Hopefully we’ll get an answer next Thursday.

Not a single photo from this morning but I have plenty from previous days 🙂

The morning isn’t that bad to be honest, even if it is cloudy and drizzles on and off.I can have the kitchen door open so that Albin can run in and out as he pleases. I sometimes go outside to him, throws something that he will catch and then Sune takes over. He either take the thing from Albin and then Albin chase him around the house or the opposite 🙂 At the moment however Albin sits in front of a big bush and stares in to it, I have no idea why though 🙂


We walked down to  the creek the other day and followed it up-stream.

We didn’t go far though because the road looked like this after a while and all I could think of was ticks 🙂
Instead we turned right into the forest.

So Nova and I went to the vet yesterday to check her ears again. The left ear is almost good again but the right one is still a bit bad. He said that we could continue with the ear drops she has now or take a test but that the test wasn’t cheap. I wanted the test because it is time we get to the bottom of this problem once and for all. Turns out the test wasn’t that expensive, I’ve had much bigger bills to pay when it comes to my dogs so it wasn’t even painful to pay for it 🙂 We’re hoping for an answer next Thursday as best.


They have cut down a big chunk of the forest there and I think they’ll replant this area either later this autumn if it starts to rain again or next spring.

The vet isn’t one of Nova’s favorite humans since he always digs in her ears 🙂 So when he wanted to give her a huge treat, some kind of chewing treat I said that she can be a bit hard to charm so I was really surprised when she just tore it out of his hand 🙂 🙂 So we will continue with the ear drops she has now and then change if she needs something else.

They always leave dead trees like this because they will be great food sources for insects and mushrooms plus owls like to nest in them when the woodpeckers have done nesting holes in them.


She refused to sit beside me when I was driving home again, she just lay down behind the passenger seat and stayed there for almost the entire way home 🙂 She has however forgiven me now and doesn’t even protest when I give her the ear drops but she does expect a huge treat when I’m done and stays if it isn’t big enough 🙂 🙂 She has lost a lot of weight during this time though so she needs to gain some weight and I’ll continue to give her the big treats she wants 🙂


Four photographs taken with the Contaflex.
The Contaflex isn’t a good camera to take close-ups with 🙂 This is some kind of toadstool.

It is time to make some breakfast, I’m always the last one to get food in this home 🙂 I’ll also see if I can get Albin to stay indoors for a while, it starts to get chilly here in the kitchen.


Four photographs taken with the Contessa. These were taken the day when I had my car at the garage getting a new timingbelt. I walked to Falköping and back in around 4 hours and also a small tour on the pilgrimage to Varnhem after that.

This is the clock tower to a church I can’t remember the name on 🙂

Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “Hopefully we’ll get an answer next Thursday.

  1. Like you pictures of the bugs and butterflies. Also the town and garage. Looks like northern Minnesota where I grew up. lots of trees and water. I hope Nova feels better. Ears can be hard to treat. I would have had the test done too. Joy.


    1. Hi Joy!

      I’ve heard several times that these surroundings look like places in northern USA 🙂 Perhps it isn’t that strange since most Swedes that emigrated to the US moved to those parts, especially Minnesota 🙂 They found a place looking much at home and stayed there.

      Thanks! Yes ears are tricky and she has so narrow ear canals that it’s hard to get medicine down there. It’s always best to take a test even if it might be expensive it might be much cheaper in the long run because medicines sure aren’t cheap!

      Have a great day!



    1. Hi Beatrice!

      The car has behaved just as it should thankfully 🙂

      It would be so nice if we could finally get rid of this problem but I’m afraid she’ll get it back again pretty soon.

      Have a great day!



  2. Christer,
    I am the same way about vet bills. If the procedure will help, I’ll pay for it. With Maggie it was $10,000 dollars, and she died a month later. Gracie’s newest illness has cost $3000 dollars, but I think she is as good as she can be. The head tilt is awful for her balance, but she seems happy, and she is eating well.

    I hope you’ll have a permanent answer for Nova’s ears.

    Have a great evening!


    1. Hi Kat!

      Yes if it works it’s worth the money! I am however not anywhere near those sums in vet bills but I think I’m getting close when it comes to their food 🙂

      I think that as long as Gracie eats well and is happy that’s the important thing!

      It would be nice if we finally could beat this ear problem but I’m pretty sure something new will pop up again pretty soon. One vet said her ears are made to get problems.

      Have a great day!



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