We didn’t even have frost during the night.

It’s a wonderful morning, the sun is shining and it’s fairly warm. Nights are always chilly here, even during hot summers so fairly warm isn’t bad at all 🙂 We didn’t even have frost during the night so it couldn’t be much better. Even better was that all dogs behaved very well, that was not the case yesterday. Sune became squirrel insane 🙂 so any sound was interpreted as a squirrel on the run and he want after it 🙂 Guess if he was surprised when I leashed him for almost the entire walk 🙂



Nova is always walking in her own little world now days so she really doesn’t care about anything moving, what a difference to when she first came here 🙂 I can only hope that Albin too soon will walk the same path but I doubt that very much at the moment 🙂 He does walk perfect while leashed though and the few times he is unleashed he almost does as I tell him to 🙂 He’s very much like a dachshund, he will come if I call but it is never clear when he will 🙂


I had planned on walking in the village and then out on the fields this morning since I don’t think my feet will manage to walk all the way to the lake and back again but when we came up to the road it looked as if the entire road was covered in glass shards, they shone so beautiful in the morning sunshine. Turns out that they, after I came home from work yesterday, poured out new gravel on the road and after that salted it so it won’t dust now when it’s dry weather, so it was the salt flakes that shone so beautiful. Not good for the dogs though so we went down to the creek instead.


I didn’t see much wildlife this morning, a few geese and trumpet swans flew by and that was it. I could hear several Black Grouse roosters out on the bog too but those are very hard to come close. The best thing is to get out the night before and stay the night in some kind of shelter where they will be the next morning and then sit absolutely quiet as long as they are around. One sound and they’ll all fly away. I can think of several thing I’d rather do than that 🙂


I’ve soon finished my pot of tea and as soon as I have we’ll go out for another walk again. I’ll see if it is dry enough to walk out on the bog but I doubt that. It might be that all smaller creeks are dried out but the bog is like a huge sponge so it’ll take quite some time without any rain before it is dry enough to walk on without wearing rubber boots. My neighbor just blew his nose and none of the dogs cared but Teodor jumped out of his box and ran to the door to check what it was 🙂


Have a great day!


8 thoughts on “We didn’t even have frost during the night.

  1. Här har inte funnits tid för någon njutbar prommis precis, vi får gäster nästa vecka och sen är “gästsäsongen” i full gång så jag försöker hinna med så mycket som möjligt innan. 🙂 Men gissa om jag har dålig kondis, först 1,5 år utan att kunna jobba ordentligt i trädgården, sen 4 veckor med ryggskott och sen 10 dagar med förkylning -inte mycket har blivit gjort under den tiden. 😦
    Visserligen har jag cyklat på motionscykeln men det är inte samma sak som trädgårdsjobb. Så nu är jag inne och vilar mig lite. Orkar bara hålla på en timme, sen måste jag vila….. 😦 😦
    Har just grävt upp en massa alunrot och delat (blev c:a 30 plantor) samt planterat om dom i en nygrävd rabatt. Ska bara sätta lite sommarblommor mellan dom så är den rabatten klar för i år! Skönt!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    KRAM och trevlig helg


    1. Hejsan Susie!
      Med tanke på hur sjuk du varit tycker jag nog inte att trädgården behöver vara perfekt och det gör knappast dina gäster heller och skulle de göra det kan de ju sätta igång och hjälpa till, värre än så är det ju inte 🙂 Så ta tid och njut också, vi vet aldrig om det blir en varm eller kall sommar 🙂

      Nä motionscyckel ger inte samma träning som trädgårdsarbete, jag har en roddmaskin som jag använder för mina stela leder och den ger inte mycket den heller 🙂 men lederna fungerar ju hyfsat så jag får vara glad för det 🙂

      Jag har sått en del ettåringar och även perenner rätt i rabatterna i år så jag får väl se hur det blir närmare sommaren 🙂

      Ha det gott och passa på att njuta också!



  2. i wouldn’t mind summer weather if we got cool at night. i just hate it when it stays above 70 degrees at night. we are having very cool rainy weather here right now. i have to put my plants inside tonight because we might get frost. i am loving it!


    1. Hi Joyce!

      I think You would like our summers here, nights rarely get warmer than 50F and the few times we reach even close to 68F it’s nasty 🙂

      I can’t put anything outside until as best late May but I thinbk I need to place some things outside at least during the days, it’s getting crowded here in my windows 🙂

      Have a great day!



  3. Hi Christer,
    Wow. Your neighbor must have a prodigious nose. 🙂

    I see by the face mask on the horse that the annoying flies must be out.

    My dogs are like Albin. They come if I call them but it’s at their own timing and pace. Rocky sort of wanders in my general direction. It takes a few seconds for sound waves to ping on Piki Dog’s brain but he comes when they do.

    I’m trying to picture a salted gravel road shining in the sun. I’ve never heard of salted gravel roads, actually.

    Today is grey again. It’s warmer and a bit humid outside, too. It might be colder in the house than it is outside.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      I can’t say he has but it did sound pretty loud 🙂 🙂

      The odd thing is that I haven’t seen any flies yet!but I guess it’s worse closer to the stable. The annoying but not biting forest flies won’t come until early June (I hope) and no biting ones fly around yet either. I was out on the bog today and it is very dry so perhaps many won’t hatch this spring, one can at least hope 🙂

      It is very common here to salt the roads and the salt comes in rather big flakes. When it melts it binds the dust so it doesn’t fly around hwen we drive on it. Not good for animal paws but the air will be cleaner.

      The first clouds have arrived, it is a cold front from the arctic that will arrive some time tomorrow, we will with a bit of luck have a sunny morning and perhaps 59F but You know how good they are in predicting the weather here 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!



  4. Christer,
    I love the picture where you can see the steeple behind all the trees.

    You do take lovely walks and there is so much to see. The dogs really do enjoy themselves. Albin looks so fierce when he is playing.

    We really don’t have much of a spring here. The days are tolerable while the nights are chilly. My heat has gone on the last two mornings. We really don’t get summer warm until July.

    This morning I was surprised when I saw how my flowers have spread in the front garden. They are white and purple.

    Have a good tomorrow!


    1. Hi Kat!

      That’s the church in Vilske Kleva. If that name sounds strange for You I can tell You it sounds strange here too 🙂 Like something a toddler would say as a nonsenmce word 🙂

      Albin is actually the one giving up first many times 🙂 He’s not so bad as he look in the photos 🙂 Even Sune can scare him off sometimes 🙂

      Spring woke up when it got cold after the rain strangely enough but today made it stop again I guess. It has been so cold today that not even the dogs wanted to walk too far 🙂

      I love Your descriptions of Your flowers, white and purple 🙂 I can see the colors but not the flowers in my mind 🙂

      Have a great day!



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