A quite dramatic morning walk.

More or less the best view of the sun so far today 🙂

I didn’t have much hope of sunshine today and so far I’ve been right 🙂 Well, the clouds are thin so the sun manages to shine through pretty good anyway. I had planned to walk in the fields since they still are cattle free but the wind, that wasn’t especially strong to be honest, was nasty cold and I shaved my head two days ago so we went down to the creek instead.


Big parts of this country have very low groundwater levels, that’s not a problem here. They can’t even drive a tractor on the ground because it is so wet.

Turns out it was a good thing to do because when we had reached the end of the field to where the creek comes from the forest I noticed the Roe-deer buck behave oddly. It stood in the bushes shaking its head and suddenly it ran out into the field to suddenly twist it head rapidly and then run back. It turns out he had entangled his antlers in the electric fence. Thankfully there is no electricity in them right now though. I reached for my mobile phone and realised it still was at home and so was the knife I always bring on my walks.


I couldn’t figure out what he was doing when I saw him from a distance.
The camera showed it clearly though.
I watched him for a while to see if he could get loose by himself but it was clear he couldn’t.

So I leashed the dogs to the hunting towers You’ve seen so often in my photos, walked over the creek and in to the field where the deer stood. It sure wasn’t happy to see me but it was so tired that it did very little to escape. It barked loudly as they do when danger comes though and he got an answer from the forest. So how would I be able to cut it loose without my knife? I used the only thing I had and that was my house key 🙂 I tried to use it as a saw to cut off the plastic and metal threads that the wire is made from and it must have sent strange noises into the deer’s head via the antlers so it did try to run away, it didn’t come far though.


So I crossed the creek and he was of course worried when I came closer.
I talked calmly to him and was just a meter away from him as closest. Roe-deer bucks can attack and use their antlers to injure attackers but this one was so tired that he just stood there. That is until I started cutting off the wire, then he jumped in to a deep ditch and almost sank down so I had to pull him up again with the help of the entangled wire 🙂 Afer that he only barked a few times.
We saw a couple of cranes too but the dogs didn’t notice them at all, they only had deer in their minds 🙂

I soon realised that the best way to cut the wire off was top actually scrape the key along with the threads, they broke within seconds. So the other side of the deer was much easier to cut off. The buck is young so I hope the stress didn’t do too much damage to him. I texted the farmer as soon as I came home to tell him what I had done, the wires are there to keep wild hogs away from both the field and in the long run the village too and it is not fun to go down to inspect the fence and see that several meters of it is gone not knowing what has happened to it 🙂


From “for a rainy day” folder.

The dogs were wild after that 🙂 so I just walked home with them, the barks from the deer had winded them up so they had nothing else on their mind after that 🙂 Naturally I forgot to bring the digital camera when we went out on a walk a while after that so I don’t have many photos from today but I can always take some from the folder “for a rainy day” 🙂 So the morning walk was quite dramatic but the rest has been rather uneventful, quite nice actually 🙂


Have a great day!


10 thoughts on “A quite dramatic morning walk.

    1. Hi Joyce!

      It jumped down into the ditch again but when I looked back it was gone so it must have managed to get in to the forest to rest and dry up.

      Have a great day!



  1. Hi Christer,
    I should have checked today’s post before I saw the photo on FB. It answered my questions.
    That was a dramatic walk. Lucky for the roe deer that you went that way. I wonder if he found the deer in the forest that had answered him. Will the wire around his antlers constrict their growth?
    Why is it that we often forget the tools we usually carry on just that one time when we really need them? I used to carry a Swiss Army Knife that had a saw simply because one time I needed a saw and I didn’t have one. I never needed a saw after that even though I had one with me all the time. 🙂

    I’m still driving around with a rejection sticker on the jeep. The guy who told me to come back on Friday morning wasn’t there and the guy who was there wasn’t very happy that I was there. He kept it for a couple of hours before telling me he wasn’t going to replace the switch because it would cost me $100 US and it might just be a broken wire which he also wasn’t going to fix because he didn’t have time and I should take it to this other place. The other place can’t get to me until Monday. Grr.

    It’s still early so I don’t know what the weather will be. Probably like yesterday. Warm.

    Enjoy the day. And thank you for saving the roe deer.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Yes because I didn’t really want to walk there this morning but the nasty cold wind forced me to go there anyway 🙂 I’m pretty sure they found each other later on, he normally have to doe’s walking around with him so they would not have walked far.

