Seven flowers.

If a girl wants to know whom she will marry one day midsummer’s eve is the right night to try and find out. She must then, before going to bed, pick seven or nine (depending on where she lives) different wild flowers while climbing over just as many fences in absolutely silence. When she has picked her flowers she them should place them beneath her pillow and while dreaming she’ll find out who the lucky man is. I’m not sure if this would work on men though 🙂


Midsummer’s night is of course filled with beings so she should of course not do this alone, she could be kidnapped by a mountain troll or perhaps she would risk getting drowned by Näcken (the Neck, a water spirit). Naturally no men should walk around alone in the forest either since the Huldra or Skogrået (forest nymphs) could turn their minds and make them lost to the forest for the rest of their lives. Our trolls doesn’t turn in to stone if the sun hit them so one could meet them any time while being out walking, the smaller ones are just like us but with a tail, it is the mountain trolls one has to be careful not to meet because they are shrewd and nasty.


This was the last of todays photos. The rest are older.

Many like to raise a midsummer pole (or may pole like many call them as well) before noon on midsummer’s eve. Now days it’s hard to find people who wants to play instruments so people can dance to their music so they now days use cd’s instead. Back in the days however it was no party if they didn’t have at least one fiddle, an accordion and several other instruments. Still, lots of people loves to dance around the pole every year. They dance to songs like (and I’ll do a direct translation so it will sound odd I guess 🙂 🙂 ) The little frogs, the priests little crow, cut cut the oat, the bear is asleep, we are all mother’s pigs and so on 🙂 Naturally there are a lot of moved one has to do while singing. There are a lot of hopping during the little frogs 🙂


Here are a few taken with the Agfa Ambi Silette. I’m pretty sure these have popped back in to the folder after I deleted them but I’m not sure so I’ll show them anyway 🙂 These are from the Pilgrimage.

We swedes are rather boring when it comes to the food, it is more or less the same as we have any other holiday. Pickled herring in a million ways, meatballs, prince sausages and so on. Lots of people drink nubbe (schnaps) too and with every nubbe one has to sing a song, a nubbevisa. I don’t drink nubbe so I’m rather bad in naming any nubbevisor. Some are just a few sentences other so long that I wonder how they can rem,ember them since they usually are drunk while singing them 🙂 In nine months unusually many children will be born 🙂


These are from this place.

It started to rain in the early afternoon yesterday so the police here in this county had very little to do. I was watching the movie Arrival and it was ok but nothing I would have been sad to miss. This morning I drove to the super market in Skara. All I really needed was cat food and a cheese to be honest so I could have driven to the little grocery store in Gudhem instead but I wanted to go as early as possible and the super market opens already at 7am. I actually didn’t buy especially much I didn’t need, just a small Magnolia that only costed  4,5 $US (around 50 swedish kronor) and a hanging flowerpot with small-flowered surifinia in different colors. Oddly enough that one costed twice of what the magnolia costed 🙂


These are the last one taken with the Nikon F75.

It is time to take a walk with the dogs again. It still rained this morning but now the sun has broken through the clouds and a really strong wind will keep most flies away. They did cut the grass earlier this week so there aren’t as many as before anyway.


I think these are chamomile. We have lots of them here.

Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Seven flowers.

  1. Hi Christer,
    Maybe if the men did the seven flower wall climbing thing, they’d dream about the girls they should avoid so they don’t end up getting married. 🙂
    Few people play instruments nowadays. Back then, if you wanted entertainment, you had to make your own. Now we can just turn up the volume on the MP3 players.

    I can’t tell one white composite flower from another, really. They are all “daisies” to me. The yellow composites are even harder. I read somewhere that they interbreed easily and end up looking like all their forebears. Apparently they are the mallard ducks of the flower world. 😀

    It’s humid and dreary here today. There’s rain in the area but nothing here yet. Just that murkiness of a humid, sunless summer day. I have to make an ice cream run to my favorite ice cream place. Maybe that will brighten up things.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      You might be on to something there 🙂 🙂

      Itis kind of sad that people don’t play instruments unless it can help them to make the big bucks in a pop band. Still I can’t even pretend that I like that kind of musik 🙂

      Yes many of those flowers are rather promiscuous 🙂 🙂 But the chamomile is quite easy to identify since it has a rather nice scent but its closest relatives don’t. I think these smelled but I can’t remember. Must check that next time I pass them.

      Sunny and very windy here now with the occasional cloud passing by. It is actually rather warm but the wind is quite chilly so it feels cold instead. I bought ice cream yesterday 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. those are interesting midsummer traditions! no one celebrates it much here. the rain is gone and we are in for a dry sunny spell. i am thinking things will really start to grow now.


    1. HI Joyce!

      It is the biggest holiday we have, even bigger than christmas since this holiday really has no specialdemands like we must celebrate it with relatives we perhaps don’t even like 🙂 THis holiday is for having fun and with friends.

      It’s strange that plants grow so much better after rain than if we water them! I could see how much the lawn grew since yesterday so I mowed most of it today.

      Have a great day!



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