Tick season is here.

Today is very much like yesterday, perhaps a bit cooler and a bit windier but the sun showed itself much earlier instead. I had my fleece sweater on our morning walk and it was just perfect since the sun didn’t shine, I also wore it on our latest walk and as long as one walked in the wind it was ok but when one was out of reach from the wind it was too much 🙂


Spring is my favorite season, not too warm but warm enough. No flies or mosquitos and all the birds sing like crazy. The only negative thing is that the tic season just have started. I picked a tiny one walking on my hand and three from the dogs this morning. I guess I’ll have to do that quite often this year since the winter has been so mild and the ground almost didn’t freeze at all. The only ting that can save us from too many ticks is a long draught, they really hate dry weather.


The beavers are back 🙂

The laundry is done, I did it early this morning so I really have no chores today. I will sow some kernels in soil today, they have been in the fridge since new year and they tend to germinate better if they are put outside so they can feel the changes in temperatures. I don’t have much soil at home but there’s enough to sow the Beach Plum kernels and some cherry kernels as well. I have plenty of different seeds in the fridge so I’ll just keep on sowing till I have no soil left 🙂


It is time for a cup of tea and then I’ll start with the sowing.

Have a great day!



8 thoughts on “Tick season is here.

  1. Hi Christer,
    What a coincidence was the title of today’s blog. I was just thinking that same thing as I watched 6 deer feeding out in the back swamp. Nowadays, whenever I see deer my first thought is ticks. 🙂 But the deer are lovely and graceful and it’s great to have large fauna grazing in the yard. It’s like having a horse except no maintenance. I wouldn’t mind having a horse in the back yard, actually.

    The snow finally stopped. It was a weird snowstorm. I could hear dripping of water against the house at the same time as I could see snow flakes falling sideways out the windows. It was snowing slush. There’s was a couple of inches on the grass but the pavements were water and slush. Today the sun is shining brightly and it feels warm out even though it’s only 35ºF. The snow is melting quickly.

    Thanks for mentioning the beach plum kernels. I had forgotten that I wanted to order some beach plum plants from that same place.

    Nice head shots of Sune and Albin and a lovely one of Nova, too, though she looks a bit disapproving.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      I also always thing ticks when seeing deer or moose 🙂 but they’ve done a study and it shows that the big bandit when it comes to ticks are voles and hares, even though they are smaller they still have more ticks.

      It’s been above again today but every now and again huge clumps of clouds comers and blocks the sun, right now it’s shining though and the kitchen door is once again open 🙂

      I wonder why it is so hard to find beach plum anything over here, I could actually only find one place in Europe on the net and they didn’t ship any plants. Now I’m holding my thumbs so that they germinate well 🙂

      Nove always disapproves when she see me pointing the camera towards here 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. Här är vädret bra, men på grund av mitt ryggskott som övergått till s.k. falsk ishias, så kan jag inte göra någonting. 😦 Men igår var vi i alla fall iväg med bilen till en loppis och Rolle tog en lång runda dit, så jag skulle få njuta länge. 🙂 Satt med stolsvärmen på och det var underbart att komma hemifrån. 🙂 🙂 Första utomhusbegivenheten på 3 veckor nu…..
    Igår hittade vi också första fästingen som satt fast på Santos – så idag har han ett fästingshalsband på sig. Vet att det inte är direkt bra, men han får 2-5 fästingar på sig varje dag annars! 😦 😦 Sen brukar Rolle få “ärva” några också !! 😦 😦 😦
    Du som har lite erfarenheter av kameror. Min senaste, en Casio Exilim som jag varit mycket nöjd med, har sagt upp sig. 😦 Linsen går inte ut. Rolle håller just nu på att försöka göra ren den inuti, får se hur det går. 😦
    Om han inte får fart på den ska jag köpa en ny, tror att det blir en Panasonix Lumix DMC-TZ60. Har läst på lite, fått en del tips och det stod mellan den och en Canon Powershot G9X. Den senare var dock 2000:- dyrare ….. Du kanske har några tips!?





    1. Tjänare Susie!

      Det har varit rätt skönt här idag mnen nu känns det lite kallare och råare när solen går i moln. Men jag har njutit av dagen 🙂
      Inte trevligt med ryggen och falsk ishias! Hoppas det släpper snart!

      Jag har plockat några fästingar redan och nyss såg jag en till på Sune. Inte fanns det speciellt mycket fästingar när vi var små?!

      Jag läste på lite om kamerorna du nämnrer och Panasonicen verkar klart bäst!

      Ha det gott och krya på dig!



      1. Det enda man kan hoppas på är en torr vår så att de dör ut, här behöver det vara en riktigt lång period eftersom jag bor vid en mosse 🙂

        Tror du kommer att gilla kameran mycket, i alla fall när du lärt dig hur den fungerar 🙂


    1. Hi Joyce!

      Orvar and Hector got nasty reactions from those medicines so I avoid it now days. I have however friends who give their dogs garlic and they never getr ticks. I’ve talked with a vet and he said as long as one doesn’t give them much it’s safe. For dogs in the size of Teddy and my dogs three cloves a month would be a good ammount.

      Have a great day!



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