 🙂

      Ha det gott!



  2. Hi Christer,
    That road does look lovely. So does my lawn when it’s covered in walnuts but it’s treacherous to walk on. I’m always turning my ankles on them. I can see that happening on this road, too. Still, it does look to be an inviting walk.
    It’s good that the hunters think to text you. I’m not sure that would happen here. If you’re out in the woods during hunting season, it’s your responsibility not get mistaken for something that can be shot.

    The sun is out and I can’t see any clouds to speak of. It’s much colder than yesterday, though. More like fall but still not like November.
    We do the time change tonight so the dogs will be looking for their dinner way too early tomorrow and the sun will be setting way too early as well. :/

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      It does but can be absolutely impossible to walk on since those stones never settels. I’m pretty sure it’s just like walking on Your walnut covered lawn 🙂

      The members in these hunting groups rarely change and since they don’t want to shoot me and I don’t want to be shot 🙂 this is a good solution 🙂
      Albin has woken up at 4am all week now, I do hope he can sleep a bit loinger soon 🙂

      Have a great day!



  3. It used to annoy me that christmas started so early in the shops. I don’t watch TV now, and in my own shop nothing christmassy appears till after Halloween. In November some things start appearing (cards and chocolates), and then once December arrives I decorate the shop (which I enjoy) and then I can be christmassy till 6th Jan when it all comes down again. I have a problem with some of the soft drinks manufacturers also that put xmas themes on their labels. All very nice, but not so at the end of January if they haven’t sold!


    1. Hi skyeent!

      I always started my Christmas decorating at Advent first when I had my garden center. The plants were of course already there growing in the other green house but at Advent first they were brought in to the shop part. I too had it all up till January 6th 🙂

      We have a special soda that back in tehdays only were sold before Christmas, called Julmust. It is so popular that not even Coca cola tries to compete with it 🙂 🙂 Now they’ve started to sell it around easter and midsummer too and they start earlier and earlier in the autumn too. That means it’ll be just any soda and I have to admit that I like raspberry soda much more so I tend to buy much less of the Julmust now when it can be bought big parts of the year 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!


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      1. Julmust sounds interesting, I don’t think we have anything similar in the UK. Most of our special xmas drinks seem to be alcoholic (!) and again are available year round. I do like mulled wine when it is frosty (first frost here tonight) although there are some very pleasant spicy fruit cordials available as well. I tend to give out cups of these during xmas week in the shop 😊


      2. Hi Skyeent!

        It was original launched as an alcohol free alternative to beer and the beginning was slow but now it’s the biggest soda around Christmas, even Coca cola has tried to buy the recipe because they don’t sell lots of cola here during December 🙂 I’m pretty sure that You can find it in the nearest Ikea now, they always sell Swedish things all year round.

        I do like mulled winte too now when it is getting colder, I like both the non alcoholic ones and the ones with alcohol in them 🙂

        Have a great day!


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      3. I suspect my nearest Ikea is in the central belt, which is about 6 hours drive away! It sounds interesting anyhow. Scotland now has a very low drink-drive limit, so an alcohol free adult alternative drink that was nice could catch on – maybe an oppotunity for Swedish producers there!


      4. My nearest is at least two hours away so I haven’t been to IKEA for over 30 years now 🙂

        I wonder if they have tried to sell it abroad, if they have it would most likely be in Finland and Norway.

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  4. Christer,
    We had sun part of the day, but it was still cold. It will go down to the 40’s tonight, quite a change from the 62˚ we had last night. The weatherman says it will be cold for a while but not to give up on warmer days.

    My deck had acorns and the remains of acorns all over it. I stepped on quite a few, but it was still sort of funny to hear the clunk as the nuts dropped, many by squirrels. My front lawn just gets pine needles and a few leaves.

    I’m glad the hunters warn you, and it is good the dogs are smart enough not to go where they sense something is wrong. Gracie stops and then looks and listens when she hears something. When she was young, I had to hold her from chasing cats or rabbits.

    Gracie’s legs were a bit better tonight so maybe the pain pills are starting to work. That would be great.

    Have a wonderful evening!


    1. Hi Kat!

      It looks like we’ll have above 32F temperatures both nights and days here for a while now and that means I won’t have to scrape and car windows 🙂 So no signs of colder weather and lots of snow yet 🙂 🙂

      We have too few oaks here so none of the acorns will ever have the chance to reach the ground, Jays take them all if the tree grows close to the houses and squirrels take the rest. I managed to take three before they were all gone and I hope at least one will germninate next spring.

      We all thought it would be a good idea to do like this every time they’re out hunting. They do put up signs on this side of their area but if I come from the opposite direction we will all be surprised if they are out hunting 🙂 🙂 It happened last year and none of us liked it 🙂 🙂

      I do wonder what it is that scares them though?! I guess it might be wild hogs but I’m not sure.

      Have they found out why the signals to her back leg muscles doesn’t reach the legs? I would guess that it would be best if she got both anti inflammatory and pain medicines. All my big dogs had problems very much alike the ones Gracie has and they were much better when they giot that combination. I’m holding my thumbs!

      Have a great day!



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