Not the best of days.

Still no new photos from after work but it won’t take long now.

I’ve been to the neighbor factory twice this week and it was no great success either of the times. The first time there was something wrong with the thinner so instead of thinning out the paint it sort of made it to some rubbery plastic mush but before I noticed that something else happened, I have a lift table that sort of flips the things I’ll paint from vertical to horizontal and suddenly it just stopped working. There is a spare one but it is smaller so I tried that one too and it didn’t work either 🙂


I gave up after half the day, that was when I noticed that there was something wrong with the thinner. Yesterday I went there again and they promised me that at least the small table would work properly and the big one every now and again 🙂 The small one can’t have heard whet they told me because it was totally dead 🙂 So I was happy that the big one worked every now and again at least 🙂 I had no problems with the first thing I was going to paint, everything went just perfect after that it all went downhill.


I’m washing the things I paint with thinner before I start painting them and normally that’s no problem, I just use the same equipment I have when I’m painting. I was just about to start the washing when the hose to the painting gun sort of exploded 🙂 The thinner, mixed with the very little paint that still was there in the hose hit my mask in full strength. I couldn’t see a thing and while I tried to keep the thinner away from me I also tried to find the pump so it should stop pumping  out more thinner.


When I finally managed to stop the pump I realise that I feel cold, turns out that the overall I have is perfect stopping the paint but not thinner so it had started to reach my skin. Not a good thing since the paint is very toxic. There was almost no paint left but still. So I run out to get rid of the clothes or at least dry them up and at the same time I try to reach someone at work so they can bring me new clothes. I tried our handyman but it turns out he was at home so the factory owners daughter had to go to my locket and bring what ever I had in there 🙂


I didn’t get much done that day either 🙂 It is now reported as an accident just in case I’ve gotten some of the toxic stuff in to my body via the thinner but I doubt that there’s a big risk of that. Still the strong smell of thinner made me feel sick all evening yesterday, it really smells bad and I can’t for my life understand those who sniff thinner or glue. Today everything is fine though. We all slept bad last night though but not because of what happened at work but because Albin got a nasty diarrhea during the night. I guess someone has been giving him something to eat while I was at work again because I have only given him the usual. I really need to put up a sig that say “Don’t feed the dogs”.


It is time to feed myself, all the others have already eaten and I do feel rather hungry 🙂

Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Not the best of days.

  1. Hi Christer,
    After two days like those two days, you deserve to treat yourself to something very soothing. I have no idea what that would be. Ice cream or a new old camera, maybe. 🙂
    Doesn’t maintenance maintain anything over there? Multiple equipment failures at the same time would indicate that they don’t do a very good job of it.

    Today is sunny, breezy and not cold as long as one is out of the wind. There is a bit of melting but not much. We’ve been out for short walks but neither of the dogs is very happy about it.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi caryn!

      I had ice cream at home so I had some of it 🙂

      The problem is that no one has known who is in charge of what, so instead of figure that out they’ve just hoped for the best I guess 🙂 Now they had to deal with it since they need the things to be painted and my factory wants the money 🙂 The hose is our problem though and I asked several times to be sure that it could cope with thinner and got the answer that it should but I doubt anyone actually checked that. I’ll have a talk withe the person who said that again when he’s back from being sick. The problem is that I won’t know if I’ll get sick from this until a few years have passed.

      Sunny and very windy here but as soon as one cam out of winds reach it was sooo nice 🙂

      Have a great day!



    1. Hi Suz!

      Well we won’t know if I’m ok until a few years have passed. This paint can give me cancer, damage my heart and kidneys or neourologic diseases and if I inhale the fumes I might damage my lungs. I’m not especially worried though because there was very litrtle paint left in the hose, just residues but the risk is still there.

      Have a great day!



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