The warm weather is gone again.

It was actually warmer this morning when we went out on our walk but it won’t be much warmer during the day. A week ago I would have been happy having 10C (50F) but now it sort of feels cold 🙂 We managed to almost get home before the drizzling started and a light spring rain fell just as I opened the door and went inside.


I don’t have much to do today besides the laundry and there isn’t much laundry to do either. I’ve placed a few pots outside this morning. There’s one with a Dahlia in it and that one must be brought inside during the night but I also have three pots with gladiolus bulbs and I think those can be placed on the patio with some cover if it will be cold at night. I had actually planned to mow the lawn too but since it started to rain I’ll wait doing that.


We weren’t far away when it finally decided it was time to leave 🙂

My plum tree is just showing some leafs and the sloe shrubs are in full bloom. I’ll try and remove as much as possible of the sloe shrubs this summer, they spread a bit too much and they only give two or three berries each year. I never see any bees around the flowers either. I’ll miss all the flowers in spring but nothing else I’m afraid.


It was much nicer yesterday afternoon. Two butterflies flew in front of me for quite some time and they are almost impossible to photograph while they are flying. This is two Lemon butterflies, the male is the more yellow one and the female look as if she has struggled some in her life with torn wings as a result.
Sune just loves to take a bath 🙂

Someone once tossed out some tulip bulbs and they have grown outside our cottages since I moved here seventeen years ago.

It is time to take care of the laundry and after that a short walk I think. I won’t go too far just in case the nice spring rain transforms into something worse 🙂


These last photos shows what’s flowering in my garden right now.
My pink and yellow dandelions don’t even have buds yet.

Have a great day!


These look a bit odd right now but will be very different later on, totally filled with yellow petals.
My blue White Wood Anemones. They have started to spread some so these ones will move to a friend as soon as they don’t flower any longer. They rarely give any seeds unfortunately.


7 thoughts on “The warm weather is gone again.

  1. Hi Christer,
    I haven’t seen any butterflies yet. Other insects, yes. Especially house flies. :/
    The Lemon Butterfly female might just be old and past her prime. With Monarchs, if they have tattered, faded wings, it’s because they have been around for awhile.

    Not much going on in my yard. The lawn guys came yesterday and mowed down the Star of Bethlehem. It insists on growing in the lawn instead of where I put it so that’s what happens. Little Quincey almost got weed whacked too but I got out there fast enough to warn the weed whack guy off.

    Today is half sunny, half cloudy. The sun shines brightly but every now and then a bank of wet-looking clouds covers it up. It’s about 60ºF but the wind has a tiny bite to it even though it is out of the south and should be warm.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      We’ve had plenty of butterflies here already, it’s the ones who has hibernated as grown ups through winter who flies now. I’ve seen at least four different species so far. So both theese are rather old for being butterflies.

      At least You managed to save the quince 🙂 It would have been sad if it had been whacked after surviving the winter 🙂

      It has been raining all day, sometimes just drzzle sometimes light showers, enough though to make the dogs wanna stay inside 🙂 They say we’ll get sunshine every day during the week but it will stay below 50F, so the dogs will at least be able to enjoy rather nice days 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. Här förvandlades vårregnet snabbt till nått höstliknande snöblandat – vintern är tydligen tillbaka!? 😦
    Igår var det +10 med isande vindar, idag +5 med ännu mer isande vindar – så att gå ut och göra nån nytta är inte att tänka på. Istället gör jag det jag hatar att göra; städar inne! Den här årstiden ska man ju normalt städa ute….. 🙂 🙂


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Soligt med som du säger isande vindar men tio plus idag. Jag är glad bara solen skiner 🙂 Växterna verkar dock inte ta illa upp, efter regnet rent exploderade grönskan här.

      Början av Maj kan vara riktigt kall här i lilla sibirien så jag är van men gillar det ju inte 🙂

      Ha det gott i kylan 🙂



  3. Hi Christer, the blooms in your garden look good and will be anxious to see when others open once the weather stays warmer. Here is has been cloudy and cool this week, not at all very spring-like. There haven’t been any showers since the weekend but it looks fairly ominous. We took a chance and walked downtown to a couple of stores and luckily there was no rain or we would have had to stay in and could possibly have bouight more things. Then, we would have to figure out HOW to carry them home 😦
    I was wonderng how long Sune takes to dry off after taking those baths.


  4. Christer,
    The flowers are just so lovely. You and I have been having similar weather. Today was 57˚ as a high, and it will get colder tonight.

    My flower region designates May 30 as the time to plant with no fear of cold or frost. My sister took in her rose bushes the other night as it was going to be so cold. I could see my breath the other morning.

    None of my dogs have liked water. Shauna would go just a bit into the ocean water then squat and pee, but the boxer I grew up with loved swimming in the pond near our house.

    Flowers perk me up even when it’s cold.

    Have a great day!


    1. Hi Kat!

      It is June sixth here but last year we had frost much later than that. Didn’t hurt the plants though.

      We had the most beautiful sunrise here just before the snowstorm hit 🙂 Tomorrow will be warmer again thankfully!

      Sune just loves to take a bath, at least in creeks and dirty ponds 🙂 I really need to bring him to the ocean.

      Have a great day!



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