Mosquito nets.

I’ve saved all photos I’ve taken during this blog vacation so You’ll see a mix of them today. I’ll start with this mornings though.

I have finally found some great mosquito nets. The ones I’ve had the chance to buy has been one large sheet of net that I had to cut into the right sizes myself  and then attach to the door frame as good as I’ve managed to. These ones were already in two parts and it came with both velcro pieces and some kind of large drawing pins.


I’ve always had problems with the wind with these old ones unless I could find some weight to place at the bottom of them. These however have rather heavy magnets that keep the nets together and they are strong enough to not let go if a strong gust comes along. Still they easily lose the grip if one wants to go out. Albin never seemed to realise that I had put them up because he just walked straight out, Orvar and the other old dogs just stood there waiting for me to open it up 🙂 🙂


My favorite bird, the Jackdaw. They are funny and smart and I once had one called Robert 🙂
Normally they fly away as soon as they see a camera but this one was kind enough to wait until I got a few photos of it 🙂

I still have lots of rather annoying flies in my cottage though but now I’m just waiting for them to slowly die out or for them to land on the sticky fly paper I have here and there. I’ll see if I can hit a few with the fly swatter and feed the gold ide and the gold fish in the water barrels outside. Then they at least will come to some use instead of just annoying us all 🙂


We had thunder during the week, I was outside fetching a big empty barrel where I’ll put all the powder paint that ended up in the big filter. I knew thunder was on its way but it was still quite far away when I went outside. I was slowly going back towards the factory, rolling the barrel in front of me when the lightning flew over my head and hitting ground not far away, I just managed to count to two when I could hear the loud bang 🙂 I needed two barrels but thought since there was no panic the second one could wait an hour or so 🙂 🙂


We are supposed to get sunshine today but at the moment we’re having high humidity and cloudy with almost no wind to make it feel any better. They did say that we might get some thunder here today as well but it will most likely miss us and hit the east coast instead. It feels like we should get thunder though and I really wouldn’t mind, the air always feel so much more fresh after a good thunderstorm.


A tiny Solitary bee collecting pollen for its larvae.

The America clock is ticking, yes I’ve remembered to wind it 🙂 and the door is open. Not especially many sounds can be heard beside Magpies, Jackdaws and some of the smaller birds in the garden. Not a single car seems to have passed on the big road either, vacation time has started. I think I’ll make myself a big cup of coffee and after that I might watch the new dvd I bought, Arrival. I can’t mow the lawn as long as the grass is wet anyway.


The first rose to open up in the garden, the filled Cinnamon rose.
The second one is the Rosa glauca.
This and the next one two different Iris sibirica.

Have a great day!


12 thoughts on “Mosquito nets.

  1. Här verkar det om om det aldrig skulle bli något regn! I veckan som gick fick vi väl totalt 2 mm -visserligen på nätterna vilker perfekt, men det är så enormt torrt att idag så vattnar vi överallt. Växterna börjar sloka och en del har t.o.m. fällt grenar på grund av torka. Inte kul….. 😦
    KRAM och trevlig helg!


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Här har det vräkt ned men man kan nog ändå säga att det är torrt i marken, fast i jämnförelse med er är det ganska blött ändå 🙂 Ingenting slokar här som tur är.

      Hoppas ni får tillräckligt med regn så inte brunnar börjar sina!

      Ha det gott!



  2. i was outside grilling as it rained. i had a golf umbrella over my head. lightening struck close by and was so loud it made me jump. i threw the umbrella and ran inside. that was way to close for comfort!


    1. Hi Joyce!

      🙂 Sometimes it’s just best to respect natures forces 🙂 I never cared when Ilived in the big city, there were just too many things that always attracted the lightning but here it’s very different, I learned that two? years ago when the lightning melted my neighbors electric cabinett 🙂

      Have a great day!



  3. Hi Christer,
    It sounds like you found the Magic Mesh screen doors that I told you about last summer or the summer before. I haven’t had to put mine up this year, though I might try to put one across the cellar door. I like to leave it open when I’m down there doing laundry and the flying critters get in. Piki Dog would probably go through it. Rocky always peeled the lower corner away from the velcro on the door frame and went through that way.

