He’s too fascinated by cars.

It’s nice to have them back again.

We were up quite early today, Albin has a bad stomach again but thankfully no eczema. I’m pretty sure someone is giving the dogs treats when I’m at work and they are in the dogyard so I better make that sign telling people not to do that. So what do one give a dog to eat when he already is eating what one usually gives dogs with bad stomachs? I started to boil some fish as soon as I woke up. The farting has stopped so it might be helping already.


The closer we looked towards the sun the more yellow the clouds became.

We were supposed to have sunshine already in the morning but now they predict we’ll have it around noon. We did actually see it for a few minutes but since there’s absolutely now wind at all it still is rather nice outdoors, just below 0C (32F) and the only sounds to be heard are the birds and the occasionally car passing by on the big road. The Black Grousse roosters are quite loud when impressing the hen and so are the cranes, the nesting couples have arrived already, they need to be early otherwise someone else will take their spot. There are now so many cranes that they have hard times finding nesting places, they are even so desperate that they now days nests i bigger towns around here.


This hole was really interesting this morning. They’ve never really cared about it before so it must have been used tonight. My guess is that it is either a stoat or a ferret that used it. They love to live in old stone walls.

I’m pretty sure that if Albin doesn’t die from old age it will be a car that kills him. He’s totally fascinated by them and I have a hard time making him stay and not chase them. It doesn’t matter that they are rather far away, as soon as he hears one he just can’t stop following the sound or if he can see them their movement. Deers and other animals are actually no bigger problem but cars are. Cats and squirrels however are almost as fascinating 🙂 The beekeeper has two cats and when Albin see any or both of them he starts to shiver of excitement. Sally, the black and white cat normally comes to greet us and Albin just stand there looking at her, he wouldn’t notice if a bomb had exploded beside us 🙂


Here comes eight photos taken with the Nikon F75 (I think 🙂 ).

I’ll do very little today, I might do some laundry but it can wait until tomorrow. I’ll go to the patio and check if I have any soil, my tomato plants needs to be repotted. I do know that I will take a nap after posting this, I slept really well when I was woken up and I’m still rather tired to be honest. Today You’ll see photos from what I think is the Nikon F75. I remember taking the photos but I just can’t remember what camera I used 🙂 I always write down on the film what camera I used and when I send away the films I write it down on a piece of paper. Either I forgot that or I’ve misplaced the piece of paper 🙂


We’ve had a lot of fog this winter. These four photographs were taken closer to the lake. I will as usual go down to the lake and get more photos when more cranes have arrived.

Have a great day!


It flew just above my cottage yesterday afternoon. Not quite sure what this is, some kind of Kite?

6 thoughts on “He’s too fascinated by cars.

  1. Hi Christer,
    Your mystery bird could be a Red Kite. Nice shot.

    Piki Dog is also overly attracted to cars. Unfortunately the vehicles are very close to us almost all the time. If Piki’s collar or harness were to break while he’s lunging at cars, he’ll be a dead little dog. Typical terrier. Get that thing even if it kills you. I have no idea how to fix it but I sympathize with you.

    It took me a couple of readings to figure out why that hole was interesting and to whom it was interesting. I haven’t had my coffee yet. 🙂

    It’s really presumptuous of random people to be giving treats to other people’s dogs when the owners are not around.
    I usually give mine pumpkin for their stomachs. Or goat’s milk. But mine don’t have skin allergies, either. You could try giving him spider plant babies like Kat does for Gracie.

    Today is sunny and cold again. They’re talking about snow. Again. I need to go buy some flowers and pretend that spring is near.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      I thought it might be but the photos I found on the net wasn’t quite the same when it came to the colors. Could be that mine was photographed in full sunshine and the others not.

      So far he has listened to me but one time when he almost got run over. Even if he does come I can see how his ears follow the sound 🙂 and every now and again he stops to look at the car. I’ve heard about dogs who chased cars and got run over but survived, they just continued to chase the cars anyway, I doubt there’s a chanse in h… to stop that behaviour 🙂

      No one can expect to work properly until after that first cup of coffee in the morning 🙂

      There’s really no other explanation to why he after a weekend with me at home has a good stomach but after a few days when I’m at work he has a bad one. I don’t think people believe that dogs can be allergic to food at all and after all it’s just a little treat. My mothers old ex was like that, it’s just a tiny piece of chocolate or what ever it was he wanted to push down my dogs throat. He was great in all other ways but that one :-)I doubt I can find anything pumpkin here even if I really tried, it isn’t a big thing here and I’m pretty sure goat’s milk will be almost as hard to find even remotely close 🙂 The fish seems to have worked though, for now 🙂

      We’re having a really nice day here, so nice actually that I’ve been outside in the garden working some!! I’ve torn up lots of false spirea (Sorbaria sorbifolia) and I’ve planted two hazelnut bushes, well bushes is a bit much to call them yet 🙂 and now my hands are full of thistle thorns 🙂 Lots of crocus are showing above ground now too, if the weather could stay the same for a few days I’m prtty sure they will open up soon.

      Have a great day!



  2. The yellow sky is gorgeous. When our dogs are sick to their stomachs, we give them rice water for 24 hours with just a few balls of rice in there. The next day they get only rice and then we mix their food in slowly the following few days. I have a suggestion Christer. If you can find it, the next time you’re out shopping, look for an inexpensive bottle of Probiotics for dogs. Our dog Marlene is a nervous little gal. Her stomach is always iffy. We tried everything possible but she always had loose stools. This is the one I get now just to give you an idea: https://well.ca/products/holistic-blend-my-healthy-pet_114078.html. It’s made a huge difference. Her stools are still soft-ish, but she is comfortable and now she can have snacks and her chewy bones without them making her sick all the time. That bottle of powder is lasting a long time. I just give her a 1/4 tsp in her morning meal, mixed in with a little yogurt so she’ll eat it and it’s worked wonders. I don’t take chances anymore and she gets it every day. Any sign of stomach upset in the other dogs and they’ll get some too.


    1. Hi Rain!

      I always like when the sun colors the clouds in different colors.

      I do more or less the same thing with my dogs and I will check for a product like that. Anything that works is great but Albin is allergic and not sensitive to different foods but I’ll give it a try! The one giving him treats doesn’t understand that it is like giving peanuts to someone allergic to peanuts. There will be no problem with him smelling that I’ve mixed something in, he would eat out of a garbage bin if he was allowed 🙂

      Have a great day!



  3. Hi Christer! Is it just me or are dogs/puppies these days getting more “sick” than before? We are still struggling with Hunter – back to the holistic store today to get him more goat’s milk. We tried stopping to see what it would do and his symptoms are creeping back. Frustrating!

    I hope this week coming is better for you all around!!! 🙂


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