It’ll be gone by tomorrow.


It is snowing outside and quite a lot but for no use at all because it’ll be so warm that it’ll melt away pretty fast. It would be nice if the weather could decide what it wants to do 🙂 At least as long as it doesn’t decide to snow or rain 🙂 Still winter is just middle-aged here so it can turn anyway yet if it so wish. February is our coldest month here even if both March and April can be nasty too.





Everything went well at work today until the last quarter of the day. I was painting a grey metallic paint and when I looked at the result I told my work friend that it did look a bit too light, I went and checked the boxes and the text said it was the right paint I was using, well at least two out of three boxes said that. The third one had a paper taped to it that also said that it was the right paint I used. Unfortunately I never checked the box itself. Turns out that it was marked wrong 🙂 It looks identical as a powder but is more silver than the one I was supposed to use when it has gone through the oven.





I’m so glad it wasn’t my fault, those two colors mustn’t be on the same pallet and the one  placing them and marking them wrong almost never make any mistakes 🙂 We found several boxes had been placed wrong of both colors. These things happen and there’s no use in getting upset. We’ll paint it all over again tomorrow with the right paint 🙂 I have now checked and double checked that we have the right boxes in the right places 🙂 It was actually a good week to have a thing like this to happen because we are for once not behind schedule 🙂





It is time to get something to eat. I have eaten two persimmons today, the only fruit I now can eat without getting any stomach problems. I eat the fruits and the dogs eat the peel 🙂 Even Albin can eat it without getting a bad stomach (well last time I ate pine-apple it worked too)! I only have one more left so I need to buy more tomorrow, too bad that it is an expensive fruit here.





Have a great day!


8 thoughts on “It’ll be gone by tomorrow.

  1. När vi bodde i Stockholm och då renoverade vårt badrum, eller rättare sagt byggde ett stort badrum med tvättstuga och bastu i undervåningen där det tidigare varit gillestuga, så gjorde vi om det pyttelilla badrummet i ovanvåningen till ett underbart toalettrum med sminkplats för mig. 🙂
    Vi köpte en stor “kommod” som kunde ha ett jättestort handfat med avställningsplats på och den här kommoden hade tre dörrar med jalusier. Dom lämnade vi till en kompis på en billackeringsfirma och han lackade dom samt lite andra saker i silver (med lite rosa nyans). Dom blev helt fantastiskt snygga och dom “lever” än idag. 🙂 🙂
    Det gick aldrig att förstöra lacken, den var hur tålig som helst…..så nu ska vi faktiskt bestämt att lacka våra dörrar i hallen (3 högskåp, 2 underskåp samt 2 överskåp) i nästan samma nyans. Fast tyvärr inte i billack, utan det blir en grafiskt mönstrad fiberväv först och sen ska dörrarna målas. Vi bestämde det idag faktiskt! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Ja gör det jobbet ordenligt håller det otroligt bra, speciellt billack är riktigt tålig. Numera pulverlackerar man ju bilar också men jag är helt övertygad om att det är en mycket finare och dyrare lack än de vi använder 🙂
      Man pulverlackar faktiskt trä numera också och jag har hört att det blir riktigt bra. Men för att klara det måste det till specialtillbehör som man vanligtvis inte behöver.

      Ha det gott!



    1. Hi Joyce!

      Most of it is gone again, warm and foggy weather melted it down fast 🙂

      Yes I think that we who are used to cold winters actually need them even if we don’t like them. The cold keep lots of nasty diseases away and the common colds don’t get that bad if we have real winters.

      Have a great day despite the warm wonderful weather 🙂



  2. Hi Christer,
    It’s nice when mistakes happen at a good time instead of at the worst possible time which is usually the case.

    The first and only time I tasted persimmons was in Austin Texas. I had seen the tree growing in someone’s garden but it didn’t have fruit. Later on we were in the Whole Foods Market in Austin and there were persimmons. The clerk was happy to let me sample some but he couldn’t find a truly ripe one. I remain unimpressed with persimmons.
    Pineapples contain bromelain which is supposed to help you digest meat. It’s also said to be helpful with heartburn and stomach upset unless you have pineapple intolerance and then it will give you heartburn and stomach upset. If I eat too much, it gives me slightly tingly tongue.

    It might be snowing here. I looked out earlier and it seemed that everything was covered in white. The light was fading so it was hard to tell. Now it’s dark. I’ll wait until the dogs ask to go out to find out for sure.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Yes it sure is 🙂 Normally it always happens when we are way behind and don’t have enough powder to repaint the things 🙂 It is also very nice when it isn’t my fault 🙂

      Persimmons need to be almost over ripe to taste as delicious as they do. I think they have new varieties now that doesn’t need to go so far but then again, they don’t taste as delicious.

      So that’s why I never have problems eating pineapple 🙂 I didn’t know that about them though.

      Foggy and warm here all day so the roads were pretty good to drive on when I drove homewards, not so fine in the morning though. I barely made it up the road here in the village and the road shined brightly because of the thick even surface of ice all the way to work 🙂 We’ll have a few days with warmish nights and days and after that they guess we’ll have warmish days but cold nights.

      Have a great day!



  3. Christer,
    I don’t know a single thing Gracie can’t eat. There are some she won’t eat, but that’s a different story.

    Snow here usually stays a while unless it rains because the temperature usually stays cold. I don’t think we have had much snow this season. There were two storms in a row, one small and the other pretty big.

    It has been warmer than usual so far this winter, but February is often a snowy month. I never look forward to snow as pretty as it is.

    Such a waste of time to have to repaint stuff because of mistakes not yours. Maybe now they’ll double check every paint color.

    Enjoy your evening!


    1. Hi Kat!

      The two others can eat anything too and there’s absolutely nothing Sune wouldn’t eat 🙂

      The last few years have been a bit unusual here, snow usually stays all winter if it has fallen. Now it can stay a week or so and then melt away again. It wasn’t unusual to have a week or two with -22F when I moved here seventeen years ago, now it’s rare if it even happens. I’m not complaining but it was easier when the weather made up its mind and stayed that way. My goal however is to have a mango tree in my garden so 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Thankfully we had time to repaint it and paint enough to do so, if this had happened when we were in a hurry and a bit behind I wouldn’t have taken it so lightly as I did this time 🙂

      Have a great day!



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