    If lightening struck that close to me, I’d decide that the first barrel could wait another hour or so as well. It would have to because I’d be high-tailing it for the building and refusing to go outside until the storm was well past.

    Lovely photos today. I like the dragonfly. Everything looks sunny after rain.
    It’s dreary and a bit drippy here. It might brighten up a bit later on. Probably not, though. 🙂

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Oh, I had forgotten about thgose and I think You’re right. They are really good! I have one left and I’m thinking of putting it up by the entrance door, the sun won’t reach that door until late afternoon so I would be able to get in the coolest air until then. As it is now the sun fries the kitchen door until late afternoon 🙂

      I couldn’t leave the barrel where it was because that’s where the lorries drive when they come to öeav or pick up things we’ve made and/ or painted 🙂 So I rushed as fast as I could 🙂 🙂

      Sunny and rather warm here and it started just after I had posetd todays blog 🙂 🙂 The flies behave insanely so I wonder if we’ll get thunder anyway. there’s thankfully a wind blowing away most of them 🙂

      Have a great day!



  4. Hi Christer, glad to see that your blog break was not too long, even if I have not managed to keep on with reading blogs every day. The water droplets on the plants, the dragonfly and those blue iris siberica were so outstanding and glad to see your weather is better except for that thunder and lightning. We’ve had a fair amount of rain in recent weeks, but not a good storm. Since we live in an apt on the 5th floor and overlook a river, they can be really intense to see. Hope the new mosquito netting works well for you. I dislike those pesky insects with a passion and would always be the one to get bitten the most when we lived in VA.


    1. Hi Beatrice!

      I split it in two so this week it’ll be a bit longer.

      It looks like teh weather will be rather gooduntil Thursday but it’ll start to rain on Friday, our big holiday 🙂 It is quite often very cold and rainy around summer solstice here, it can be hot both before and after though 🙂 🙂

      I don’t mind the mosquitos that much, I get immune towards the itching thing rather quickly but I do dislike flies very much and I’m so glad I found these nets this summer!

      Have a great day!



  5. Hi Christer!

    Sune’s ears made me laugh out loud! Great captures! 🙂

    I am glad you like those nets – a necessity for those nasty little creatures!

    That’s incredible when thunder booms so close – you can feel it in your chest. Exciting and scary at the same time! We have sun at the moment but that is supposed to change – back to clouds again!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      I call him Dumbo quite often 🙂

      I didn’t find any last year and the ones I had had were in such bad shape that I couldn’t use them. So I’m so glad I found these and I’ll buy more when I come to the super market next time, if they still have them.

      I do like a good thunderstorm as long as I’m indoors 🙂

      Have a great day!



  6. Christer,
    I love the shots of the insects and the jackdaw. It is a beautiful bird.

    All my windows and doors have screens, only on the top half, not the bottom. I had a special animal screen put on the front. The mesh is so small Gracie’s claws don’t cause holes. In the back, she had the dog door so the screen was safe.

    When I was young, stores hung long strips of paper to catch flies. The dead flies were all over the paper. It never bothered me back then, but now I think it was gross seeing all those dead flies in a store where you’re buying food.

    Today stayed lovely all day with plenty of sunshine and a strong breeze to make it feel cooler than it was.

    The iris is a beautiful flower.

    Have a wonderful evening!


    1. Hi Kat!

      Too bad most of the insects just look like ordinary flies, I could photograph zillions of those 🙂 I do like the Jackdaw and it is such a funny bird 🙂 Rather annoying too since they tend to fill chimneys with sticks and other things useful for nest building 🙂 🙂

      I have no idea why we never have had screens here and barely mosquito nets either. There are almost no flies in the big cities so I guess that is what stes the rules on what we can get in the rest of the country. I do have those long strips hanging both in the kitchen and the livingroom. Doesn’t look nice but it’s better there than in our food 🙂 🙂 🙂

      This morning is quite nice even if the sun doesn’t shine, almost no wind though so the flies are a bit annoying to be honest.

      I do like them and that was the only flower that thrived at our summer cottage when I grew up, not even dandelions survived there 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!



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