We never got any rain.

This is how the sky looked during the entire walk.

I would like to go out and mow the lawn but most people are still asleep I think and wouldn’t appreciate that I actually do take care of my lawn every now and again 🙂 We’ve been up since 4:30 this morning so for me it feels like we’ve been up half the day now at 8 🙂


A new Sooty was born this spring 🙂

We never got any rain yesterday and today the sun is shining and it will be pleasantly warm. Not what they predicted yesterday though 🙂 I had hoped that the rain would be just enough to keep me from mowing the lawn and watering my pots but today I’ll have to do both. I’ll only mow the parts that need it though, it has been so dry lately that most of the grass haven’t grown at all. I guess that the rain that has fallen was just enough to keep the vegetation alive.


They are finally renovating this house because someone will finally rent it.

I haven’t walked this way for months now so I was surprised to see that they have cut down forest there now.

It wasn’t sunny when we were out walking early this morning tough. Half the sky that I could see was clear blue without a cloud and the other half was one big grey mass of cloud. Guess on what side the sun rose 🙂 It took an hour or so for the cloud to move away from the sun but I can still see it now several hours after we came inside again. I might actually be able to do so all day because we are on the edge of the low pressure that passed here yesterday and it won’t move that much today they say.


Normally two horses walk here so I was a bit surprised to see two calved instead 🙂
I did find the horses pretty soon though.

I’ve just put in new batteries in my electric tennis racket fly swatter and now it smells like fried flies here in my kitchen 🙂 I still have flies indoors and that’s because they follow us inside when we walk through the mosquito net covered door openings. I must confess that I do enjoy killing them with the tennis racket 🙂 It works great on flies but wasps tends to survive the electric shock so those I try to just catch and release outside again, they eat lots of flies so I let them outside now during summer. In autumn however, when they are irritated and stings for no reason I’ll kill them too.


Albi is a bit afraid of horses and the horses understood that so when he started to talk loudly they stopped until he went quiet. They came all the way to us and Albin hid behind me 🙂 I’ve never had a dog who is afraid of horses before.

Lots of flowers in and just beside the ditches along the roads now.

It is time to continue to water pots in the garden. I usually just pour a little in to the pot the first time so that the soil gets a bit moist, next time I water them (after half an hour or so) the soil will be able to keep much more water. If it is too dry it’ll just go right through.


Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “We never got any rain.

  1. Känner igen sättet att vattna, så gör jag med! 🙂 Men…igår och idag har jag inte behövt vattna, vi fick “hela” 12 mm – av dom 30 som utlovats. Det bästa var dock att det var duggregn, den bästa typen av regn man kan få. Och det duggar fktiskt lite svagt fortfarande…..så man kan lata sig och “slipper” göra något ute! 🙂 🙂
    Istället ska vi åka på en “loppisrunda” och se om vi hittar något kul. 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Det är ju framförallt när de står utan ytterkruka som jag gör så och nog måste det vara rätt sätt 🙂
      Ja duggregn är det bästa, tänk så bra det fuktar upp jorden utan att något rinner iväg!
      Inget regn här och idag har det varit mest soligt, varmt och ganska kvavt med så jag undrar om det blir åska senare idag?

      Jag klippte faktiskt hela gräsmattan, det gick så lätt idag att jag fortsatte av bara farten 🙂

      Ha det gott!



  2. Hi Christer,
    I’ve been up since 4AM, too, but since it’s only now 5AM it doesn’t feel like half the day. Yet.
    Sooty 2.0 looks more marbled than sooty. He’s two-colored.

    Poor Albin. Do you suppose he’s picking up on your feelings about horses? Maybe he will get over it with repeated exposure to the horses. They’re friendly enough. I’m afraid mine would consider them to be big dogs and bark at them until they went away.
    Rocky is afraid of moored yachts looming and bobbing over his head. Not a lot of big boats here, kayaks and paddle boards being about what my town’s little lake can hold. Frequent exposure to moored yachts will be difficult. 🙂

    I see toad flax is blooming over there. No toad flax here yet. We call it butter and eggs. Milkweed is flowering and the mullein is just starting to bloom. My peonies are long gone. They flowered late and only lasted a couple of days before shattering.

    Hope your cold is better.
    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      I do like to wake up early but not if I’m woken up by one of the animals 🙂

      Yes she looks more marbled than sooty already. Sooty later changed colors so now sj´he looks dirty grey with black ears 🙂

      No I don’t think so because these two horses are so nice that even I like them 🙂 I think it is the size, he doesn’t like cows especially much either but he’s quiet around those. The other three ones doesn’t scare him but they usually keep their distance from us unlike these who always come to say hi 🙂 They did understnd that he was worried though so they walked slowly towards us.

      Rocky is at least afraid of something he rarely see 🙂

      Yes they’ve just started to flower here but lots of flowers are a bit late. Normally there would be lots of different flowers in bloom beside our village road by now. The mullein has just started in my garden but I haven’t seen them elsewhere. My peonies just started but I can only see buds in three of them and on one it looks like they won’t open up this year.

      Nope, cold is much the same but I have lots of honey and tea 🙂

      Have a great day!



  3. Christer,
    I don’t think Gracie is afraid of anything. Last night fireworks were so loud, but Gracie didn’t even notice. My friends’ dog, a Westie, is afraid of flies. Also, when she was a puppy, we had a cake for Easter which looked just like a lamb. That dog was majorly frightened. We still laugh about that.

    There are horses on the field at the town barn where many of them are boarded. Originally, just after the town bought the barn to save it and the fields, they weren’t going to continue boarding horses but changed their minds. Gracie only sees them from the car.

    No rain in our five day forecast. I’m hoping a storm will pop up surprisingly.

    Enjoy your evening!


    1. Hi Kat!

      They are afraid of trhe electric fences we have here and Albin is afraid of horses but not cattle 🙂 I don’t know how they would react to fireworks because we don’t have much of that here and there’s talks about forbidding it totally now. I do like those rockets so I would miss it I think.None of my dogs has ever been afraid of a cake though 🙂 🙂 🙂

      This county has more horses than any other in the entire country but Albin only comes close to these two and he doesn’t like it at all 🙂

      They say that we’ll get rain all the time but so far we’ve had very little. I like it a lot but I’m afraid that nature really needs it now, it is bone dry everywhere.

      Have a great day!



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