I can feel the heat from the sun.


The sun is shining and I can feel the heat from it, normally that doesn’t happen until after February but I guess since it already is warm and nice outside it’s easier to feel the heat. I couldn’t feel any wind either so I couldn’t but enjoy the walk we had after work.





The weather predictions change faster than I can turn a page in a book but at the moment they say we’ll get a sunny morning and the temperatures will drop again, not much but it will be cold enough at least during nights so puddles will freeze. They also say it’ll mostly be cloudy but I hope they’ll be as wrong as they usually are so we’ll get warm and sunny days all week 🙂





I woke up with a stuffed nose, headache, sour throat and no energy at all. The nose is still stuffed and I’m still tired but the rest is gone. I thought the day would pass really slowly with a start like that but to my surprise it didn’t, time just flew by. I’m afraid it will all weekend too , faster than normal that is 🙂





They were selling minced chicken really cheap in the grocery store today, it had a short expiration date and since Chicken is what Albin eats I bought almost a kilo (two pounds) of it. I’ve just put it in the frying pan and will mix it with the boiled chicken and put some of it in the freezer too. The two others will of course get some in their food too, they do understand that Albin eats something completely different than they do but since they get some (very little though) of it in their food too they seem to not bother about it.





It is time to check the chicken so I don’t burn it, too bad I can’t put any spices in it so I could take some myself 🙂

Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “I can feel the heat from the sun.

  1. Hi Christer,
    You could remove a small portion of that chicken and finish it off with people seasonings. I do that sometimes when I’m making chicken jello for the dogs. Dogs can’t have onions and salt shouldn’t be added so my basic chicken stock is just made with roasted chicken bones and water. But I’ll take some for myself and add in onions, veggies and spices etc so that it’s people acceptable. Tastes pretty good, too.

    The photos look quite summery today. All the evergreens distract from the bare trees. The sunlight makes the dead flower heads look almost alive.

    Today is damp and grey. It’s Inauguration Day. Appropriate weather for how I feel. The weather forecast is for a big Northeaster supposed to be coming in Sunday night and staying until Tuesday morning. I hope the temperature will stay above freezing or it will be snowmageddon for sure.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      It never taste as good seasoning it afterwards and I didn’t know how much it would shrink while frying it so I didn’t put anything aside before I started. Turns out it doesn’t shrink a lot at all. I’ll set aside some for me the next time I find it cheaper:-) but I have to say that minced chicken is a bit smeary compared to normal minced meat.

      It was so nice outside when we were out walking! It did feel like at least spring 🙂 Won’t be the same today because it will be colder, I saw frost when I let the dogs outside now when I woke up. I am glad if just the sun shines today as they have predicted 🙂

      I looked at the Inauguraition and I liked how it started to rain just as Trump was about to start 🙂 🙂 I read that he already has signed a paper to remove the affordable care act, such an idiot!

      I hope snowmageddon doesn’t come close to You!

      Have a great day!



      1. Oh yeah, Trump’s handlers must have had a stack of executive orders ready for him to whip out his pen and autograph. He’s undone a lot of stuff for less than a day in office. It’s disheartening. I feel as though we, as a country, had climbed Mt Everest during Obama’s term and then, as soon as we got to the top, we shot ourselves in the head in a fit of white nostalgia. So it isn’t going to count as a successful ascent.

        Minced chicken is gluey. It doesn’t have enough fat and dries out when you cook it. I usually add olive oil to the raw mince along with an egg and bread crumbs. But if you’re cooking for Albin, maybe you can’t do that.


      2. I think it is just sad what is happening right now in the US! I just can’t understand how he could win!

        I used butter since Albin has shown no signs of not coping with that. Dry is an understatement 🙂 but they all love it so I’ll keep my eyes open if they sell it cheap again 🙂


  2. Christer,
    I’d cook a bit of that chicken for myself and add all sorts of seasoning. Chicken is popular here, even the cat likes it. I just had chicken noodle soup for lunch and gave Maddie some of the chicken while Gracie got more of the broth. They were both happy.

    I sometimes buy rotisserie chicken as it has so many uses. Even the carcass can be used for soup. I also love chicken salad.

    The damp, dark morning gave way to sun this afternoon. The sky still had a few clouds, but it was also blue in spots.

    I have spent the day continuing to watch Star Tek Voyager. I like that I can watch one episode after another.

    Have a great day!


    1. Hi Kat!

      Whole chicken or chicken parts are very popular here, especially since they are guaranteed to be slmonella free but minced chicken or ready made chicken meatballs has always been looked upon with suspicion here 🙂 I have to say that I’m one of those 🙂

      It does happen that I buy rotisserie chicken too. As You say, one can do so much with it. I guess my favorite is just that and potatoe salad when summer is hot 🙂

      I spent my day watching ski biathlon. Our women are always much better than our men are. The women are less sloppy and way more dedicated to reach the top. I also watched Wreck-It Ralph on the channel I have no sound 🙂 Still it was way better than anything else they showed on tv yesterday 🙂

      Have a great day!



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