Today we also have the humidity :-)

I think I had seven flowers of my pink dandelion yesterday but they don’t open up properly if the sun doesn’t shine and they only last a day or two.

It is just as warm today as it was yesterday but with less sunshine and with a humidity soon to reach 98%. We’re all waiting for the thunder they say might come later today. I’ve checked the real-time lightning map site and they have thunder in big parts of Europe but nowhere near Scandinavia. I wouldn’t mind if it came because I have a headache that refuse to leave me.


This is why almost no one tries to get rid of dandelions in our gardens. Filed after field around the village are filled with them 🙂
I can’t remember when the creek had this little water in it. This I hope means we’ll have fewer biting flies this summer.

Albin can’t take heat especially well, he’s been complaining loudly for quite some time only stopping when my neighbors had visitors with dogs. He so wanted to say hi to them but they didn’t even look at him no matter how much he barked 🙂 He’s actually very quiet right now so I had to check what he was doing, it looks like he’s taking his tour around the garden protecting it against evil 🙂


The first wild strawberry flowers 🙂 I don’t know how wild strawberries taste around the world but these are so delicious that the ones we buy taste bland in in comparison 🙂 🙂
The Violets are in bloom too.
Another hole to keep an eye on. I’m pretty sure squirrels use this one though.

I’ll post a video at the bottom of todays post. The town Vara ordered a climbing frame from a local artist and it was my work friend who painted it all. He’s a really good powder painter, he should be because it is after all I who taught him how to do it 🙂 The climbing frame was way to big to go through the painting machine where I work but I did help to move these big parts around 🙂 I do hope You can see it even if You don’t have Facebook. He wears just ordinary work clothes because the powder isn’t poisonous in any way and can easily be washed away with water and dish soap.


Sune sure knows how to handle the heat 🙂

Oddly shaped cherry flowers.

The powder is charged with up to 70 000 volts (but with very, very low ampere, so it attaches itself to anything metallic or to be honest anything that can lead power. So I tend to have brightly colored glasses after a day painting 🙂


Normal shaped cherry flowers.

Flower buds on a Redberried elderberry bush in the forest., thy won’t change color much when open though.
My biggest Service berry bush, hidden behind one of my apple trees.

It is time to make a cup of coffee, I don’t care if it keeps me up all night because I’m a bit tired of this headache now 🙂



Have a great day!



6 thoughts on “Today we also have the humidity :-)

  1. Hi Christer,
    That was interesting to see how the things are painted and assembled.
    One question: did you name Albin after your work friend? 🙂

    I’ve seen cherries with the weird shaped petals. I just assumed they were some variety of wild cherry.
    The photo of the tree stump is cool. It looks like a wharf piling that has seaweed and barnacles all over it.

    It’s much cooler here today. It’s only 86ºF and there are a bunch of big clouds gathering around the sky. There’s also a good breeze. It always seems much hotter in early spring because the trees aren’t fully leafed out so there’s less shade and nothing to absorb the glare either.
    Tomorrow will be way cooler, they say. I hope so. It wasn’t very comfortable trying to sleep in the heat last night.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      I thought it would be interesting to see how we can paint things. I only paint smaller things but lots of them instead.

      No Albin is not named after him, why do You wonder that? 🙂

      I guess it must be some variety of cherry, perhaps it comes from a kernel someone just spat out? I’ve never seen flowers looking like that on any cherry tree before though. I do like that tree stump, it made me think of trolls 🙂

      It’ll be slightly cooler tomorrow they say and I won’t mind since I must mow the lawn 🙂 Still no thunder close to Scandinavia but lots down in Germany, I guess it might travel north with the cold front tomorrow. Last night my bedroom was reasonable cool but it’ll ber nasty hot tonight so I’ll bring up the fan and place it by the open window so it’ll drag in the cooler night air into the room.

      Have a great day!



  2. Hi Christer! Boy does Sune ever know how to keep cool! 🙂 Such a happy boy!

    We have decent temperatures today but of course it being the long weekend they are predicting rain. I hope some relief finds you from that headache. Nothing worse than a headache that refuses to leave.

    Great video! I echo Caryn…did you name Albin after him? 🙂

    We have wild strawberries out in the country but they never amount to much. They tend to be very small but delicious! I never have had luck growing strawberries. My joy is raspberries. I have somewhat good luck with them! I wish I could grow blackberries. That is my favorite berry to eat. Our zone just is not compatible. A bit too cold.

    This weekend I hope to get my vegetable garden in….last night we hit -2. So I am watching the weather really, really close. No point in planting if I will lose some or they will need covers.

    Have a good evening!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      He sure does and he can bathe several times depending on how long we stay by that creek 🙂

      We’ll have slightly cooler tomorrow and that’s a good thing since I’m planning on mowing the lawn. The coffee helped so my head ache is gone now 🙂

      No I did not name Albin after him, why do You both wonder that? 🙂

      Our wild strawberries are usually small too but we have loads of them so if one has the energy it’s possible to pick quite a lot, they are much better if one wants to make jelly from them too 🙂 There’s no need to have raspberries in the garden since the wild ones grow everywhere here and we are allowed to pick berruies where ever we are in nature (The law “Right to access, or as we cll it All Mans Right). We have blackberries growing here too but they grow in the shades so they don’t always riope before the frost comes. I’ve been thinking of bring home some roots and plantthem in the sunshine here in my garden, the ones growing here have small thorns thankfully 🙂

      We’ve had unusually warm nights lately but one never knows when frost will hit, last summer we had frost on June 13th!

      Have a great day!



  3. it’s horrible here too. hot and very very humid which i hate. i’ve given up on fighting dandelions. they are everywhere. teddy and i both have horrible allergies. she has sores between her toes and a crusty nose from them. my toes are okay but my nose is stuffy and i am sneezing like crazy!


    1. Hi Joyce!

      The humidity last evening made it awful here but today it’s very low so the morning is really nice.
      Nova seems to have lost most of her allergies now when I’ve changed her food but there’s some kind of pollen she tillreacts to. I only feel it when there’s a lot of birch pollen in the air.

      I do hope what ever it is You’re allergic too will pass soon!

      Have a great day despite the allergies!



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