There’s a cool wind blowing.

We’re having a wonderful morning here in the village at the outskirts of the world. The sun is shining from s clear blue sky, it might be nasty warm (I haven’t checked the thermometer yet) but there’s a cool eastern wind blowing just enough hard to make it feel just right. The kitchen door is open and I’m just about to make a cup of coffee. I think I’ll have it while sitting on the kitchen stairs.


She just looked at us and then slowly walked away. Won’t be long now till her fawn is born.

Bertil stopped following us when he realised we weren’t going to the bog.


We went down to the creek on our morning walk. Just as the road finally had set and not making any sound when we walked on it after the last time they poured out more gravel on it they poured out more this week. It is impossible to walk there now without sounding as the cavalry was marching down the road 🙂 Still, the wildlife didn’t seem to care that we were coming close. They know us by now so I guess that makes it easier to get closer. 


New shoot on the spruces. I’ve noticed that the north American species have shoots that isn’t this neon green but more greyish green.

The lambs are playing on the small mound outside my garden and every now and again Albin takes his usual round to check that no evil has walked in to his property 🙂 I need to mow the lawn today so it’s perfect that the wind blows. I’m just waiting for my neighbors to show some signs that they are awake before I start. My electric mower is very quiet but I still think they should be allowed to sleep for as long as they wish without having to be disturn´bed by even the quietest sound from my mower. Strangely enough, not all people are awake at 4:30 so they can enjoy the wonderful sunrise 🙂


They’re having the worlds biggest half marathon today in my old home town Gothenburg. I’ve run it once and I can still not understand why people do it 🙂 I only ran it because my mother registered the entire family. One by one dropped off and suddenly only I participated 🙂 One gets a medal when passing the finish line and a banana, well one get as many bananas as one wish and I had plenty 🙂 That was the only really positive memory I have from it 🙂 The beekeeper will run today and I hope it doesn’t get too hot. Back in the days when I could run I always ran as early as possible since I can’t stand running when it is warm.


Meadow lark. It hovers in the air while singing beautifully.

I never get tired of watching the lambs 🙂

It is time to have that coffee now and after that I think it’ll be time to mow the lawn.

Have a great day!


Three photos taken with the Zeiss 531, a reminder of colder days 🙂


4 thoughts on “There’s a cool wind blowing.

  1. Hi Christer,
    The new leaves on American spruces look very neon to me but there might not be any European spruces around here to compare with.
    I didn’t know that you had meadowlarks that were different from regular larks. We have two different species of meadowlark in America. They are more brightly colored than yours but the songs are similar. They hover and sing, too.

    Back in the 70’s I decided to take up jogging. I started out jogging a mile every day. It was horrible. After awhile it was merely unpleasant but I loathed every second. I told myself I should really increase to two miles but every time I reached the half mile turning point I turned and ran back home again. Eventually I gave up jogging and took up tennis and horseback riding. Much better. 🙂

    The heat wave broke. It’s back to cool and lovely spring again.

    Enjoy the day (in spite of having to mow the lawn).


    1. Hi Caryn!

      There are of course lots of different spruces in America but the ones hardy enough to live here (normal winters, if they ever come back) seems to have more greyish green shoots. I’ll photograph them when they start, they tend to start a little time after ours do.We have only one species of spruce that grows here naturally but actually not this far south in Sweden, all spruces down here have been planted here.

      I just checked what Your meadowlarks look like and they are much more colorful. All our differnt larks look the same, brown 🙂

      I used to run 6,21 miles each time six days a week and loved it 🙂 I also biked around 280 miles a week as well. I just didn’t like to run half a marathon with lots of people 🙂 but I did like those bananas we got 🙂 🙂 It was the rheumatism and hip implants that forced me to stop. Today I would most likely die if I tried to run 100 yards 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Hot again today but I have mowed the lawn, it was a bit more complicated than I had anticipated but more about that tomorrow 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. I am a bit late in reading this post, Christer, but there’s a marathon being run here in Nashua, NH, today Sun 5/21, partly along the Main St. I may go for a walk later today to see what activity is going on. Personally, I have never run in or desired to run in a marathon, but a friend has done so until she received a diagnosis of cancer and is now undergoing chemotherapy. Sometimes being healthy can being ill effects, sadly. I would never get tired either of watching the lambs and would be shooting way too many mages as I am sure you do too.


    1. Hi Beatrice!

      I did enjoy running back in the days when I was allowed to but never in that way, I prefer to run alone 🙂 It can be fun watching it in real though 🙂

      I’m pretty sure Your friend can take the chemo therapy better just because she has been running a lot and I do hope she gets well!

      Yes I have a tendency to take way too many photographs of them 🙂

      Have a great day!



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