Who knows when we’ll get weather like this again.

The morning is just as wonderful as the ones we’ve had since early this week. It is warm, the sun is shining and a weak wind i blowing, today however the wind is a bit cool. The first clouds show in the sky now and soon this summer weather will be over for this time. They predict rain later today and we do need it so I won’t complain.


The Lilacs in the forest flower now, my hedge is a day or two behind.

The spiders haven’t been on the lazy side 🙂


The downside to this warm weather is that the flowering season pass so quickly. The apple blossoms have just been open for a few days and now the petals fall in the wind like big snow flakes. The Cuckoo bird has been around for some weeks now and the first time I heard it the sound came from north and according to old folklore that means the summer will be dry, I hope it also means it’ll be fairly warm and sunny too 🙂


Albin is enjoying the cooler morning by sleeping on the grass just outside my kitchen, the lilacs are still giving that area some shade but it won’t be long until the sun reach him, that is if the clouds doesn’t cover the sky first. I’ve done the last of the laundry and it is now hanging to dry on the patio so I really don’t have any more chores to do today. I could of course vacuum the floors but why do that on this last nice day for who knows how long, the dirt won’t go away so I can do that later 🙂


It is time for some breakfast and after that a short nap I think, the rain is predicted to arrive after noon and who knows, we might even get some thunder today.


Have a great day!


I have a peach tree that never gives any peaches and now the root that the peach is grafted on has branches of its own and the flowers reminds a lot of the sand cherries. Perhaps I should cut down the peach part and just keep these 🙂

8 thoughts on “Who knows when we’ll get weather like this again.

  1. Här har det inte varit någon kylig morgon precis. Jag hoppades på det så gick jag ut klockan sex för att vattna för att slippa den värsta hettan senare. 🙂 Både krukor (har massor som vanligt), växthus och dessutom alla rabatter på baksidan med sprinkler samt på framsidan med droppslang – trots bevattningsförbud sen den 15 april. Vi har som tur egen brunn och det räcker till 4 timmars vattning om det är torka – och det är det nu! 😦 Inte kul för en massa buskar har torkat/frusit in. Det var ju både kyla, blåst, sol och torka tidigare!! 😦 😦
    Men dessutom klippte jag ner det döda på klängrosorna, alltså det jag skulle ha gjort för en månad sen om vädret varit normalt! Dom ser inte kul ut alls….. 😦 😦 😦
    Fast fint och skönt – om man slipper göra något ansträngande – är det ju!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Långt ifrån kylig här också men betydligt svalare än der var senare, det sprang upp till över 27 en stund innan regnet kom. De flesta av mina krukor står fortfarande under tak på uteplatsen så dem har jag inte behövt vattna så ofta. Vet inte om det är vattningsförbud här men jag har ju djupborrad brunn så jag är inte orolig för att vattnet skall ta slut.

      Jag har bara buskrosor och vildrosor i min trädgård och de klarar av det mesta utan att skadas, speciellt när vinbtern är så mild som den varit de två senaste gångerna.

      Det första regnet har kommit och passerat så nu är det riktigt svalt och skönt, bara 21 grader nu 🙂

      Ha det gott!



  2. the sheep are so cute! are the dogs used to them? they would drive teddy crazy. it was totally foggy here this morning and we have storms on the way. we have had a very wet spring and i’m not complaining. i have only had to water twice so far!


    1. HI Joyce!

      The dogs don’t care about the sheep at all and if they had there are several nsty electric wires that would stop them 🙂

      I really like foggy summer mornings, it’s magical just when the sun breaks through. We’ve had an unusually dry spring and I hope it killed most of the fly larvae, they depend on moist to wet soild to survive. But I am glad the first rains just passed by, the temperature dropped from almost 82 down to just above 68. I can see a lot of thunder in the Norwegian mountains but it doesn’t seem to come to us, too bad I would like some thunder today 🙂

      Have a great day!



  3. Hi Christer,
    The lambs are so cute. I wouldn’t mind having lambs to watch from my window. Someone else’s lambs, of course. 🙂 Maybe I should rent my grass to a sheepherder.

    Have you sown the beach plum seeds yet? If so, did you sow them right into the ground or into pots? I think I’m going to sow them in starter pots first and see which, if any, germinate.

    Yesterday ended up being very sunny and nice. Today is starting out sunny and nice but that’s mostly because the sun hasn’t moved high enough in the sky to be above the cloud deck. We’ll see.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      I’s very nice to have them there and I agree just as long as they belong to someone else 🙂 I actually have cows between the sheep and my cottage, the pasture is just wide as a road outside my garden and my plants block the view so I barely see them now.

      Yes I’ve sown the beach plums and hoping that at least one of the kernels will germinate this year. It isn’t unusual however that it can take both two and three years until they do, their shells are so thick that it can take a long time until water can pass through it and start thr process. I have them in pots because if I sow them directly into the ground I will forget about them and I’ve already mowed down one of my tiny hazelnut bushes 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Yesterday was hot, hot, hot anfd today started out much the same, it almost reached 82F before the first rains arrived and cooled it down to just above 68F. Now the sun shines again, the wind blows and it is just soo nice 🙂

      Have a great day!



      1. Okay, forgetting where I planted them would be a problem for me, too. 🙂
        Would it be helpful to soak them for a bit before planting or to notch the hulls? There’s some seed that you have to do that to but I forget which one.


      2. Yes soak them for at least 24 hours. They can be sown when they have sunk to the bottom, they usually float in the beginning. The ones sinking earliest, perhaps as soon as You put them in water have the best chances of germinating. Just remember that it can take two years before anything happens so don’t forget to keep the soil moist.

        Notching the hulls will help but it is enough if You just sandpaper them where the two halves are connected.


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