They will of course not go to the same place.

We’ve had two rather nice days here, around 20C (68F) and sunshine. Yesterday windy but not today unfortunately. It is a great year for forest flies, the rain came a bit too early I’m afraid and I can’t remember when we had this many the last time. Ok, they don’t bite but they do try to fly in to my nostrils and ears and I just hate it!


I worked in the neighbor factory today, I was supposed to be there all day but they had forgotten to remove a few things before they placed them with me so I had to go back early. Too bad because it is so cool and nice in my paintbox there. It reached 37C (98,6F) at the paintbox at my ordinary job. So the morning was cool and nice and the afternoon hot and nasty and the headache came as mail with the postman.


The dog food I ordered online is on its way. It’s odd how a package can travel from one place to another. The company is placed in a city not especially far from Falköping but to get it here they ship it north (and it must pass Falköping on the way) to a to a smaller town and after that they’ll ship it down to Falköping 🙂 🙂 The flowers I ordered online the other day are also on their way and I hope that they arrive at the same day. Unfortunately they aren’t delivered by the same delivery company so one package will end up in Falköping and the other one in Gudhem.


It is time to get something to eat and after that I guess I’ll fall asleep in front of the tv as usual 🙂

Have a great day!


10 thoughts on “They will of course not go to the same place.

  1. Hi Christer!

    I wish that those bugs would just bugger off! 🙂 🙂

    I do not know how you could work in heat like that. I would be exhausted on my feet each and every day it got that hot. Then I would go home and sleep and sleep. Heat just exhausts me. I am in an air conditioning so am grateful for that. However, some parts of the hospital are very old and have steam heat still. The transition from autumn to winter and winter to spring can be challenging. Mostly the latter. If we get a few really hot spring days the heat is still on as the turn around takes quite a while to get sorted. We can be broiling for days on end and that makes for cranky people!

    I hope your packages all arrive safe and sound!

    Our weather has been what you can call pleasant. Well, that was yesterday and today. We are due rain tomorrow and back to high’s of only 20. Strange summer so far!

    Have a good evening!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      That’s why I always wish for a very dry spring, if the ground gets dry enough they can’t dig their way up from the ground and those living in wet soil will die if it dries up good.

      I really dislike it and today I put up a sort of protection against the worst heat. It sort of almost worked, it was two degrees cooler today 🙂 🙂 I don’t do much else than walk the dogs, take a look here and then fall asleep in front of the tv 🙂 Well I drink a lot of water too in between 🙂 It is perfect to work there during winters though, then people come in to us to warm up because the rest of the factory is chilly early in the week 🙂

      They did and today both Nova and Albin got a little of the food in their dinner. Now all I can do is to hold my thumbs so none of them react to it.

      We’ve had a few really pleasant days here too but now it’ll get cooler and we’re expecting some rain too. I will at least not have to water my pots 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. Hi Christer,
    I love the photo of the grass seed head. Beautiful back lighting.

    There’s definitely a “last mile” problem with your shipping companies. Maybe you can offer to meet the first truck in Falköping as it’s passing through on its way north. 🙂 Most likely it’s a large truck with the stuff organized into zones or something equally “logistical” so it has to go to a distribution center to offload into smaller trucks.

    The bugs haven’t been too bad here. My beef now is with the English Sparrows. They may be joining the airborne division of Spawns of Satan. They’ve been trying to build a nest beside the AC unit in the window. I had put up mesh screening but they pulled it off. While the unit is running they stay away but as soon as it’s off, they’re back. Today was the last straw. The weather has been comfortable for a couple of days and the sparrows have been busy. I spent a fair piece of time removing the sticks and grass from the window sill. Then I put up streamers of reflective mylar tape that’s supposed to frighten them away. Also, I taped heavy styrofoam over the spaces that the AC unit doesn’t occupy. I hope that fixes the issue.

    The day started out nice but now it’s really dark, windy and cold. Storms must be in the area.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      I do like that photo too.

      I wish I could have met them on the road just to get my package 🙂 Both arrived today though and both were in one piece as well 🙂 I could have gotten it delivered here at home but since I can’t take a day off just to get a package (we have way too much to do) so I wanted it delivered to the grocery store in Gudhem instead.

      I brought the mosquito hat today so naturally the wind blowed so hard that no flies came to annoy me 🙂 🙂

      We have a nick name for the English sparrows, flying rats 🙂 🙂 but they are rare here now, I only have a few nesting couples left, nesting beneath my tiles. I do hope that You solved Your problems!

      The last nice day for a whiule here, from now on it will be cooler and more rain will come I’m afraid. I guess we need it in most parts of the country because many have wells which has dried out now.

      Have a great day!



      1. Over here “flying rats” are pigeons. I like pigeons but they are messy.
        It looks as though the problem with the AC squatters has been solved for the moment. I still have the ones nesting on a window ledge on the second floor and I just noticed another pair nesting in a space between the fascia and the roof. They’re already well established and I just can’t bring myself to push a nest full of baby birds off the edge. But they have to go eventually and I’ll need to hire someone to do it. I don’t have a ladder that tall and wouldn’t be climbing it if I did. 🙂


      2. We have a couple of pigeons who move here every summer and in late autumn they move again 🙂 I guess they come from Falköping and see this as their summer home 🙂

        I really hate climbing up high ladders but I don’t mind going up in high towers. I know that if I fall from a ladder I will feel the pain but if I would fall from a high tower I won’t feel a thing when I land 🙂 🙂


  3. I agreed with a previous comment, Christer, that your working conditions would also have been too HOT for me. Of course during the years we lived in VA, you more or less got used to the hot summer weather and we still do het some similar days here in NH, but nothing to compare. I was wondering about that box like structure in the field. Is is some sort of animal blind for hunters, and out of season now?


    1. Hi Beatrice!

      It is on the other hand very nice to work there during winter 🙂 Summers are usually cool here, or at least was so any warmer day than 75F is hot here 🙂

      Yes that is a hunting tower but they don’t remove it during summer. It is teh same people who hunting team every year here so they only remove them when they repair them.

      Have a great day!



  4. Christer,
    Some packages come with the mailman. He leaves them on my steps but the rest of the mail he puts in the box across the street. Amazon Prime used the post office for its packages. UPS and FedEx also deliver packages here. I like the UPS driver, Joey, as he always gives Gracie lots of attention. The FedEx guy just leaves it on the step, and I never know it is there unless I go outside at some time.

    Great photos today!


    1. Hi Kat!

      The mailman has stopped coming with bigger packages, they used to do it and if I weren’t at home he usually put it in my garage 🙂 DHL still delivers packages here at home but the rest usually leave the packages in a store nearby. I wouldn’t mind getting the packages here at home but then I must stay at home from work. I would love that but I doubt my employer would 🙂

      Have a great day!



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