I bought a new one.

Barn swallows are nesting in the outside part of the hunting lodge 🙂

We’re having a rather nice morning and noon here and I think it’ll stay the same for the rest of the day too. Sunshine, just enough warm (around 21C (69,8F) and a wind strong enough to keep the flies away and slightly cooler than the temperature we’re having. It actually feels like a nice day at the beach 🙂 I did feel a bit disappointed in the early morning though because we had really thick fog when I went downstairs and just minutes later it was all gone 🙂


I went to the supermarket around 9am and there were lots of people there to my big surprise. Normally it’s just a few customers at that time, even the beggars were there and they usually don’t come before 10am. I guess most people wanted to do the shopping early so they had the rest of the day free, most of us will start working on Monday again. I have given up trying to find a new chain for my old chainsaw, my guess that there will be plenty new ones when they order new in the autumn.


They had two electric ones and I took the one closest to where I was standing. I couldn’t see much difference when I read the info about them though. There were however two prices on the one I bought but I think the cheaper price was for just the motor part, without the chain and sword (bar) but I couldn’t see any of those though. This one has an advantage compared to my old one, this one tightens the chain automatically, the old one I had to do it myself and it never really gets good to be honest.


A timber lorry came suddenly in high speed and scared the horses. Sometimes they drive as this was some kind of racing track,. Idiots!!

Nova and I will go to the vet later today, this time he’ll take some tests and send them to a laboratory so we can see if anything nasty still is in there and when we get the exact species of that nasty we can perhaps fight it till it is totally gone. It looks as if something always survives in there in her ears so it would feel great if we actually could get rid of it properly this time.


It always feel like autumn has arrived when I see the first Red toadstool.

It is time to get something to eat before  we leave for the vet. They have a pizza place in the village where the vet lives and I might stop there if it isn’t too hot because it’s never allowed to bring dogs into a place where food is being prepared. I’ve noticed that some places in the big cities now allows dogs to enter, like cafes but that trend hasn’t come to us in the countryside yet 🙂


Have a great day!


Here are four photos taken with the Contessa.


12 thoughts on “I bought a new one.

    1. Hi skyeent!

      We normally have lots od dew in the morning all summer long but this year has been unusually dry.

      Thank You. I actually once got training in how to handle a chainsaw and even a certifficate 🙂 I will be careful, don’t want to lose an arm or so.

      Have a great day!



  1. Christer,
    It is so difficult when our pets get sick. They can’t talk and we can only hope the vet finds what’s wrong. Poor Gracie is having more trouble with her back legs.I have to help her get on the couch. The worst part is she is fine everywhere else.

    The street where I turn to my street is a straightaway and cars tend to go too fast. The kids sometimes go too far with their bikes, and I’m always afraid one of them will get hit.

    We have had cool nights all week, down in the 60’s. It has been wonderful sleeping weather.

    The first signs of autumn here are leaves turning colors from the old nights.

    Have a great day!!


    1. Hi Kat!

      This time we knew the main problem, not what is the cause though. We know that she has an fungus infection but not what kind ot if there’s more in there.

      Poor Gracie! All my bigndogs had problems with their back legs because of their back but as You know they got medicine that helped them several years. The vet actually said that he didn’t know of any dog getting that medicine for so many years. It is a very strong medicine so it does injure the kidneys in the end but Orvar and Hector kept on going for more than three years because of it 🙂 I do hope they can figure out what’s giving her problems!

      This would be a great place for kids to grow up at, too bad we only have a few here. I think the word has spread around that they might find a dog or two or more running around on this road because everyone, including timber lorries, drive very slowly pass my home :-):-) 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. Hi Christer,
    I like the photo of the grey shaggy horse. I want to scratch that roached mane. 🙂
    Drivers who don’t know how to drive on country lanes or around livestock are a pain in the butt. Around here they are usually city people who have moved to the country and are clueless but it’s still no excuse for idiocy. Horses aren’t cars. They don’t always go where you aim them especially if someone is honking their damn horn at them.

    It’s not feeling like fall around here yet. The leaves on the trees usually look tired about now but not this year. They’ve had enough water perhaps. It’s been about 6 weeks since I had the tree man here. The 20 foot walnut that I had removed because it was too close to the house has sprouted a bunch of new stems that are now about 4 feet tall. They’ll probably not survive the winter just like another walnut I removed a few years back. It threw out new stalks, too, and I let them grow. They were all dead after the following winter and no new ones grew.

    Today is sunny. It feels much warmer than it is but there’s a nice breeze. Sitting in the shade is very nice.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      That horse is determined to get Albin to like him 🙂 🙂 The big brown one is more careful and stops every time he notices that Albin gets worried. Not the grey one, he comes stright towards him to greet 🙂 🙂 I do like them as much as I can like horses 🙂

      I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had been city people who drove that careless but timber lorry drivers that drive around in areas like this all the time should know better! I quite often pass a family that ride their horses when I drive home from work andwe now know each other so well that I never pass them until they find a smaller road to get in on and waves to me when I can pass 🙂

      The melss in the air and that mushroom says it is early autumn here but I think that’s just because everything has been so dry that lots of the vegetation have decided that it is time to shut down for this year.

      Walnuts have tap roots and any tree that has that has a tendency to die if it gets damaged. They still try to grow as You say but they do tend to die I’m afraid. My little walnut tree is rather big this year 🙂

      Have a great day!



  3. Hi Christer!

    I do hope they can figure out what is going on with Nova’s ears. We had to give in and call the vet for Hunter’s ear/yeast infection. They wanted to see him and I challenged them because I know exactly what it is. They said they would let it go this time, but if it recurs then we have to bring him in to be checked. That makes me mad because he’s yeasty and they know it. They just want money…..

    I am hoping now that the middle of August brings nicer/cooler weather. So far nothing yet!!! 🙂

    I wish my grocery store never had anyone in it….quite the opposite! I need to move to the country!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      We know that she at least has some kind of fungal infection but there’s probably more. We don’t know what kind of fungus she has though and we might need another medicine to fight it.

      We’ll most likely have the same weather we’ve had so far so no big change here 🙂

      They open the supermarket already at 7am here and I would have gone there then if I had known tat Sune wouldn’t start barking. I do think my neighbors deserves to sleep a bit longer than that when they don’t work 🙂

      Have a great day!



  4. Hello Christer,

    I love your photo of the Barn Swallows! I recognized them right away, even before I read the caption. The babies look like they might be leaving the nest very soon.

    I was very fortunate this year. The same Barn Swallow pair raised two broods of babies in the nest on the side of the building where I live! The four chicks in the first brood fledged on June 29th, and the two chicks in the second brood fledged on August 10th.

    Wishing you the very best with Nova’s ears and your new chain saw!



    1. Hi Adele!

      I’m so glad my neighbor told me they were there 🙂 We used to have loads of both barn swallows and house swallows here but something has happened and now we can only see a few barn swallows. I’m pretty sure they’ll leave the nest some day next week.

      Thanks! I really hope we can finally get Nova’s ears good again!

      Have a great day!



      1. Hi again, Christer,

        We don’t have as many Barn Swallows here as we used to, either. That’s why I’m glad the pair in the nest on the side of my building had two families this year. However, with a first brood of four and second brood of two, that makes only six babies. But that’s better than none! I think that someone knocked down the Barn Swallow nest on the front building of this property. Very sad — and also illegal here in the U.S., that is, if it was an active nest, which I think it was.

        Best to you!


      2. We do have lots of barn swallow nests at work though, at least twenty of them and it is forbidden to remove them here too thankfully 🙂 Sometimes lots of them fly inside the factory and catch flies in there too 🙂


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