That doesn’t happen too often, fortunately.

We’re having a nasty weather today. It’s chilly with winds and rain. Every now and again the wind calms down and the rain becomes a nice spring rain but then the winds return and it gets just nasty. The old stable saved us again when we were on our way home from our walk and from now on I refuse to go outside any more today.


I had planned to fill my car with petrol before I started working on Wednesday morning so I was planning on going away a bit earlier than usual. Just as I was going out the door my stomach told me not too 🙂 I was still a bit early when I finally drove away even if I would have to hurry a bit. The night had been cold and it had rained the evening before so it was anything but easy to drive even slowly 🙂 The big road was ok but the smaller one in the forest had a thick layer of ice.


The bog is finally becoming green again.
Albin isn’t really sitting down, look at how he uses his tail like a fifth leg 🙂

Suddenly hares jumped around on the road and beside it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many hares at the same time and since it would be difficult to brake hard I had to slow down even more. When I finally had passed them I noticed a deer perhaps 200 meters (much the same in yards) in front of me. It walked slowly from one side of the road to the other, nothing strange with that but when it had reached the other side it started walking back again and it continued like that until my car was just a few meters away. I have no idea what it was doing but suddenly it decided that jumping in to the forest would be the best it could do.


You know that the weather is nasty if not even Sune is happy 🙂

I hadn’t come far when suddenly a goose family walked out from the forest! Two big geese and three goslings. The goslings jumped down into a ditch but there parents refused to leave the road and walked in front of the car with their wings spread. There was nothing much I could do but to slowly drive behind them until they finally decided they should fly back to the tiny ones. I don’t think I drove more than a few meters when a timber lorry suddenly appeared on the road 🙂 It is not easy to pass a timber lorry if one drives on a very little road in the middle of the forest 🙂


I’m so glad we reached the stable before it got really nasty.

After that it was calm for some time, at least until I came out to the fields. Then there were at least a hundred birds, some kind of seagull, standing on the road and they all refused to fly away. I really didn’t want yo drive over them so I had to stop and there we were looking at each other, I was just about to open the door to go out and scare them away when they all suddenly lifted and flew out on the field, it was newly plowed so I guess they all were there to get some worms for breakfast 🙂 I didn’t make it to the petrol station that morning, I barely made it in time to work 🙂


The maple has big buds now.

Yesterday morning was a bit different. I didn’t meet any geese and there were no seagulls on the road but the deer was there doing more or less the same thing and I met two horses 🙂 They weren’t alone but led by two people. One of the horses was stressed so I just slowly rolled pass them and didn’t speed up until they were far behind me. Today was quite uneventful, I met three cars and that was it 🙂


Three photos from the folder “for a rainy day”.

Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “That doesn’t happen too often, fortunately.

  1. Hi Christer! What an odd experience for you!! Slightly weird!!

    I hope your weather smartens up. We are chilly here this morning but ever so slowly we are starting to warm up. Finally!!

    Great photos today! The close up of the spruce tree and the water droplets is fantastic!

    Have a good evening!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      I’m used to animals on the road but they do tend to flee when my car comes close 🙂 I also saw a wandering dog on the side of a road butr it looked very determined on where it was going so I kept on driving to work.

      They say we’ll get sunshine tomorrow and warmer on Sunday (but cloudy), I do hope the warmer weather they say willarrive on Tuesday actually will come 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. Hi Christer,
    I’ve had some interesting commutes to and from work in my time but not usually like that and certainly not all in the same commute. Confused deer, immovable seagulls and irascible geese all in the same day. I’m told hares are crazy at this time of year anyway so their behavior is not really odd.

    It’s great that you know how to drive around horses, stressed or not. So many people here have no idea. They assume that cars have the right of way and horses are things that should be under control at all times. Like bicycles or something. The law says they have to slow down and not go past the horse until the rider signals that they may. Nobody does that. They just zoom by and to hell with the horse and rider.

    Today started out foggy and it rained a bit. Now it’s hazy sunshine and warm. And humid. Ick.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      One thing or the other has happened when I drive that way but never all together at the same morning 🙂 It was the first time I’ve ever met geese there 🙂 The bog isn’t far away but still a bit too far for the tiny ones. Yes hares are crazy but usually I meet one or perhaps two at at time 🙂 Hares tend to run out in front of the car a second or two before it would have passed so it’s no surprise that we see so many dead on the roads here.

      I’m not sure what the law says here but it is just common sense to slow down considerble when meeting or passing horses, well any animal to be honest. One could thinbk that since this is the county where there are most horses in the country all people would understand that but too many just do as You say, just zoom by in a high speed. I quite often meet a little boy and one of his parents riding their horses on that road and I either stop until they pass or if they can they just turn in to one of all the small forest roads we have here after they have cut down trees.

      I can see the sun rise here right now but the chances of seeing it again today is slim to none they say, I hope they are as wrong as they always are 🙂

      Have a great day!



  3. What an interesting drive you had to work, Christer, with hares, deer, goose, horses. I was almost expecting to see photos of the managerie, but then you said you were running late. Hope you were able to get petrol after work to make it back home😉

    As always enjoyed the forest photos and was that the arrow roadway Where you met the horses and all the other animals?

    Thanks for the encouragement about the VA house. We were there for a few days this past week to check on it. All is fine and we had the a/c checked and filters changed as part of our regular maintenance. A couple came back for the third time, but can’t seem to come to any decisions. Our realtor called them “realtor whores” and said it is a term used to describe people like them who go to severL different realtors taking up lots of their time and sometimes never making an offer. Better off without folks like that, we figure. Summer is coming, so maybe folks who truly would love our home will find it…soon, please😀


    1. Hi Beatrice!

      Even though I have to admit it was quite interesting driving to work I’m sure glad this doesn’t happen especially often 🙂 🙂 I didn’t even think of using the camera in the phone though, too busy checking foe things on the road 🙂 I did fill the car on my wau home instead 🙂

      No that’s a road here close to the village.

      I do hope You’ll be able to sell the house this year, it’s never good for a house to be empty for too long.

      The “realtor whores” seems to be something we have all over the world 🙂 They never really want a house, they sort of love the dream of having one more than to actually own a house 🙂

      Have a great day!



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