She didn’t care that we came close.

It is impossible to be stressed in environments like this 🙂

We woke up just before the sun was rising (4:20 am) so <i got dressed real fast and out we went. It was just enough chilly to have some ground fog and to make the flies calm and away from me. We haven’t walked much in the village this year so I thought today would be a good day to do it and since there are no bulls in the bull pasture this summer there would be less flies around so that would make it an even better road to walk. Yes I am obsessed by flies now, I always am this time of year 🙂 🙂


It is interesting to see how the color scale changes if one photographs with the sun in the back or
towards it.

No birds sing here now, they are all preparing for either the move south or for the coming winter here. It still isn’t totally quiet since sheep and cattle rarely are. I could also hear some deer warning for something but that was it. This isn’t a tourist place so no cars were out on the roads either, it is vacation season so very few are out on the roads that time in the morning.


It was so cool, almost cold but to wear a sweater would be just too much because as long as one is walking in the sunshine it’s just warm enough. The only negative thing with walking in the village (friends of mine says it isn’t a village, it’s just a big empty space 🙂 ) is that I need to have all three dogs leashed and they really don’t walk well when leashed 🙂 I always have the dogs leashed when walking by houses since I have no idea who might be afraid of dogs. So we continued the road we’ve walked a lot lately and that’s when it started to become warm enough for the flies to start flying around.


I did of course not bring my mosquito hat so if it hadn’t been for the roe deer doe I would have gone insane 🙂 She just turned up in front of us and didn’t seem to care much about us so I’m pretty sure she had her young one rather close to us. I was so concentrated on her so I almost forgot the flies until one landed in my ear 🙂 🙂 She and Sune stood and looked at each other for a while and then she just continued to grace. I’m pretty sure she’s one of  “my”  old deers. She was just too comfortable with having us close for not knowing who we were and how we would behave since we had passed the place where I’m pretty sure the young one was.


The fog had almost vanished when we came home but suddenly it returned and became real fog, the thick one that doesn’t allow you to see the sky but now I can see the sun again so I guess this fog will vanish too eventually.


Have a great day!


She walked out in front of us and slowly walked away. Naturally this was the moment when Albin decided he wanted to take a closer look at something and yanked the leash 🙂 so I thought this would be the only photo of her this morning.

Turns out I was wrong. Here she’s looking at Sune and she really didn’t care about him being that close to her.


6 thoughts on “She didn’t care that we came close.

  1. Hi Christer,
    Beautiful photographs today. Too many to pick a favorite. Shaggy horses are always a favorite, of course. And spider webs.
    How was Albin with the horses?

    I joined that photography site just to see how it works. I’m CarynO over there and I Followed you as well. Later on, when I have more time, I’ll explore it more.

    Today is still murky an uninspiring. I’ll take the dogs to day care so they can have some fun with other dogs. I’ll hit the farmer’s market, too. There’s a lot of meat in the freezer but no vegetables anywhere in the house. Well, there’s kale. Yum. 😛 But nothing good and easy like tomatoes and lettuce. I’ll have to bake some bread since there isn’t any of that either. I hate replenish the pantry days. 🙂

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      It’s impossible to fail with mornings liuke this 🙂
      Albin behaved reasonable well and much better than last time, he only growled twice but never barked 🙂 The horses are smart though, they stop every time they notice that he’s a bit worried. I do wonder why he doesn’t behave like that with cows and for me it’s strange since I’ve always had dogs who have loved horses 🙂

      It’s quite easy to understand that place, Pro however doesn’t men that the photographers are professional it just means that they’ve paid to be able to post more photos than the rest of us 🙂 🙂

      We’ve had a really nice day here, sunny and just enough warm but a bit tooless windy, the flies You know 🙂 I’m already in vacation mood so I won’t do a thing today 🙂 I’ll go to the super market on Monday after I’ve finished work.

      Have a great day!



  2. Verkligen underbart härliga bilder! Skönt att slippa flygfäna. Ibland när jag jobbar i trädgården får jag nästan panik när dom är på en hela tiden och måste gå in. Alltså har jag också skaffat en flughatt med flor som jag använder. Speciellt när jag klipper gräset på baksidan där dom är hopplösa. 😦
    Men det här med flugor, bromsar och framförallt fästingar…det är en negativ sak med sommaren som man får stå ut med. 😦 😦
    Igår hade Santos 3 fästingar (ingen hade satt sig, han har halsband på sig) som vi tog bort direkt han kom in efter långprommisen. Sen upptäckte jag en till, skrek på Rolle som dock inte hann ta den, så den kröp in i pälsen på Santos. Och vi letade…och letade…och letade. Både på dagen och på kvällen! Men vi hittade den aldrig!! HJÄLP!!! 😦 😦 😦 Nu riskerar man att få den på sig och få borrelia igen…..


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Jag njuter varje sekund som jag slipper flugorna 🙂 Mygghatten har jag med mig hela tiden nu när vi är på promenader och tack och love så är det inte många bromsar och blinningar i luften nu. Lustigt nog är det inte lika mycket flugor i trädgården trots all buskar och träd som jag har.

      Jo man får ju ta det onda med det goda och eftersom det är rätt torrt här nu har fästingplågan lugnat ned sig en del. Hittills har jag haft tur, två har bitit fast sig och inga tecken på sjukdom än och några har jag tagit när de krupit på armarna. Ena grannen kanske har fått TBE nu så det känns skönt att jag börjat med vaccineringen.

      Ha det gott!



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