We just looked at each other.

The day started quite nice but now the wind gets stronger and stronger and the clouds thicker and thicker.

We’re having a semi sunny morning here but it is getting more and more cloudy.  It was just the same yesterday morning and from what I can understand this day will be much like yesterday, filled with heavy showers but with some sunshine in between. I just took a look at the predictions and suddenly they’ve changed it to no rain but fairly cloudy until next Friday 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m pretty sure they’ve changed it next time they update the sites 🙂


There she stood and we all just looked at each other 🙂
She was in no hurry to leave though. She just slowly trotted away.

We were lucky to get some sunshine when we were out walking and a surprise too. Just as we had passed a big bunch of bushes I looked towards the field behind them and looked straight into the eyes of a doe 🙂 She must have heard us coming because I always talk with the dogs and today I also loudly said no to Albin when he wanted to eat too many raspberries. Anyway, there we stood and since we had a two meter wide and deep ditch (much the same in yards) between us she was in no hurry to get away. It is the same doe we always meet there and it is around this time of year she normally show her youngling. Not today though and I think it’s because she isn’t sure of Albin, he did look at her as if he saw dinner 🙂


She just thinks this is really embarrassing 🙂

We met Bertil just after that and he came running to greet Nova, he didn’t care much of the rest of us though 🙂 He really likes her but the feelings aren’t mutual, she tolerates him but nothing more 🙂 The rest of the walk was rather uneventful though but very nice since the wind blew away most of the few but very annoying flies that still hangs around.


I didn’t take more than these photos this morning but the other mornings looked just the same so the rest of the photos are from those mornings.

The rain was pouring down when I went to get the second shot of TBE vaccine, sometimes it was so bad that all traffic had to almost stop on the road because it was almost impossible to see anything. There were almost no people at health care center so I could leave earlier than I had expected, actually I left before I should have been there 🙂 On my way home I stopped at my favorite place to buy a hamburger with fries. I can’t remember when I bought a hamburger the last time but it must have been over two years ago. I could have eaten it there but I preferred to sit in my car and look at people passing in the rain 🙂


I did get a reaction to the shot this time so I had a slight headache for the rest of the day and I also felt really tired so that’s why I didn’t write anything here yesterday. There were also two things I wanted to look at on tv, one is about the worlds best vet (or Super Vet as the name is in English), Noel Fitzpatrick  (link to Wikipedia if You click on his name). I really like those programs and they don’t always show success. The other thing I wanted to look at was the World championships in athletics. Lots of Swedes this year and some has made it to the finals in their sports. I didn’t watch it all though because I was so tired that I went to bed instead 🙂


Albin keeps telling me that it is time to leave the computer and to do something with him instead. I’m not sure he wants us to go outside, instead I think he wants me to follow him to the livingroom so he can have a nap with his head in my lap 🙂


Have a great day!



8 thoughts on “We just looked at each other.

  1. Underbara bilder på Nova och Bertil! Och dom sista när Albin och Sune busar!! 🙂
    Vi gillar också dom där fantastiska veterinärerna, både den engelske och han från Australien. Tänk om man hade en sån här, men det är ju ingen risk. Fast jag ska inte klaga på vår nuvarande, han som gjorde nytt kisshål på Santos. Han är iaf intresserad och tydligen duktig eftersom han var den enda på ön som kunde göra en sån operation. Fick en remiss till honom frän länsveterinären. 🙂 🙂


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Det är så synd om Bertil för Nova gillar honom inte alls 🙂

      Vet inte vilken veterinär från Australien du menar, antagligen på en kanal jag inte har. Men Noel är ju helt fantastisk och som du säger, synd att vi inte har någon sådan här. Min veterinär är också bra men han gör bara små operationer, behövs det större saker gjorda får man vända sig till ett större ställe.

      Ha det gott!



  2. Hi Christer,
    Beautiful shots of the doe. It’s great that she seems to know you and is not afraid even if Albin looks at her like she is lunch.

    I wish my dogs would eat raspberries when we walk outside instead of the rabbit poop they seem to prefer. :/

    Finally you managed to get a hamburger and fries! And I agree that the best place to eat fast food burger and fries is in your car where you can watch the action on the street.

    I’m not sure what the weather here is supposed to be. I heard humid and I also heard rain and thunderstorms. It’s sunny and a bit hazy right now. Time will tell.

    Enjoy having Albin’s head on your lap and enjoy the rest of the day, too.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      It does help when taking photographs 🙂

      I don’t mind them eating raspberries but especially Albin farts something nasty afterwards 🙂 They eat any poop when they can’t find any raspberries though 🙂 🙂

      Yes finally 🙂 Normally I’m out too early for a hamburger. I’ve always felt that the car is the right place to eat it and there were unusually much people out walking in that rain so I did have lots to watch 🙂

      It is very windy here today and even quite a lot of sunshine, well at least when I’ve been awake. I think I napped for two hours so I have noidea how the weather was during that time 🙂 I’m still just as tired so I think it’s best to go out for a walk again 🙂

      Have a great day!



      1. I took the dogs to day care and then went grocery shopping. Naturally, when I exited the store the heavens opened up. As soon as I got all the groceries into the house, it stopped. But it’s been dripping ever since. I’m keeping awake by doing housework. Yay me. :/


      2. It’s always that way isn’t it 🙂 and on really unlucky days the paper bags starts to break in the rain before one get a chance to get them indoors 🙂


  3. The doe photos were womderful, Christer, so clear and colorful. I liked the jumping action shot. The spider web designs were amazing, as always, and the dragonfly and sun rays theough the clouds were beautiful.


    1. Hi Beatrice!

      She was so kind to stand absolutely still until I had taken that first photo 🙂

      I never stop being amazed over those webs! There’s such a variety of them and some are just ingenious! I do prefer the wheel shaped ones though.

      Have a great day!



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