It brought me back 45 years.

Just enjoying the warmth from the sun.

It has been a cold night once again and it isn’t especially warm in the shadows now either. It is really nice where the sun shines though and I’ve had the kitchen door open for well oven an hour. The only problem is that there’s a very, very weak wind that sometimes manages to get in to the kitchen and it makes it feel nasty cold here 🙂 So instead of putting on a sweater I forced the dogs to go inside instead. It’s just until I’ve finished writing this after that I’ll open the door again.


We walked out on the fields since I don’t think the cattle will be away for much longer, to be honest I’ve believed that for quite some time to be honest 🙂 but I guess the closer summer comes the bigger the risk of them walking there again will be. I knew they had plowed the part closest to where the creek flows so I wasn’t sure we could walk our usual route but there are other  places we can leave the pastures. The plowed area wasn’t any problem but there were lots of cranes walking there, eating whatever they had sown, so we had to choose another way to get to the creek.


This is actually an old tomb. I’ve looked at the maps on the net showing where the tombs are in this area and a photo almost exactly like this one is shown. I don’t know however if it’s just where the stones are or the entire mound (it’s very big).

Instead of scaring those cranes we managed to scare the ones nesting not far from my cottage 🙂 They were walking in an unplowed field instead, I guess they were catching frogs in the ditch and the wet grass close to it. We saw a lot of other birds too and we scared some squirrels too. Sune is excited for a few seconds, Nova doesn’t care at all and Albin will remember exactly where the bird or squirrel was the last time he saw it and look at that exact point when we come back again.


Sune and Nova can follow a squirrel up the tree with their eyes but they will never look up in the trees to see if there’s any squirrel. Albin starts by looking up in the tree where he last saw it and then check the other ones around that tree as well before he starts looking on the ground. So I know that as soon as we pass the beekeepers home on our next walk he will stop and look at the exact point where he last saw the fox we saw this morning was running away. After that he’ll look towards where the Roe-deer buck and doe jumped out from the field too.


Last time I was in the grocery store I bought some cream cheese with shrimps in it. When I was a kid we often had cream cheese with shrimps in it on our sandwiches when w went to the beach. It was always the same brand “Kavli”. There must have been other grands too but not in my family so I was quite old when I noticed that there were other brands in the world 🙂 Anyway, I opened the package this morning and when I took that first bite of the sandwich I suddenly went back around 45 years in time. In my head I could hear all the sounds from the beach, I also saw it and my mother and I could even feel the smell from the ocean and the drying seaweed!


It only lasted for a few seconds but it was so real 🙂 This brand must taste a bit different to theirs because I’ve eaten cream cheese with shrimps in it several times since I was a kid but most likely from other brands. It’s odd how some things like taste can bring back memories like that 🙂 I do miss the ocean so I think I better visit that beach again this summer, it looks just the same now days, mostly rocks down to the water but they made a small sandy parts where the water was as most shallow and I know they still have that candy store there. I hope it will be open when I get there so I can buy an ice cream and a raspberry soda 🙂


Have a great day!


I was trying to see if it was the buck I cut loose the other day (but it wasn’t) when this fox suddenly came running across the field 🙂

I guess my dogs scared it even if they stood just beside me looking at the deer. It looks really healthy and still has its winter fur.


12 thoughts on “It brought me back 45 years.

  1. Det är inte klokt vad dramatiska och trevliga dina prommisar med hundarna är! För det är ju alltid kul att se lite vilda djur ute i naturen….. 🙂
    Det är konstigt, men lukter och smaker gör att man minns saker man trodde man glömt. Fast Kavli Räkost (finns det andra fabrikat) glömmer man ju aldrig, även om Raketosten som var i ett runt papprör och man skar skivar från med en tråd är det som jag minns bäst från ungdomens tältäventyr. Men så är man ju lite äldre också….. 🙂 🙂


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Så är det när man lever i utkanten av världen 🙂 Fast det har varit lite väl aktivt den senaste veckan 🙂

      Jo jag har faktiskt prövat andra fabrikat 🙂 🙂 men Kavli är ändå alltid bäst. Jag blev bara så förvånad, det var som om jag faktiskt var på plats när minnet slog till! Raketost missade jag nog däremot, jag vet att mina syskon ofta pratat om den men har inget eget minne av den.

