I think I’ve managed to stop that behaviour.


I thought it was a bit chilly in the dog house this morning but since it was pretty cold outside I just thought I would need to turn up the heat on the radiator. Today when I came home I realised why it was a bit chilly, the dogs had turned it off 🙂 It better stay on now because tomorrow we’ll get snow, not much but anyway, and after that it will be bitterly cold for a few days.






After that we’ll get a few days with warmer weather again. It’s just annoying when the weather acts like a yoyo. I don’t mind if it gets a bit cold as long as we don’t get any snow and I really don’t mind warm weather but hopefully without any rain. It sounds as if I should live in a desert 🙂






The fire is burning in the stove and I’m boiling rice and chicken so Albin has something to eat tomorrow morning. He has started to behave a little like he wish so I’m very strict towards him at the moment. The other dogs are for instance not allowed to greet me at the same time as he when I come home. I think I managed to stop that before it grew in to something else. It looks as if he now has come to the age when he knows everything better than anyone else, how fun.






It is time to make myself something to eat too, it is chilly so no matter what it’ll be I’ll have cocoa 🙂

Have a great day!


8 thoughts on “I think I’ve managed to stop that behaviour.

  1. Hi Christer! Me again! 🙂

    Ah the teenage years….gotta love those! Karma had that awhile back but now she’s settling in to the big sister/mama role for Hunter. I think he thinks she’s his mother which is likely instinct on both their parts. I will give her this – she does play very well and mostly gently with him. But when he’s pushed too far she sure does let him know!!!!

    As mentioned in my previous post to you, we are at the tail end of yet another winter storm. This is incredible! The snow we have is almost tale worthy. Now we get cold again – and by cold I mean in the -30 and colder range. Gross. I hate winter when it gets like that.

    I just need to keep the faith that the nights are going to get brighter each week that passes.

    My son and I are heading up to Yellowknife on January 17th for a mini break. We are going to chase some northern lights. My husband chases tornadoes, we chase aurora borealis!! My only trepidation is that the sun does not rise until 11:00 a.m. and goes down by 3:30 p.m. I am going to be a mess I will be so tired!!!!! 🙂

    Maybe by the 17th we will get a bit longer light. Just in case I am packing loads of Vitamin D 🙂

    Have a good evening!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      I do hope they are short, amstaffs are stubborn as it is anyway 🙂

      Ionce had a dog that adopted a kitten I just brought home and they became mother and son 🙂 The dog was devastated when the cat died and she never was the same again after that.

      It will be cold here too but they guess it will stop at -12 here tomorrow night, after that it’ll be warmer again. Long time since we reached -30. Normally I have nothing against those coldtemperatures since the wind never blows then and rime starts to build up on everything. Rime is much more beautiful than snow I think.

      So You’ll go further north than I live! We’ve had northern lights here several times this winter but it has always been cloudy here so I’ve never seen it 🙂 I do hope You’ll see plenty of it when You are there! I do hope You won’t get too tired!

      Have a great day!



  2. Hi Christer,
    Thanks for the flower pictures. They are much appreciated.

    Piki Dog tends to be pushy about who is getting attention. If I am petting Rocky, Piki Dog will throw himself at the hand that is doing the petting. He’s only 10 pounds so it’s not a problem pushing him out of the way and having him wait his turn. The new thing is the contest over who sleeps where. It’s taken Rocky a couple of years to decide that Piki Dog should not be the one to sleep closest to me. Piki Dog got the spot by default because Rocky prefers his spot down by my feet. But now, at bedtime, there’s much silent jockeying for position. I’d rather Rocky stayed in his usual position. He’s bigger and stretches out to take up more space.

