I didn’t take especially many photos today but I have plenty to use from before 🙂

It is a windy, cool and somewhat cloudy morning and the predictions says the same temperatures as we had yesterday, well what they predicted yesterday because in the real it was much warmer. They have also changed the predictions for how much rain we’ll get. Yesterday morning they said we’ll get lots of rain the entire next week, now they say we might get some in the middle of the week 🙂 🙂


I thought it was small apples I saw but it turns out that the tree suffers so from the draught that it starts autumn early.

Lots of wild raspberries, they usually grow close to creeks or swampy areas so they don’t suffer as much from the draught.

We were all very tired yesterday and instead of the usual four walks during the day we only had two walks, the rest of the time we mostly slept on the sofa. Albin even complained when he thought it was time to go upstairs but I wanted to wait a little longer, I wake up early enough as it is anyway 🙂


In my garden right now.

The vet decided that Nova should take her pills for at least one more week. He was on vacation so I wrote a text message and asked him what to do. I thought his vacation was over the 19th but instead it was when his vacation started 🙂 I took two closeup photos of her ears so he could see how they looked. Today Nova played with the others, the first time in a long while so it was definitely the right decision, I’m pretty sure that means her infection is about to lose the war, for this time…


My lime tree is filled with flowers.

It is so dry here now that we don’t even have any dew in the mornings. Normally we have so much that it drips everywhere, now there’s not even a few drops on the car windows. It is interesting to see where the groundwater is a bit higher here in the garden. I have a shady part in my garden where it now is so dry that even stinging nettles are dying but I have another spot just outside my kitchen where the sun blasts its rays all day that still is green and lush 🙂


Foggy photos from earlier in the week.

It is time to do the little laundry I have left to do, I did some of the bigger things on Friday so I more or less only have some socks left to get clean. I’ll also make a pot of tea and I think I’ll have it while sitting on the kitchen stairs 🙂


Have a great day!


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  1. Vi blev som vanligt lovade lite regn natten som var, men precis som vanligt komdet inte en droppe – och himlen har varit helt klar utan ett moln sen igår morse!
    Vi klippte en massa gräs i veckan(allt utom diket) och det har naturligtvis gjort att gräsmattan numera är mest brun istället för grön, men kommer det lite regn bli den grön direkt så det gör inget. Däremot börjar träden fälla löv, småträden sloka och allt se mer eller mindre ledset ut…..inte kul! 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Vi har tunna moln som egentligen inte hindrar solskenet speciellt mycket och en vind som fungerar som en fön. Visst är det gott med varma vindar men det torkar ut allt ännumera är jag rädd.

      Det mets i träd och buskväg ser fortfarande bra ut och gräset låter jag vara tills det regnat igen, det växer ju inget just nu ändå.

      Ha det gott!



  2. i didn’t realize how dry you are there. we were terribly dry until yesterday when we got tropical downpours. it is so hot and humid here that i can’t see out of my windows. they are all fogged up and covered with condensation. it is never a good thing for an old wooden house! we don’t have stinging nettles here in the city. i bought that candy corn vine way out in the country at a nursery. there was something else growing in it and i thought i might have planted a few flower seeds in it so i let it grow. i finally realized it must have been a weed and pulled it out. woohee!!! now i know what stinging nettles are. i am so allergic to stuff like that so i really paid for it!


    1. Hi Joyce!

      It really is dry here so rain is needed but it looks as if it neverwill reach us. It is always nice when the vacation isn’t destroyed by rain but I wouldn’t mind some right now, I can always look on dvd’s 🙂

      I know what You mean with humidity and wooden houses, so a nice draught is never wrong 🙂

      Oh! and stinging nettles are bad as they are when one isn’t allergic to them. They say hot water helps with the pain afterwards but if I understand things right one has to do it just after getting stung by it. I hope You don’t have to feel this for too long!

      Have a great day!



  3. Hi Christer,
    I love the photo of the watering can and downspout. The blues are so rich.

    I’m surprised that lime flowers are purple/pink. Somehow I assumed they would be all white like orange blossoms.

    Yesterday I did most of the tasks I needed to do. I did some weedwhacking of shaggy sections of lawn near the house and sidewalk then I threw laundry in the washing machine. It’s still in the washing machine. Then I went in and did a pile of dishes. By that time I was dripping with sweat because it was hot and humid and the hot water from the sink wasn’t helping. 🙂 Later, when I went out to get the dogs from day care, I saw that I hadn’t weed whacked the grass next to the front steps which is what I wanted to do in the first place. Oh well. Maybe later.

    I’m happy to read that Nova is feeling well enough to play.

    Albin is like my old dog Tegan. When I first got her as a puppy every night at 9PM she would start barking at me. By accident I discovered what she wanted. I got irritated by the barking one night and tossed the blanket over her head. She shut up and went to sleep. She was barking at me to turn out the damn light. So every night at 9PM, I’d throw the blanket over her head and she’d go to sleep. She must have been a parrot in another life. 😀

    It’s cool and sunny here. Yay!

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      I do like that one too and I had a bit of problems not getting a car into the photo as well 🙂

      I don’t know if all lime flowers are like that, this one gives lime fruits which are brightly orange inside 🙂 Very sour too.

      I did the last laundry today and even if it actually is quite warm here we also hgave a very strong and somewhat cool wind so it doesn’t feel that warm. I’m not sure I would have to mow the lawn even if we do get some rain from the thunderclouds we have here now, I think the grass just will use it to survive 🙂 🙂 It is typical though that You missed the one part You was thinking You would hack 🙂 🙂 🙂

      It was so nice to see her play, so long since she did that so now I feel that I can relax some because the pills are obviously working as they shall 🙂

      Perhaps I should try that with Albin 🙂 but I’m afraid he just would try to go down the stairs with the blanket on 🙂 🙂 He’s one of those dogs that feel he needs to sleep more or less on me so he knows where I am, rather hot on summer nights 🙂

      Have a great sunny and cool day 🙂



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