Finally some sunshine.

The sky was blue above my head but very cloudy where the sun was about to rise.
The sky was blue above my head but very cloudy where the sun was about to rise.

The dogs and I slept through most parts of yesterday. I sat in the corner of my sofa with a thick blanket over me and a pillow towards the wall, the tv was of course turned on and I guess that helped as som kind of sedatives 🙂 Nova and Sune had each end of the sofa to themselves and Albin did his best to sleep on my lap 🙂 He finally decided it would work to sleep beside me as long as the blanket covered him.






Sleeping that much during the day didn’t make me want to stay up to greet the new year, so I went to bed around 10pm and didn’t wake up until 6:20 this morning. I am still tired today but not as much as yesterday and I’m pretty sure that it is the sunlight we have today that made me less tired. The morning was cloudy but after that we’ve had sunshine until now (around 2pm). It is about to set anyway so I don’t mind (only an hour and twenty minutes left until it is below the horizon).






It will be mostly cold next week, down to -10C (14F) during nights but it might pass 0C (32F) a short while during the days. I don’t mind cold weather as long as it doesn’t snow but I do prefer if it stays warm. I am prepared with firelogs for my stove so let the cold come if it so wish.






Albin is fine today, perhaps a bit wobbly in the stomach but who wouldn’t after eating that jar filled with garlic cloves 🙂 At the moment he’s sleeping at his favorite spot, beside the radiator in the kitchen. I’ve just boiled rice so he wants his food but I’ve told him it is several hors left until he gets anything to eat.






I however is about to get something myself. I’ll see if I have anything besides Albin’s chicken in the freezer, if not I think I’ll make myself some warm sandwiches.

Have a good continuing of the new year!


10 thoughts on “Finally some sunshine.

  1. happy new year christer! it’s going to be in the 60’s here for the next few days. not much winter this year. you have had little snow again too? glad albin is okay!


    1. Hi Joyce!

      Happy new year to You too!

      I wouldn’t mind if we reached 60F 🙂 but I really can’t complain about our temperatures either, it is afterall winter so I’ll just smile through the cold period we’ll get now 🙂
      No snow yet but I think they predict some for later next week.

      So far so good, he still has some nasty burps, garlic breath isn’t nice 🙂 I will keep an eye on him just in case.

      Have a good continuing of the new year!



  2. Hi Christer! Glad to hear Albin seems to be doing just fine! We had to take Hunter to the vet earlier in the week because he developed a rash on his stomach so we were sent home with some antibiotics. Imagine our surprise this morning to find one package of the lesser strength pills missing. The whole package, pills and envelope together! So we figure either one of the cats took off with it or they knocked it to the floor and either Karma or Tucker ate it. So I am watching for signs of too much antibiotics! I would think it would be in the form of coming out rather than staying in. Such a weird thing to have happen. The thing that gets me is that there is no trace of the package at all. No little bits of paper or anything. So this gets me wondering if the little envelope slipped under the fridge or something. So very strange.

    We are due another winter storm! This will be the 3rd one in a matter of a couple of weeks. Such a strange winter! And then we get cold again. Not looking forward to that!

    We didn’t stay up last night either. In bed by 10. Having a puppy in the house who doesn’t sleep through the night anymore makes for tired days! I hope he balances out soon. I don’t mind the early mornings, but I wish he wouldn’t wake in the night. Very disruptive sleep pattern it makes!

    Have a good rest of the day!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      I will keep an eye on him just in case but heseems fine so far. He has some nasty burps though 🙂 Garlic breath from a dog that eats anything isn’t nice 🙂

      Before Albin I would have said that no dog would eat any kind of pills because of the taste. Albin however eat pills like they are candy no katter how bad they might taste 🙂 I have no idea what happens if one eat too much antibiotics but my guess is the stomach will be very wobbly. I think however that if any of the dogs ate it there should be bits and pieces of the package still around. Lets hope it is any of the cats who has used it as a toy and hid it somewhere.

      Much calmer weather here, we’ll even have sunshine tomorrow but that’s the exception to the rule. The rest of the week will be cloudy they say.

      I do hope he calms down during nights, I know how tiresome that is.

      Have a good continuing of the new year!



  3. Hi Christer,
    I have always found the television to be conducive to sleep particularly if one is on the couch covered by a warm blanket and an even warmer dog. 🙂

    Rocky and Piki Dog went off to day care yesterday to stay until Monday. I was going to a house party and couldn’t bring them. They had to go in yesterday because the day care is closed today for the holiday. I am dogless until tomorrow morning. It’s very weird. I keep thinking there’s something I’m forgetting to do or that the lump next to me on the couch is a dog. It’s so odd to eat dinner without two pairs of eyes staring at my fork’s every move. And it’s too quiet in here. I’ll pick them up early tomorrow because I can only take so much peace and calm. 🙂

    I didn’t stay up for midnight either. When I turned off the light, I saw that the status light on the wifi router was blinking amber. Again. But everything was working just fine so I turned away from the offending light and went to sleep. I fixed it this morning.

    Happy New Year. Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      So true! and if the shows are bad it works even better 🙂

      I know what You mean, it’s just too quiet 🙂 The only time I experience something like that is when I have vacuumed my floors and all the dogs are in the dog yard. It is nice and clean for a moment but it’s not a home unless dogs are there making sounds and messing it up again :-)I have decided that when I have retired and if the world still is around I will be dog free for a short while so I can travell somewhere. I haven’t been travelling abroad since the early ninties and would like to at least do it once again but it will feel very odd not having dogs around so who knows, I might skip that idea 🙂

      Have a good continuing of the new year!



      1. You just need to find a friendly and reliable place to put them when you are elsewhere. I picked mine up today (Monday afternoon). Rocky was excited to go home but Piki Dog didn’t want to leave. He had found a staff member who would drape him around her neck and let him stay there as long he wanted. He loves that. I think in a past life he was a feather boa. 😀


      2. I had no problem finding anyone when I had one or two dogs but after two it gets difficult 🙂

        Albin has tried wha Piki Dog likes but he’s getting a bit too big now 🙂


  4. Christer,
    Gracie sleeps with me. She starts at the foot of the bed and then works her way up to me. I wake up with her right beside me. Her head is almost beside mine. She doesn’t like to be covered as it is too hot, and she starts to pant. Maggie, my dog before Gracie, loved to sleep under the covers.

    If I take a nap on the couch, Gracie gets comfortable at the end where my feet are. I seem to know, even when sleeping, to keep my feet on the edge so Gracie has enough room.

    Like you, I have to hunt around for my dinner. Finding nothing, I decided to order a pizza delivered. I think it is time to grocery shop.

    It has been warm during the day here though the nights are cold. I don’t care as I am home nice and warm.

    Have a great day!!


    1. Hi Kat!

      Albin wants to be under the cover, Sune tried but thought it was too hot and Novew sleeps by my feet uncovered too. All my old dogs had just too much fur so they thought it was too hot just staying in the bed for more than 15 minutes at a time 🙂

      Dreary weather here, I so long for spring now, only four months left as best 🙂

      have a great day!



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