It’s a bit chilly.

It’s 4C  (39,2F) outside and with a humidity of 100%, it is not nice but the clouds seems to be a bit thinner than I thought they would be so I have seen the sun shine for a few minutes this morning. This is as warm as it’ll get today according to predictions but since they’ve been wrong about the sun shining already I do hope they’ll be wrong about that too.


It’s starting to get a bit green in the trees.


Yesterday was the day when all witches and wizards flew to Blåkulla to celebrate with the devil (at least that was what the christian priests said back in the days and then started to torture and kill a lot of innocent people). Most of them will fly by broomstick but some will fly there on an upside down cow or on a goat backwards 🙂 Well anything will do to be honest as long as they can make it fly. Where Blåkulla is depends on where one lives in the country but I think there are three different islands that is called Blåkulla.


Even Sune jumped in to play for a second or so.


In this part of the country they will fly back tomorrow night and back in the days they used to have huge bonfires and fireworks to scare them away. Nowdays we’ve realised that we most likely will BBQ hedgehogs so most have stopped with the bonfires and fireworks too since they scare dogs and usually they contain a lot of lead and other poisonous metals.


He preferred to look for squirrels instead.

In my garden right now. Scilla sibirica is usually blue but every now and again some white pop up.

I’ll do nothing today besides taking walks with the dogs. I had hoped that I would be able to repot my tomato plants and to pot some bulbs I have and a big Dahlia root I’ve just bought but unless it does get a bit warmer I’ll wait. Why freeze when I don’t have to? I might make pancakes later though, I have a few eggs I need to use before they get too old and the dogs love pancakes too (and Albin doesn’t get sick by eating them!) so they would like that too.


Tulips have buds.
The Ussurian Redberried elderberry bush will soon flower.
The Turkish rhubarb, Rheum palmatum.
I bought these Primula’s a few weeks ago and they seem to like where they grow.

First I’ll take a nap though, one can never have too many naps 🙂

Have a great day!


The last two photos taken with the Contaflex camera.


6 thoughts on “It’s a bit chilly.

  1. Hi Christer,
    Nova looks like she means serious business more than play business. 🙂 Sune always looks like a happy boy. As long as he’s had his daily bath, all is right with the world.

    My lawn is dotted with chionadoxa volunteers. I look forward to seeing them each spring. This year I found several new pioneers in different places around the yard.
    The grass seed I threw down in November seems to be growing. The peonies that I thought died in the drought last summer are also sprouting. I put cages over them so the wretched rabbits wouldn’t eat them. Where are the coyotes when I need them? :/

    It sounds like we’re having the same weather. It’s cold here this morning. Just above freezing. There might have been patches of frost during the night. But it’s supposed to get warmer once the sun is higher up in the sky. Probably. 🙂 And Easter Sunday is supposed to be back into the 80’s Fahrenheit. Roller Coaster Weather again.

    Enjoy your nap because one can always use another nap. And enjoy the rest of the day, too.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      I don’t know how Albin manages to look so innocent as he does when I photograph those two playing and Nove sp serious 🙂
      Sune soesn’t need much to be happy, he must be the easiest dog I’ve ever known 🙂 Looking for squirrels and chewing sticks is all he needs to be happy 🙂

      I don’t know why the chionodoxa doesn’t like to grow inmy garden but the scilla really do 🙂 I have it absolutely everywhere now.

      So rabbits eat peonies. Peonies are rather poisonous but then again that has never stopped animals from eating things :-)The deer eat my Helleborus and they are just as poisonous.

      It started to fall hard icy flakes when we were out walking a while ago, just a little thankfully. It was as if snowflakes had frosen solid but not turned in to hail 🙂 We did see the sun for a very short while but now the cloud cover is even and thick again.

      I’ve had a really good nap but now I’m more tired than before 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. Hi again!!

    As you know its raining here so today will likely be a quiet day. Probably no walks either unless the pouring rain stops. I don’t like walking the dogs in the rain. Makes for a too wet and mucky time.

    I am trying to not do too much on this 4 day weekend. I do have a hair cut booked for tomorrow but that’s the extent of my outings. I may go to the credit union today even if it is closed – I can do some banking at the machine instead. 🙂

    I am thinking of making a paska for easter breakfast. I need to find my recipe. I was given two 25 kg bags of flour by the Head of our department yesterday. He’s starting to adventure with sourdough breads and he knows how much of a bread maker I am so he bought me TONS of flour. He’s a kind man 🙂 I have alot of bread making in my future. 🙂

    Have a happy Friday!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      No rain here but a few icy hard snowfalkes fell while we were out walking a while ago. I don’t like walking in the rain either but they would tare down this cottage if we didn’t 🙂

      50 kg of flour!!! You can do a lot of baking with that 🙂 🙂 It’s a good thing You like to bake bread 🙂

      Have a great day!



  3. When I first looked at this post of the dogs “playing” it sure seemed that they were being a bit vicious with one another, especially Nova. Your weather certainly does seem quite changeable now with nice weather one day and then you said frozen snowflakes. Ours seems to have stabilized in that no more snow is in the forecast, but the really warm days make me hope that spring will return. Naps are always good things and Grenville tries to take one most afternoons, but I have never gotten in the habit…maybe one day. Like you said in this post, I always feel more tired myself after taking one.

    Wishing you a Happy Easter celebration and I enjoyed the folklore story as well.


    1. Hi Beatrice!

      Yes it does look as if they are fighting 🙂 Albin has a tendency to look rather innocent compared to Nova but he sure isn’t 🙂 🙂

      It looks as if our weather now will stay colder for a few days, the sun they said we would have today will most likely not show and the temperature will be much lower. Nothing much I can do so I’ll mostly stay indoors napping I think 🙂

      Have a Hapy Easter!



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