I lose fewer times now :-)


We don’t have especially nice weather here this morning, it isn’t especially cold but we’re having an eat-north east wind that makes it quite unpleasant outside. It’s grey and dull too with the occasional snow fall every now and again.






The laundry is done and besides that I won’t be doing anything special today. I’ll go outside to see if I can find any package with soil in the patio. It is time to sow tomatoes and I think I might sow some bell pepper seeds if I still have any. This is also the time to sow morning glories if one want them to flower before autumn frost take them, unfortunately I don’t have the space so I wont sow any of those.






I don’t think there’s anything worth watching on tv so I’ll see if my brain is back enough to concentrate on reading a book, if not I can always keep on playing Mahjong on the computer. I do win more rounds now than when the cold was as worst 🙂






Have a great day!




10 thoughts on “I lose fewer times now :-)

    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Ingen skillnad här, grått ochg trist med enstaka kortare snöfall, så fruktansvärt trist så man bara vill sova hela tiden 🙂

      Ha det gott!



  1. i better check out when i need to sow seeds. it’s going to be very warm here on tuesday so that might be the day i get everything set up in the garage! so much to do and so little time!


    1. Hi Joyce!

      I’m pretty sure You can start now too,especially since You get spring and summer much earlier than we do. Well You already have our summer temperatures 🙂 I’ve just checked my seeds, I have no bell peppers but loads of different tomato varieties 🙂
      Have a great day!



  2. The weather does look nasty, Christer, and a good reason to stay indoors except for the dogs wanting to go outdoors. I agree that there is nothing good on network TV and now I am happily watching old B&W films on You Tube with NO commercials.


    1. Hi Beatrice!

      It didn’t get better during the day so even our walks were shorter than normal. I’ve mostly been half asleep in front of the tv all day 🙂

      Have a great day!



  3. Hi Christer,
    I love the very bright red buildings. Newly painted? They really stand out.

    Today is Superbowl Sunday. My team is in it but I won’t watch it. I never do but I hope my team wins even though the owner, the coach and the quarterback are all big time Trump supporters. Bleh. I’ll watch C-SPAN or catch up with my online paleontology course.

    The weather is cloudy and damp with a slight breeze which is even more damp.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      It is the hunter’s lodge but now we can see it properly because they have removed the huge pile with branches they make wood chips from. They painted it rather late last year so it still look really good.

      My work friend will stay up all night watching the game and has taken tomorrow off from work. He does this every year 🙂
      I’ve mostly been half asleep in front of the tv all day here 🙂 They say we’ll have winter temperatures next week, not as cold as it usually is but below 32 both day and night.

      Have a great day!



  4. Christer,
    Today was a pretty day, but it was really cold. Gracie and I went and did a couple of errands. I opened the window for her, but she thought it was too cold and so did I so no window for Gracie.

    My big thing was doing laundry. It was in a bag by the cellar door for about 5 days. I’d add to it every day, but I finally got tired of seeing the pile so I did two washes today. One is still in the dryer. I lost all ambition to fold it.

    My back is bad today. Bringing up the finished first load of laundry didn’t help. I had to stop halfway up the stairs.

    I’m tired so early to bed tonight.

    Have a great day!


    1. Hi Kat!

      To first carry gracie and now the laundry was just too much for Your back. You can always just pick what You need from the bag and let it stay there.

      Today we have a nasty wind here so my car windows were closed, I have actually had them open for a while most days otherwise but not today. It’ll stay cold here both days and nights for a few days but after that days will be warmer again and I will not complain about it 🙂

      Have a great day!



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