At least it isn’t snowing any longer.


Our plow guy just came down our road and plowed not only the road but he also plowed away all snow that blocked my car. That’s more kind than You might think because the road I live on doesn’t belong to the village so he just comes down to us living here and plows the road for free! I’m especially glad about it today because I’ve been at home because I’ve caught some kind of stomach flu. I wasn’t especially welcome at work when feeling like that 🙂





My stomach is still wobbly but I do feel better, instead I now have a headache and since I can’t take any painkillers I’m trying coffee. I’m not sure if it is a good idea when the stomach is as it is but I have no other alternatives I’m afraid. I did worry for a while that since I do handle chicken all the time I might have caught salmonella but no symptoms fitted more than just the wobbly stomach. Swedish chicken (which is what I buy) is guaranteed to be salmonella free but I still thought it would be best to check.


I also had two left from yesterday when the storm was bad.
I also had two left from yesterday when the storm was bad.


The rest was taken on Saturday.
The rest was taken on Saturday.

I can’t say I’m much for eating anything today but I do need bread when my appetite comes back (so far today I’ve only had rose-hip soup and lots of it 🙂 ) so I thought I would bake a bread. Turns out I don’t have any yeast or baking soda at home so I do what I once learned, making the dough today and then let it rest for a day or two so the naturally occurring yeasts that flies around in the air all year round do the job. It can be a very varied result but it usually works pretty well. I can already see that the bread is rising, not much but noticeable anyway and it has only been around for half an hour.





One can then save a piece of the dough in the fridge until next time one wants to bake a bread, not more than a week though. Then that piece of dough will work just as well as any other yeast. I did like that for a couple of years when I moved here but as I said, the result can vary a lot 🙂 and it does need some planning to work properly. The important thing is to have the slowly fermenting bread in room temperature, too warm and the yeasts will die and too cold and they’ll work very slowly or not at all.





It is still blowing  very much here but at least the snow has stopped falling. I’m not sure how much we really got because it is the fluffy kind that easily follows the winds. I had a meter (a yard) high wall by my car but I could see bare ground and grass just beside it 🙂 My guess is that we got around  15cm (6 inches) and soon it’ll all melt away again. We’ll have two more days with cold weather and after that we’ll get above 0C (32F) temperatures again.





The coffee doesn’t seem to do a lot against the headache but I won’t give up hope quite yet 🙂 I went to my mailbox earlier today and brought my camera so You can see at least a few photos of what it looks like here now. To be honest, these photos only show where the winds have blown away the snow so it looks better than it is.





Have a great day!


8 thoughts on “At least it isn’t snowing any longer.

  1. Hi Christer!! Here I am! 🙂 You must have thought I fell off the earth. Sorry to hear about your stomach bug. Those are never fun!

    Sounds like you are well on your way to making sourdough! You should keep your starter on your counter covered and then you can take from that each week and make bread. You do have to “feed” it though. I have made sourdough starter for awhile now but my last batch was ignored for too long and died. I will have to start again! This weekend I made some beet kvass. Its my favorite fermented drink. That and kombucha. 🙂

    We are expecting a winter storm tonight and tomorrow. Another Colorado Low coming our way. Its raining at the moment but that will change into snow. Then its going to get nasty cold again, -27 for Thursday night. We reached 5 degrees yesterday. March is a tricky month.

    Hope you feel better soon!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      No, not since I know what has happened. How’s he doing?

      I’m still rtathet wobbly inmy stomach but no pain thankfully.

      I don’t think one can call this sourdough because I never feed it and I use the entire piece and just cut out a new piece from the new dough mixed with the old one.

      I have heard of kvass but never tried it but kombucha is totally new to me. I did read about here on the net though so now I know what it is.

      They were predicting really low temperatures for the entire week here but they changed it so now we’ll get two rather cold nights they say. Well everything is covered with snow now so anything that started to grow will be protected from the cold 🙂 Normally March is steadily cold here but April can give any weather and it can change every single day 🙂

      Have a great day!



      1. Thank you for asking after him! He’s doing well. Still healing as this type of spine break takes a very long time to heal. Still wearing a back brace and back to the orthopedic surgeon this Friday for follow up. He cannot do anything detrimental to his spine for 2 years. Then healing should be complete. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

        You might like kombucha! Its fizzy! 🙂 Any health food store will carry it in bottles or you can make your own. Kvass is incredibly easy to do and I always have a jar done and in my fridge and another on the counter fermenting away 🙂 Its all good for gut health!


      2. At least it’s going the right way! I’ll hold my thumbs as we do over here.

        I’ll see if I can find any health food store in any of the twons around here because now I’m curious 🙂


  2. Hi Christer,
    Sorry you’ve got a stomach bug.
    The coffee probably would have worked better if you had put it in a hot water bottle and put it on the back of your neck. 🙂

    Sounds like you could start a your own version of San Francisco sourdough bread.
    I used to do a similar thing with a loaf cake batter. I had to feed a starter every few days for a week or so. It lived in a bowl on top of the refrigerator. I called it Herman. When Herman had eaten and grown enough, I could use half of it to make a loaf cake. I was supposed to save half of the leftover batter and give the other half away. A Herman that is eating is a lot like a Tribble that’s been fed. It multiplies exponentially and I ran out of friends to give it to. There are only so many Herman cakes one can make and eat in a week. Eventually, I had to stop feeding him which was too bad because he was tasty.

    Your weather looks miserable. That was nice of your neighbor to plow you all out. Here it has been sunny and very cold. Today is less cold but still sunny with no wind. At least the wind chill factor, or “Feels Like” temperature as it’s now called, is slightly above 0ºF where it had been in the negative numbers.

    Hope you feel better.
    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      But if I had done that I wouldn’t be able to drink it 🙂

      I never fed my dough though, it worked very well anyway, at least most of the times 🙂
      So You’ve had a Herman too 🙂 It was always a problem of that half one should give away and there’s a limit to how much Herman cake one wants to eat 🙂 🙂 It’s a long time since I heard anyone having a Herman going, most people got tired of it I guess.

      It is miserable but the wind will calm down now they say, good thing it does becasuse I’ll soon be without fire logs and I really doesn’t long to chop some opf the wood I have in the wood shed 🙂 Still 0F can’t feel especially nice 🙂

      Have a great day!



  3. Stackare – ha magont och dessutom få huvudvärk! Men som tröst kan jag berätta att det påminner om nått jag hade förra veckan i 2 dagar, sen var jag frisk igen!!
    Här har det kommit ungefär 20 cm snö nu – 10 igår och lika mycket idag – och det bara fortsätter att snöa. Men nu så blåser det inte lika hemskt som igår, då snöade det på tvären och man kunde knappt öppna ytterdörren utan att den slets ur händerna på en. En hemsk dag…..
    Gubben min vågade inte ens släppa ut mig för att gå med Santos. Han trodde väl att jag skulle gå vilse (jag som här ett fantastiskt lokalsinne *fniss*), så jag stack inte ut näsan en enda gång igår – och det ser ut at bli likadant idag med.


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Verkar vara detsamma, mår mycket bättre idag, så imorgon bär det av till jobbet igen.

      Vinden har äntligen lugnat ned sig och det snöar men bara yttepytte lite. Vi är nog precis ikanten av det snöovädret ni har idag. Det skall inte bli lika kallt inatt so de trodde heller så jag kan inte klaga för mycket.

      Ha det gott i snöstormen!



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