      The antlers have stopped growing by now so no the wires will only annoy him as worst 🙂

      Yes why is it like that 🙂 🙂 🙂 I have never had to use the knife when I’ve had it with me but now when I for once didn’t bring it I absolutely would have needed it 🙂

      We have one mont to fix the things that doesn’t work as they should before we need to go to the inspection again and thankfully we don’t get stickers on our cars 🙂 🙂 One could think that they would like that customers comes 🙂 The one I go to always have time if it is a panic situation or tries to fix what ever it is between other cars. So one must always count on that he will be abit late with fixing the car just because a panic situation could have happened earlier 🙂

      Snow, rain, lots of sunshine today but mostly cloudy and windy.

      Have a great day!



  2. Wow on those first 3 photos today, Christer, and the first was my favorite in the group. Why is it that we often carry things and the one time we don’t have them, they or in this case, yiur knife, would have come in very handy. Glad the key worked and they the deer was freed and able to get away. I wondered if it would have been attacked by predators if unable to free itself. Clearly, it was exhausted after you helped out. You did a very good deed👍


    1. Hi Beatrice!

      I do like to photograph clouds but it can be tricky to get good photos of them, this morning it worked fine 🙂

      Yes why is it like that, now I bring both the knife and the phone but have no use of them at all 🙂

      The only predator that I know we have here right now is the lynx and it would have killed the deer if it had passed by, the fox wouldn’t though because it is too small to kill a grown deer. I haven’t heard about any wolves nearby so the deer would have been rather safe but stuck.

      Have a great day!



  3. HI Christer!

    Holy smokes that was some morning! Great photos from it. I bet that buck was happy to see you regardless of being tangled. I hope too that he is not too traumatized after that.

    Today was the first really nice day in a long time. Most of it was yard work. I am achy and sore now but its worth it.

    Then we took the dogs for a long walk around our floodway. This city was incredibly flood prone and from April to June 1950 most of this city was under water. Damage was estimated at around 1 billion dollars. Our Premier at the time, Duff Roblin designed a ring ditch around this city so we would not flood that bad ever again. Of course the Flood of the Century in April 1997 was very very bad but that floodway saved the city. You can Google Red River Floodway (also called Duff’s Ditch). Quite an interesting story on that!

    So now its quiet time in front of the TV and me catching up on the day.

    Have a good Sunday!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      He was anyt6hing but happy when he saw me but what could he do 🙂 I don’t think he minded that I freed him though 🙂

      Yesterday turned out to be a rather nice day but today has been even better even if it was a bit chilly in the morning. I’ll most likely go out into the garden later today 🙂

      I’ll take a look at that Duff’s ditch! They are planning on creating big wetlands close to cities here to avoid flooding.

      Have a great day!



  4. Det var tur för rådjuret att det var du – och inte någon utan förståelse för djur – som träffade på honom! Hoppas det går bra för honom i framtiden och att du slipper se honom fastlindad igen!!
    Här är det dåligt. Har varit förkyld sen vi i måndags tog en snabbtripp till fastlandet för att köpa en liten beg skåpbil. Rolle började tycka att vår skoda Pickup – 96 började bli för gammal, så hastigt och lustigt bestämde han att vi skulle åka över.
    Vi åkte 05.00 hemifrån, landade 10.30 i Nynäshamn och var hemma igen klockan 1 på natten. Det tålde jag tydligen inte, utan blev jätteförkyld och nu har jag smittat Rolle också. Om du har tid, gå in på min blogg och läs om resan och den konstiga drömmen jag hade innan. Mycket märkligt…..och jag som inte tror på sanndrömmar!
    KRAM och trevlig Valborg


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Han hade tur att någon alls passerade, vi är inte många som går den vägen så med otur hade han kunnat stå där en dag eller två innan någon passerade. Mat hade han ju så svälta hade han inte gjort 🙂

      Det går en massa förkylningar nu så du hade nog fått skiten ändå, vi har det på jobbet och jag bara väntar på att få det jag också 🙂 Dock inte illa att hålla den gamla bilen i liv så länge, till och med jag hade nog gett upp tidigare och jag brukar ha bilar länge 🙂

      Ha det gott och krya på dig!



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