Naturally I got it.

My weed flower bed looks quite nice now.

Albin has a bad stomach and it is my fault. Yesterday evening I realised I only had enough chicken for one meal and I had nothing in the freezer. So I gave him half of the chicken and enough with the new food to cover the chicken loss (and lots of rice). I did the same this morning and that was just too much new food after only two days. So Now it’ll be back to only chicken and rice till his stomach is ok again. I can’t see any eczema yet so I do have hopes that this will work.


The road out to the bog looked like this two days ago.
Yesterday it looked like this.
Today like this. It isn’t as pretty but the risk of getting ticks is much lower now and that I like 🙂
All roads here were well-trimmed when I moved here, we were more people out walking in the forest back then. Now the vegetation reach the hight of my head in some places.

There’s a cold going around at work and guess who has it now 🙂 So far it’s just runny nose and sour throat and I hope it stays that way. One good thing is that we’ll get cool weather for a while now, if they actually for once have predicted the weather right) so I’m hoping this will pass fast. A cold in a hot summer would most likely stay until autumn 🙂 They had predicted that the rain would hit us here at around 1pm but so far it’s only cloudy and rather windy. I wouldn’t mind a tiny shower because I don’t want to go out and water all the pots outside 🙂


This road was more or less two deep trenches earlier, now they’ve fixed it to my big surprise. I guess that means they’ll take down more trees this winter.
The Honeysuckle in the forest will soon open up.

The one in my garden has come a bit further though.

I’m a bit tired now because “We” woke up at 4am this morning 🙂 I went to the sofa and tried to slumber a bit before the alarm was supposed to wake me up but Albin just couldn’t decide on what side of me he should sleep 🙂 I’m not sure if I’ll try to nap for a while now or go to bed early tonight. I doubt there will be anything worth watching on tv but I do have two new dvd’s that I bought in te super market on my way home today. I actually can’t remember what dvd’s it is that I bought but I know they were cheap 🙂


I’ve tried to dig up this rose several times but it still just comes back 🙂 It’s not that I don’t like it, I do a lot but it grows in the lilac hedge and is rather squeezed by it. It is an old one and has grown in this garden for as long as they remember. One of the parts I dug up grows in another place in my garden and other parts are spread to other places 🙂
The first peony to open up. It looks however as if my tree peony died that night we got the heavy frost after the first heat wave!

I was going to buy fresh ginger but saw something on my way there and forgot about it 🙂 I do have plenty of honey though so I’ll make some tea and some sandwiches after writing here. I doubt I’ll have any problems sleeping even if I drink the tea after 4 pm.


St John’s wort.
Red leafed Nine bark and red leafed Elderberry.

Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Naturally I got it.

  1. Hi Christer,
    Your weed garden looks very professional. 🙂 My weed “garden” is completely at Mother Nature’s whim. So far her whim is a bit boring. Garden phlox, poke weed, vicious roses, asian bittersweet, and most of all, Skunk Cabbage.

    Sorry to read that you have the company cold. Summer colds are a pain. If you’re going to be miserable, it should at least be only in winter when one is miserable anyway. 🙂 I hope it goes away quickly.

    That rose must like being squeezed by the lilac hedge if it insists on regenerating there. Or maybe that’s it’s strategy for getting you to spread it around the place.

    Today’s weather is murky. Very humid with dull skies. The breeze is cool but it doesn’t help when you’re all sticky and sweaty because nothing is evaporating. I don’t know if it’s going to rain.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Well, I haven’t planted any plant there. They’ve moved there themselves and to me Your plants sound very exotic and we do have those flowers in our flowerbeds, except for the skunk cabbage 🙂

      It is so typical that it would find me but I haven’t at least had to stay at home because of it. I dfo hope this cool weather helps so it goe away fast!

      I’m surprised that the rose still lives. The roots have been damaged so much and it really should be suffocated by the lilacs but it seems to be a tough one 🙂

      The rain hasn’t arrived yet so now I doubt we’ll get any so I guess I must water the plants first thing tomorrow morning. I wouldn’t be surprised if the weekend gets warm instead too 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. Christer,
    Your rose looks a bit like my wild rose bush except my flowers are white. You can see these bushes all over the cape. I have three in my yard, and my landscaper keeps wanting to cut it down, but I like the tradition of the cape and its wild roses.

    My backyard is natural. It has trees and tall grass and one daffodil each spring. I have no idea how the daf got there, but I look forward to it each spring. I always call it Gracie’s yard.

    There are lilies of the valley beside the backyard fence. I planted them from my mother’s garden. They are always a reminder of my mom for me so I cherish them.

    Enjoy your evening!


    1. Hi Kat!

      We have the common dog rose everywhere here but I’ve never seen any other big one as mine. My brother actually nicked a rose-hip at a botanical garden and one seed germinated 🙂 I doubt it’s a rarity though. I prefer wild roses, they aren’t fuzzy at all and I never have to do anything with them.

      I wish I had a bigger garden so I could have a totally natural part, well the dogs bring lots of seeds from wildflowers in their fur so it is actually more wild than normal 🙂

      Lilies of the valley can be nasty weeds but here they always die 🙂 They must compete with the rest of the weeds and I guess that’s just too much for them 🙂 We have plenty in the area anyway so I see lots of them every spring.

      Have a great day!



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