    Today was very dark. It was as if the sun never bothered to come up. Now it’s raining and it’s supposed to rain heavily. It’s relatively warm right now but we’ll be back in the freezer for the end of the week. Yoyo weather.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      That was the last of the flower photos that I have I think but it sure felt nice too see some summer photos now 🙂

      Tday Albin behaved just as he should and the other dogs were allowed to say hi too 🙂 He will eventually be a rather heavy dog so I thought it best to stop his behaviour already now. No problems in the bed though 🙂 Sune thinks it is too hot beneath the blanket so he sleeps beside my head and Nove has always prefered to sleep down by my feet. That can all change of course but at the moment it seems they all are happy 🙂

      We got snow today but thankfully not more than an inch, still I’m not happy about it. Tomorrow will be sunny and cold they say and the night towards Friday will be nasty cold. I don’t care since we don’t work on Friday 🙂

      Have a great day!



  3. Just nu sitter man här, nästan helt insnöad och det var ju ett tag sen! 😦 Det värsta är att det blåser från nordost, vilket betyder över kalhygget på andra sidan vägen rätt in på oss. När jag var ute med Santos på den första kissrundan i morse i kohagen så höll han på att blåsa bort trots att han har ganska låg frigång! 😦 Så den rundan blev inte lång och lika glad var jag. För när jag vände och skulle gå mot vinden så blåste det så elakt att jag såg ingenting. Fick gå sidledes! 😦 😦
    Det där med att uppföra sig som en bortskämd tonåring har Santos börjat med – i en ålder av 9,5! 😦 Så fort vi har gäster så verkar det som om han blir avundsjuk på att vi ägnar oss åt dom och inte åt honom hela tiden.
    Är vi ensamma ligger han tyst och snällt bredvid oss i soffan eller på fåtöljens armstöd och sover, har vi gäster håller han på att hoppa och skutta och gnälla hela tiden. 😦 😦
    Vet inte riktigt hur man ska komma till rätta med det här, vi har testat lite olika metoder men inget verkar hjälpa direkt. Nu får vi middagsgäster på trettondagen och då ska det bli kul att se. Hoppas bara att vädret är bättre, mycket bättre, så Rolle kan ta en ordentlig prommis innan dom kommer. Det är annars en hyfsat bra variant, alltså att trötta ut honom! 😦 😦 😦
    KRAM och god fortsättning


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Jag läste om erat oväder, här fick vi bara två, tre centimeter med snö men jag känner att det är mer än nog ändå. Här låg vinden på så att jag slapp skrapa rutorna på bilen i morse 🙂 Men vinden känns bara här om den kommer från ost-nordost.

      Det verkar som om Albin fattade vinken så idag uppförde han sig som han skall. Trotsåldern kan egentligen komma när som helst har jag märkt 🙂 Problemet är ju att får man inte bukt med det genast blir det bara svårare med tiden så jag hoppas ni kan komma på något sätt så att han lugnar ned sig. Trötthet tror jag mycket på!

      Ha det gott!



  4. Christer,
    We are starting the freezing weather and will perhaps get a foot of snow tomorrow into Sunday. The police gave us a phone warning about staying inside off the roads and making sure phones are charged. I have to go out in the morning then I’ll hunker down. The groceries were delivered today so I’ll be fine.

    I had the back steps shoveled so Gracie can get down easily, and I put down safe for paws de-icer so the steps won’t freeze, but all that is for naught with the snow coming.

    Gracie gets really hot under covers. She starts to pant. Maggie used to push all the covers to the end of the bed then get in and snuggle. She loved sleeping under the blankets.

    Tomorrow I’ll do a couple of errands and some house chores. That should keep me busy.

    Have a great day


    1. Hi Kat!

      The temperature goes up and down like crazy here, one day nasty cold the next reasonable warm, or at leastwarmish 🙂 I think the east coast here have had huge problems with snow today though. No more snow predicted for this area for a few days at least.

      Albin loves to sleep beneath the blanket and he loves it when I put a blanket over him when he sleeps on the sofa, the other two would run away if I tried something like that with them 🙂 Albin is a summer dog no doubt about it 🙂

      Have a great day!



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