It’s harder to find than I thought.

It’s harder to find a new chain to my chain saw than I thought it would be. I can find chains to any other kind of that brand but not to the one I have. They all seem to be sold out and personally, if I owned a store I would buy more of that kind since they obviously are sold out everywhere. I have one more place to check but it looks as if I have to buy a new chainsaw instead, that’s rather annoying.


We actually went out a bit too early this morning so the sun had barely risen above the trees when we left the village and continued out on our gravel roads we always walk on.

I also had been thinking of buying two new pillows for my bed, the ones I have are really old and been repaired so many times that I’m not sure how much of the original pillows are left 🙂 There’s a big store just beside the one I went to to get a new chain but they didn’t open until half an hour later and I had no wish of waiting in the parking lot. They had some kind og “guest pillow” at the supermarket to which I drove instead but I don’t know why they think that they can call them pillows at all since they not even were 5cm (2 inches) thick? I would have needed to but well over ten to at least get the impression to have two new pillows 🙂


Yesterday afternoon when we were out walking we suddenly stood eye to eye with a rather large calf 🙂 She was very nice and slowly walked away when we came too close. Turns out that it was the same calf that had broken in to the paddock the day before. I could see that one of those elastic wires they have instead of gates now days was missing but she didn’t go back that way so the wires had to be broken somewhere else too. I finally found the telephone number, with the help of the farmer next door, to the owner so there were people here repairing the fence not long after.


She walked away as soon as we came too close and I’m so glad mama cow wasn’t near 🙂

Today starts my last week of vacation and the weather will be much like it has been all the time. Some sunshine, some rain, rather windy and even some sunshine. I really can’t complain about the weather this vacation, it has mostly been just enough warm with just enough wind to keep most flies away, not much rain but then again not much sunshine either. I’m really happy that we didn’t get the weather they had and still have in southern and eastern Europe. They’ve had up to 44C (111,2F), well I’ve heard that some place got up to 47C (116,6F) but I don’t know if that’s true. They have also had enormous thunderstorms and many forest fires.


Four photographs taken with the Contaflex.
I can, for some reason I don’t know, continue to wind the film even when there’s no film left to wind, instead I can take double or even triple exposures 🙂

I think it might be time for another walk before I sit down and look at the vet Noel Fitzpatrick again and after that I’ll see if we have any swedes competing in the athletics world championship.


Here are four taken with the Contessa. I do like this camera much more than the other.

Have a great day!


10 thoughts on “It’s harder to find than I thought.

  1. Hi Christer,
    They’re called “guest pillows” because they are so uncomfortable your guests will leave early rather than stay and have to sleep with them. 🙂

    The roaming calf reminds me of the bull calf who constantly broke out of the pasture at the farm where I boarded my horse. He would push through the fence. Didn’t care. He’d have his big adventure and go back to the pasture but never managed to find his exit hole. He’d stand on one side of the fence with his mother on the other and the two of them would bawl at each other.
    He did this right up until he was almost a year old. He got out that time and was running down the road. Some guy in a cowboy hat drove up in his fancy pick up truck to tell me I had to do something about my “cow” and drove away. Thanks, buddy. All hat and no horse. :/
    I was all alone there and not trained in bull herding but managed to get him down the lane to the pasture gate where his mother was bawling away. So was he. The lane was too narrow for me to try to get beside him and open the gate and he threatened me anytime I made a move. Stand off. Finally, I guess I had wandered a bit too close so he jumped over the 6 foot gate from a standstill. He banged his hocks on the top bar but made it over okay. Great joy! Mother cow and almost full grown bull greeting each other.
    The farm owner sold him away for meat the following week. She’d had enough. I think she said he weighed over 1000 lbs.

    Can you find that chain saw blade online somewhere? It must be a magical chain saw if it’s that much in demand. 🙂

    The weather here is overcast. Maybe rain later on. It’s rather nice now with a cool breeze.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      You must be right about that 🙂 🙂

      We had a Highland cattle bull like thet here a few years ago. It didn’t matter what they did, he still managed to jump out and I’m very glad that he also was a very nice bull, so he was nether worried about me and the dogs coming very close to him. I doubt that would have worked today though, Albin would get a bit too excited coming that close 🙂 🙂 He was lucky being a highland bull because they were never slaughtered because they were used to clear up old fields that hadn’t been used for a long time all over the country. I have to say that it isn’t bad for a 1000 lbs animal to jump that high 🙂 🙂

      No I can’t. I’ve looked everywhere. I think this chainsaw is the most common so if we all need new chains at thge same time they will get sold out fast.

      We might get some sunshine today and we might not. It will be fairly warm though they say on all sites and on tv so I guess they might be right 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. Många gånger när vi letat efter udda saker så har vi hittat det på nätet. Fast ibland inte ens i Sverige men det har funkat bra det med! Gör ett försök….. 🙂 Fast du kanske egentligen vill ha en ny!? Gillade förra svaret rån Caryn, speciellt kommentaren: “All hat and no horse!” *fniss*


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Jag har letat på nätet och just den kedjan finns inte. Jag tror att det egentligen är en av de vanligaste modellerna och att den just nu är slutsåld. Jo jag vill ha en ny kedja.

      Ha det gott!



  3. Hi Christer. Joy here in Ohio. I too was going to suggest the Swedish version of Amazon. I suspect the company that makes that chainsaw might have discontinued them. email the manufacturer and ask. love your stories.


    1. Hi Joy!

      We don’t have a swedish Amazon, the british one is the closest I think.

      I think it actually is the most common chain I want and that it just is sold out right now. I guess they don’t sell loads of them and that they don’torder new ones until the old ones are sold first. I’ll drive away tomorrow and see if I can find it in that last place before I do anything drastic as buying a new chainsaw 🙂

      Have a great day!



    1. HI Joyce!

      I think it is impossible to find a comfortable pillow so I’m aming for something close 🙂
      I always fall asleep on my side but always wake up sleeping on my back 🙂

      Have a great day!



  4. Hi Christer, we have been away for 2 weeks and I have quite a lot of catchung up to do with blog reading. Hard to read that your vacation is nearky ended, and sure yiu felt it went by fast. Like yourself, I was saddened to learn about the lassing of a fellow blogger, Mona, in CA. Even though many of us will never met in person, bloggers become friends after so much time. And, we also have replaced some of our bed pillows although Grenville decided to keep his older ones.


    1. Hi Beatrice!

      Time just flies away and it’s hard to understand that this is the last week.

      Yes we do become friends and I think one of the things making us such good friends is that we actually never meet. Now we make this picture of how all friends out there on the net is and it isn’t sure at all that we actually would like each other in the real 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!



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