      Ha det gott!



    1. Hi Joyce!

      It was! and it was nice to see that it was healthy, we haven’t had fox scabies here for several years now and I do hope it continues that way.

      Different smells have done the same before but never a taste. It actually felt as if I was there looking at the surroundings an both hearing and smelling how it used to be. It would have been nice if it had lasted a bit longer 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. Hi Christer!

    Incredible how a smell or a taste can take us back to somewhere blissful!! I love when that happens! Yes, you must go and visit the sea! 🙂

    Great picture of Mr. Fox! I haven’t seen a fox for awhile now – I used to see one on my drive in to work…I hope he’s just moved on and nothing else.

    I hope the day brings warm temps and lots of sunshine. We are going to have a nice day with a promise of a shower later but then its going to get nice again.

    Have a good day!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      It was amazing and I wouldn’t mind if it happened again, well at least as itis goodmemoties 🙂 🙂

      We’ve had plenty of foxes here now and even if the hunters insists that they kill young deer we still had more growing up last year than any before 🙂

      We’ll have really nice weather for a week now they say so I’m happy if we at least get a day or two more 🙂 This however means I soon must start mowing the lawn again. I must work faster to plant bushes and trees to minimize the lawn 🙂

      Have a great day!



  3. Hi Christer,
    Smells and tastes are very basic senses and often trigger strong memories. I hope the candy store is open when you go there again, too. Ice Cream and Raspberry Soda are must haves at the beach. 🙂

    Love the deer and fox sequence. Traffic in the country. 🙂 They both look pretty healthy, actually.

    Albin is like my old dog Tegan. She remembered every place she ever saw something she might be able to hunt. I think she even remembered places where she saw something hunt-worthy from the car. She’d get all excited when I drove by those places again. Her tail would wag in a particular way when hunting mode was on.

    Today is cold with light drizzle. I dropped the jeep off to have the back up lights fixed and had to walk home. It wasn’t cold or drizzly with I left the house so I didn’t have a jacket. Good thing I was wearing a sweater but even so, I was chilled when I got home.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      I’ve had experiences like this with smell but never with taste before.
      It should be open if I’m not there too early and I usually am since I want the dogs to have a good time if they want to swim. I can always bring soda but it will be harder with the ice cream 🙂

      Yes they do look healthy, there was also a doe running by but I wasn’t prepared for yet another animal to run in front of me 🙂

      It is sort of cool that he remembers but life would be so much easier if he was more like Sune, fun for the moment but never remember a thing 🙂

      We’re having really nice spring weather today! Sunny, a weak but not too cold wind and really warm. Well Scandinavian warm and that’s around 59F 🙂
      Do You have to walk back to get the car? I do hope the weather has improved by then!

      Have a great day!



      1. Yes, I had to walk back to get the car but this time I wore a sweater and a quilted vest. It wasn’t raining and the wind had died down so not too bad. Apparently one of the guys at the garage had driven along the road looking for me to give me a ride but they didn’t see me. I could have been checking out the bit of swamp beside the river. Another mechanic from a different garage across the road from it said there was some kind of special bird in there. He didn’t know what kind. All I saw was a Canada Goose who wasn’t best pleased to see me again as I had disturbed it on my way home earlier that day. I did hear male Redwing Blackbirds calling from the dead reeds. We haven’t had those around here for some years so maybe that was the special bird.


      2. It’s always hard to know what’s special 🙂
        Too bad he missed You but since it didn’t rain and the wind was gone I guess it was quite nice walking anyway, at least I hope it was 🙂


  4. Christer,
    I read that smells are the strongest memory trigger with tastes right behind it. I remember being somewhere where wood charcoal was burning in a fireplace. I was zoomed right back to Ghana where most cooking is done over charcoal.

    That fox was really moving. I see them around here every now and then. One year a fox made a den in the rocks by the water and had three pups. They grew and romped on the sand. Lots of people went by to watch without scaring the foxes.

    Have a great day!


    1. Hi Kat!

      I’ve heard that too and it really was like flying back in time 🙂

      I do like fox pups! Theyaren’t afraid at all 🙂 I once rented a cottage where a fox had its den just a few meters away from the cottage and I loved to sit there and watch them 🙂

      Have a great day!



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