I can guess just as wrong as they can.

Rather chilly, almost cold morning here but I woke up too late so most of the fog was already gone by the time we got out.

I’ve just checked the weather forecasts and yesterday they said rain all next week and quite a lot of it, today they say we might get some rain on Thursday 🙂 I would love to have their job, I can guess just as bad as any of them to be honest and I would most likely get better paid than I am now 🙂 🙂 The predictions also says 22c (71,6F) as warmest and we had that already when I drove to the supermarket early this morning 🙂 There are clouds in the sky, You know those very thin ones way up there that really doesn’t stop the sunshine at all.


I actually didn’t buy anything more than I needed in the supermarket today, very odd 🙂 I couldn’t find any stinking cheese so now I’ll have to try and hide Nova’s pills in liver pate. She loves liver pate so she might just eat it even if there’s a pill in it, I just hope she doesn’t chew too much because I doubt anything could hide the taste of those pills 🙂


Albin feels a bit sorry for himself, this morning I found him chewing on the plastic connection from the water hose to the water tap, so I yelled at him for a while and yesterday Sune kicked his ass so bad that I was worried he would get injured. I don’t know what he did towards Sune but Sune is a dog who almost never get angry with anyone. I just heard the roar of an insane animal and the high-pitched squeaks from its prey 🙂 🙂 🙂 I just saw how Albin was on his back with this cute spaniel mix roaring over him 🙂 It didn’t last longer than a few seconds though, after that they played as if nothing had happened 🙂


He preferred to eat today, not so much fun to meet a dog who’s afraid of him I guess.

I came to think about how tricky languages can be sometimes, the spelling in English (especially British English) has no logic at all sometimes 🙂 In Swedish for instance “one” can be either en or ett (I have never understood how the rules for that is, I just know it). En can also mean Juniper but it is then pronounced different, as  én. So one Juniper then is en en 🙂 If I however write enen that means the juniper 🙂 A book is called en bok but that’s also the same for the name for a beech. However books is böcker while beeches are bokar, how on earth is it possible to learn a language at all 🙂


The other one didn’t hesitate though.

It is time for something to eat before going out on a walk again, I think I’ll have yoghurt with sliced nectarines today plus some cinnamon sprinkled over it.


I’m pretty sure this is the same bull we met at the other pasture and he still didn’t like me especially much 🙂

Have a great day!


7 thoughts on “I can guess just as wrong as they can.

  1. Om du tycker att vi mäniskor har konstiga språk, vad säger dom då om djur!? 🙂
    OK, hundar kanske har samma språk, men hundrar och katter har det inte. Där är det nog mer som mellan svenskar och danskar. *fniss* 🙂 🙂
    Men tänk på fåglar kontra kor, eller hästar kontra får – undrar hur språkförbistringarna är där? Och då är det ändå djur som lever i samma land och ganska nära varandra!
    Men några som tydligen inte kan tala vanlig svenska är SMHI! 😦 Varför inte säga som det är!! “-Vi vet inte hur vädret blir…..alltså GISSAR vi.” 😦 😦


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      För oss kanske konstiga men antagligen inte alls för djuren. Fast du jämför ju olika arter och där borde det ju vara ganska stor skillnad, som mellan oss och de olika aporna. Vilket land de kommer ifrån spelar nog ingen roll trots allt, de känner ju inga gränser 🙂

      Ja SMHI har då ingen större koll 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Ha det gott!



  2. Hi Christer,
    Possibly that bull has Resting Mean Bastard Face and that’s just how he looks most of the time. 🙂

    Sometimes Rocky and Piki Dog face off but it’s usually when they both smell/hear creatures in the yard. They both start barking and growling and charging in that direction, crash into each other and start fighting. It stops after a second, though. When they’re in attack mode, they don’t see each other as pack mates.

    Language is funny. Cough, dough, and sough are spelled alike but pronounced differently. To, too, and two are spelled differently but pronounced alike.
    Supposedly Mark Twain once made the comment that almost anyone could learn to speak Basic English in 30 hours, Basic French in 30 days and Basic German in 30 years. He was referring to speaking a basic form of language, of course. Reading and writing most languages is different from speaking it. Your examples are a perfect illustration. A Swedish speaker who was listening to those words would not have a problem knowing what was meant. Reading it would be a bit easier because context would help. Writing it would be very hard unless you knew the rule or “just knew”, as you said.

    I confused the wasps this morning. I backed into the driveway and it took them a few minutes to find the correct mirror. 🙂

    Hazy skies on this side of the ocean, too. It’s going to get colder (yay!) next week. No more nice, hot, hot, summer days for the rest of the month. (Also Yay!) 🙂

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Might be so but he also kept hgis eyes on me for a bit longer than he needed 🙂

      I think Albin tried to show that he’s the top one and Sune showed very clearly that he isn’t and never will be 🙂 I’ve never seen Sune angry before Albin was a year old. I guess he feels he needs to put some respecty in Albin before it’s too late 🙂 Albin is actually a big wimp to be honest 🙂

      Yes English spelling compared to how it sounds has no logic at all 🙂 🙂 I’m not sure I would agree with Twain though, I think a few more hours is needed and when it comes to writing it will take a much longer time. I can’t remember that I ever was taught the rule for en and ett and we even have two words for it, den and det. Still, compared to Icelandic Swedish is really easy 🙂 🙂

      Poor wasps 🙂 I always drive in ad back out my car so if any wasps lived the same way here they would never have to be confused 🙂

      Mostly sunny here today and they say it’ll be the same tomorrow. No rain until as best Wednesday or Thursday depending on what forecast service I look at 🙂

      Have a great day!



  3. I guess every language has it’s idiosyncrasies. UK English isn’t a single language, but it made up of all the nations that have moved in and through over the millennia. Thus many similarities with German (Vater and Father) probably a few fewer with French (colour and couleur). Even Scots gaelic which I only know a few words of has some similarities in pronunciation, although unfortunately not in spelling! The Norse have left us many place names, as have the Romans. Linguistics would certainly be fascinating from a historic detective point of view!

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    1. Hi skyeent!

      Yes they do.

      Swedish has always been influenced by Germany and depending on where one lived Britain. My old home town Göteborg had already in the beginning an English name, Gothenburg. It is actually something the king at that time, Gustavd II Adolf demanded. Gothenburg is also called Little London 🙂 if we however skip the spelling English is very easy for us sweedes to learn.

      The UK has always been influenced from so many parts of the world while Sweden has been rather isolated, unless wewere out in some war all over Europe 🙂

      Have a great day!


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