It’s nice to have good brakes again.


We woke up just as early as usual this morning even if I didn’t have to be at the garage until 10am, it’s my inner alarm clock that just refuse to stop working 🙂 The first thing I did was to go outside and bring in the game camera. It had taken a few photos, mostly last evening and mostly on Albin and Sune 🙂 The last photos taken during the night were very fuzzy and I think it was the wind that made the camera photograph nothing and the lens was also covered with raindrops.






We went out for a walk when it was enough with daylight outside, the roads were muddy because of all the rain that fell during the night. So we didn’t walk far and as soon as we had come home I fell asleep on the sofa 🙂 I was thinking I should bring the dogs so they could walk around with me while I was waiting for the car but the weather was a bit nasty with strong winds and some rain every now and again so they had to stay at home, a good thing it turned out later on.


I passed the old abbey ruin on my walk. It's not the same without dogs but I could stop and go whenever I wanted :-)
I passed the old abbey ruin on my walk. It’s not the same without dogs but I could stop and go whenever I wanted 🙂
I wouldn’t be surprised if those gate pillars are old grave stones.



It was fairly nice when I started to walk, besides the wind that is. It didn’t take long though until the rain started to fall and it was just too much after a while so I turned back to the garage and looked while the car was fixed. They had a trainee there, a kid from the first year in highschool and the last thing he wanted was to talk to any strangers so naturally I forced him to talk to me 🙂 He must have been very good at what he was doing because the garage owner trusted him fully to do some work on one wheel while he was working on the other one.






I can happily tell You that the bill was much cheaper than I had expected 🙂 and it feels very nice to know that I now can trust the brakes on my car, what was less fun is that they nor´ticed that it is time for a service on my car 🙂 So I’ll soon be there again but I think I’ll wait a month before I order a new appointment. After I drove to the grocery store nearby because I needed more chicken to Albin. Turns out that the owners had taken every single piece of chicken they had 🙂 more would come later today but I couldn’t stay there since one never knows when the delivery will come. Well there were some chicken nuggets left but I’m not sure how Albin would react to them.






So I had to drive to Falköping to get chicken so it was a good thing I didn’t bring the dogs, Albin would have gone nuts with so many people walking close to the car in that parking spot 🙂 🙂 I came home fairly early anyway but I really don’t like to go to Falköping on a Friday, it is a very small town but has a crazy traffic and it is always hard to find a parking space. I’ll place the camera in another spot tonight so the rain can’t hit the lens and I do hope for photos of other things than my dogs 🙂





Just as I walked up that road the wind stopped for a few seconds and the sun started to shine. I, I started to boil :-)
Just as I walked up that road the wind stopped for a few seconds and the sun started to shine. I, I started to boil 🙂

Have a great day!


Bertil followed as usual on our walk.
Bertil followed as usual on our walk.


Here are two photos from the game camera. This is Albin waiting by the door.
Here are two photos from the game camera. This is Albin waiting by the door.
Here it's Sune waiting by the door and Albin in front of the stairs.
Here it’s Sune waiting by the door and Albin in front of the stairs.

6 thoughts on “It’s nice to have good brakes again.

  1. Hi Christer,
    Yes, working brakes are always good to have. My jeep had that problem last year. The brakes were squealing loudly every time I went around a corner. They didn’t bother to squeal any other time. It turned out to be only one rear brake that needed repair. I forget what was wrong with it but it wasn’t as expensive as I expected. It’s funny but when I get my car back from the repair shop it always drives as though it’s been on vacation and now feels just like new. 🙂 Doesn’t last long, though. Just like people, I guess.

    The game camera photos are cool. I like that the tree limbs look like huge dog bones. 🙂 Now I want one of those, too. My back yard isn’t really dark because of lights from the cellar and the street. Would it work in those conditions?

    Today is sunny, not so windy, very cold and there is a weather alert for heavy snow squalls later today. Not everyone will get a snow squall but the potential is there. Tomorrow will be colder and windier and not sunny. March is being a lion.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Especially now when we’re going to get winter for a few days again. I had a scraping sound all the time because the brake wouldn’t go back after braking and the wheel turned really warm too. Just to be driving in a quiet car will make it feel new 🙂 but as You say, it’ll pass fast 🙂

      Those twigs were tiny and I did wonder for a while what it was 🙂 The camera works fine in any light, I had my entrance lights on all the time. I have now new photos of the dogs and Teodor 🙂

      This morning is foggy, I’m not sure for how long it will last though. One never knows how March but especially April weather will be like here.

      Have a great day!



  2. The photos of the abbey are gorgeous. I never see that kind of ruin or architecture where I live. I’m a fan of old cemeteries actually. I live in Quebec and was brought up in Montreal where there is quite an old one, Notre Dame Cemetery. I used to walk up and down the lanes just admiring the beautiful gravestones and monuments.

    I hope you get some fun stuff from your game camera! One day we’ll be getting a few ourselves, but I’d love to get the fancy shmancy ones ($$$$$) that upload to the computer! Don’t know if that’ll ever be in the budget though.

    Our car is due for something. I hear rattling when we go less than 50km per hour…I hate odd sounds coming from the car! Last winter we had the same problem, I’m not a car person, but something was rubbing somewhere and the wheel bearing did get damaged, and it stunk! We are lucky we didn’t lose our wheel…nearly a thousand Canadian, brought tears to my eyes at how much it cost…but we had no choice, we need it here in the mountains AND we need our brakes! We bought it used, so who knows how it was taken care of before we got it.

    I love the photo of the dogs sharing the stick! Very sweet!


    1. Hi Rain!

      The abbey dates back to the 13th century at least, it is probably older than that because it was a big farm before that. We have loads of old ruins and tombs (from earöy stone age and later) in this area and most towns are a thousand years old or more. We Swedes are unfortunately the kind of people who think new is better so much has been torn down even if it could have been repaired.

      So far I’ve gotten photos of the dogs and Teodor plus my forehed when I opened the door 🙂 Turns out I could have gotten one of those which sends photos to my mobile phone for almost the same prise but I doubt it would have had any hiugher quality for that prise. Besides I wouldn’t want hundred of photos sent to my phone 🙂 🙂

      It is never nice to hear new sounds in the car, I tend to go to the garage as soon as possible after hearing it for the first time, I think that is cheaper in the long run since if something breaks more thing can break at the same time. We do need our cars we who live outside cities and towns, it would take me almost three hours to get to work wíthout a car and with a car it takes 30 minutes if I drive slow.
      I was lucky with my car, only one previous owner and he had really taken care of it and the garage owner took a look at it before he told me that it was a good buy.

      Not sharing so much 🙂 Sune had it and Albin tried to take it 🙂

      Have a great day!



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