A bee diner.

Found this one on my door yesterday. I have also seen the first butterfly for the year, a Small tortoiseshell or as we call it a Nettle butterfly.

Today started out much like yesterday did but the clouds were thinner and now most of it is gone, yesterday they never really left. We reached 14C (57,2F). I must admit that I was surprised to see that this morning when I checked the thermometer. We’ve already reached 10C (50F) so I guess we’ll reach at least the same as yesterday.


We walked in the fields again this morning and took the same way as yesterday, I looked after the little bird I found wounded yesterday but couldn’t find any traces of it. If I had seen some feathers my guess is that it had died and another predator had taken it but there was absolutely nothing so I hope he made it. We had cranes close to us and lots of other birds too of course and I can happily say that Albin didn’t care about them at all but I had to leash him after a while anyway.


He is so fascinated by cars that he has huge problems not trying to chase them. If I however leash him that instinct dies and he starts to relax immediately. I’m hoping that it is the sound from the winter tires, almost all of us have studded tires during winter, The problem will soon be over anyway since it won’t be long until the cattle walks the fields again. Hopefully he will calm down till next winter when we can walk there again.


Albin didn’t care about the cranes at all.
As soon as a car drove by though. Still the distance to the cars is still a couple of football fields away.

The beekeepers bees are trying to find food and there’s very little around yet. They aren’t aggressive at all but it is annoying to have them flying everywhere in my kitchen as soon as I open the door 🙂 To be honest, I’m mostly worried that either Albin or Sune will try to eat them 🙂 I had much more flowers in bloom in my garden than I thought though but that isn’t enough at all. So yesterday (and today this morning) I made some syrup and poured it into a soup plate and placed the plate on a pedestal a few meters from my kitchen door.


We call them Easter lilies and it is the first time in ages they actually flower around easter time.

Very few came at the beginning and some drowned in it too, so I put a tiny amount of rowan jelly in it so it turned slightly red. The entire top of the pedestal was covered by bees after a few minutes 🙂 and it is more or less the same right now. It didn’t take long until all the syrup was gone so I’ll make some more tonight and put it outside in the morning before I go to work. The dogs however aren’t that happy about this because they aren’t allowed to go outside again until the bees have finished the syrup 🙂 Yesterday all bees left the garden just minutes after all syrup was gone.


The Bee diner.

It is time to have a pot of tea and after that we’ll take another walk, can’t have too many walks when we’re having spring weather like this.


Four photographs taken with the Contessa.


Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “A bee diner.

  1. Hi Christer,
    I love the photos of the ruins. They look mysterious and haunted. And damp. 🙂

    My old dog Tegan liked to eat bumblebees as they buzzed around in the grass. I think they sounded like shrews to her. But they’d sting her in the mouth and she’d swell up so I’d have to take her to the vet. It happened a couple of times and cost me fifty dollars each time. After that, whenever I saw her headed for a bumblebee I’d yell “NO! FIFTY BUCKS!” and she’d swerve away. 🙂 🙂 I don’t have the same problem with Rocky or Piki Dog. Good thing, too, because Rocky’s allergic to bee stings.

    I’m jealous of your spring flowers. Nothing here. Maybe skunk cabbage but I haven’t checked them yet. There’s still snow between me and there. I had one early crocus next to the front step. It bloomed during some bitter cold weather and then it got covered by a couple of feet of snow.

    Today is cloudy, damp and cold. Yesterday it rained and I even saw some snow flakes.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      It was the right day to go there 🙂 Oddly enough I’ve never heard anything about the place being haunted, normally there are always rumors about how haunted ruins like that are.

      My old Sickan ate them too but I just had to say no 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am actually not sure to how Albin reacts to them, so far he’s been watching them with great interest and that’s never a good thing 🙂 It’s strange that they just keep on eating them even if they know it’ll hurt. I’ve never seen that reaction on dogs who has been bitten by snakes,they have usually been terrified of anything looking similar to snakes.

      We’re having a rather wonderful day here, 15C (59F) and sunshine. I can hear the wind blowing rather hard but I can’t feel anything in my garden 🙂 The weeds are pretty active now too unfortunately so I have been weeding some today and I’ve also spread some seeds, it will turn towards cooler weather on Wednesday and we’ll get some rain too. No snow predicted though 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. Usch vad bin! Efter det att Penny fick två getingstick i munnen när vi var på en ö långt ute i Stockholms Skärgård, så är jag livrädd. Alltså inte för min del, utan för Santos… 😦 För det är ju så att både getingar och bin lär känna en och gör inget om man inte bråkar med dom. 🙂


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Ja det var mängder och hela verdelen av pidestalen var täckt av dem när de var som mest 🙂

      De var inte det minsta aggressiva när jag kom ut med mer sockerlag men kände ändå att det ar bäst att hålla hundarna borta från dem 🙂

      Ha det gott!



    1. Hi Joyce!

      We’ll get below 32F on Thursday night so I guess my are at risk of freezing too. We’ll get a couple of days with colder weather and then it’ll turn again.

      I never expected so many bees so I thought the edges of the plate would be enough. Not many did drown to my surprise, I must have had thousands of bees here and only five drowned in the end. I wonder if I have any marbles?

      Have a great day!



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