He actually listened to me :-)

Back to older photographs again. This and the next one are taken with the Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 531.
Back to older photographs again. This and the next one are taken with the Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 531.

I have to say I didn’t notice the storm at all last night and I doubt my neighbors did either. I read that it wasn’t as bad as they had thought but it was bad enough to brake the power at several thousand homes. The water level in the ocean rose quite high too so I have read about a few towns that were flooded.



Three taken with the Zeiss Contessa.
Three taken with the Zeiss Contessa.


This one is an oddity since it isn't possible to take a double exposure with the Contessa, still I managed to do so :-)
This one is an oddity since it isn’t possible to take a double exposure with the Contessa, still I managed to do so 🙂

I tried to reach a few work friends by phone yesterday evening because I didn’t know what time everyone would start working since we have no production this week, only maintenance work. I wasn’t able to reach anyone so there must have been some troubles with the telephone mast nearby. Turns out everyone started an hour early, everyone but me that is 🙂 I’ll start at the same time as the others tomorrow. It always feels nice to stop working an hour early even if I actually work as many hours as usual 🙂


Back to the digital again.
Back to the digital again.



I’ve tried to start a fire in the stove for almost an hour now but it just refuse to burn without my help. I have no idea why this happens sometimes, I do as I always do and the fire logs are as dry as always, still it just refuses to burn. I’ll give it one my try but after that I’ll give up 🙂





Albin saw the first wild life in his life yesterday, a hare. I have feared this moment because I have no idea how he will react and if he will listen to me at all. We had actually passed the hare when it decided that it was time to show itself and run away, stupid hare, if it had stayed where it was we wouldn’t have known it was there at all. Albin saw it and started to tun after it. I just shouted “Albin stop” and to my big surprise he did 🙂 This might be a once in a lifetime experience but it looked as if the hare wasn’t that interesting at all 🙂





It is time to try to bring that fire to life again and after that I’ll have a cup of cocoa I think.

Have a great day!


8 thoughts on “He actually listened to me :-)

  1. Hi Christer,
    That double exposure caught my eye immediately because I couldn’t figure out what was weird about it. It looks normal but there’s something “off” about it. Then I noticed that some of the trees seemed to be in the mossy tree instead of behind it.
    Obviously, it is not impossible to take a double exposure with that camera since we have the proof right in front of us. 🙂

    Good for Albin! He’s still young, though, and may stop listening as soon as he gets older. I’ve found that is often the case with terriers. They hit puberty and decide they don’t have to listen anymore. Much like human teenagers. 🙂
    Rabbits and hares can sometimes be really dumb. The rabbits here tend to stay put in plain sight until Rocky is within leaping distance and then they run. They don’t often do that with Piki Dog because he always looks like predatory. One evening though, Piki Dog was in the dead leaves looking for the perfect place to pee. He found it and began his business when suddenly a big rabbit sprang out of the pile of leaves PIki Dog was peeing on. Scared the daylights out of me and Piki Dog but Rocky just watched it run by him.

    It’s warm here today but cooling off slowly. The sky can’t decide what it wants to do. Mostly there are heavy clouds skudding by but every now and then the sun comes shining through.

    I hope you get the fire to continue to burn as it should.
    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      The first time I looked at that photo I just saw that it was blurry and that something wasn’t as it should 🙂 and then just like You I saw those trees that were sort of growing in the moss 🙂 🙂 That double exposure lock must be malfunctioning sometimes 🙂

      This was the first time he actually noticed any wildlife so I guess he was more surprised about it than he actually listened to me 🙂 Still he did stop so I hope for the best nect time we see anything else 🙂 He has however already decided that I’m not that important to listen to when I call for hium to come to me 🙂 He just sits down and look at me. He can sit there forever unless I turn around and say goodbuy, he hate being left alone so then he comes running 🙂
      Rocky is just too cool to be scared by a rabbit 🙂

      Sunny but below 32F today, still rather nice the few trimes I walked outside the factory. I wasn’t too happy about having to scrape ice from the car windows before I drove homewards.

      It never really started tio burn until it was time to go to bed and it looks like it will be the same today. I think the fire logs just are too dense so no air can get inside it.

      Have a great day!



  2. Hi Christer! Isn’t it amazing when the dogs actually listen? I think out of our bunch now, Tucker is the only one who will listen. He’s 9 so he’s had years of practice 🙂

    We are still clearing out from our Christmas day blizzard. I think our city got 23 mm of snow. Alot to be honest!! City crews are still working on moving snow from streets and side streets/back lanes. Its a big job. They are calling for more snow tonight and then on Friday as well. Maybe those weather people actually did get it right when then said lots of storms for our winter interspersed with cold temps. Its not bad right now, about -13. I am sure there is a wind which makes it much colder. If the temp gets better I will take Karma for a walk later. I prefer walking in the dark 🙂

    I hope you got your fire started and that power and phones have been restored. Strange when things go awry after a storm.

    Have a good evening!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      It is truly surprising 🙂 Sune usually do as I say, Nove does it but reluctantly and Albin just does what the other two do unless it is me calling for him to come to me, then he just sits down and looks at me 🙂

      I’m so happy that we don’t have any snow here but winter is just middleaged yet so I’m pretty sure it will come. An American weather institute said our December would be slightly colder than normal and so far they’ve been very wrong 🙂 They also said that January and February will be much colder than normal with unusually much snow as well, I really hope they are just as wrong about that prediction 🙂

      The fire never really started to burn properly until it was time to go to bed and it looks much the same today. I think these firelogs I have are just too dense so that no air can come inside them to make it burn better. I’ll go to the super market on Friday and buyt the ones I usually have.

      Have a great day!



  3. Konstigt nog så har vi ännu inte fått se hur Santos skulle reagera om en lien kanin hoppade upp framför nosen på honom. Är dom längre bort så lyder han när vi säger “det är bara en rabbis, inget att bry sig om” och går vidare. Då följer han glatt med… 🙂

    Dina bilder är ganska fascinerande, fast egentligen gillar jag dom digitala bättre. Förmodligen för att färgen är så bra på dom. Dom med äldre kameror ser dock mer konstnärliga ut… 🙂 🙂

    Fick kortet och fnissade lite är din kommentar på baksidan, för jag hade en lång stund stått och funderat på namnet. Vem 17 var der!? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Men så kan det gå när man inte är uppmärksam. själv gjorde jag tavlan att få vår text på baksidan istället för på insidan. Fast det var ju ganska OK ändå. Men nästa år ska iaf jag vara mer uppmärksam! 😦



    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Albin har alltid missat all vilda djur här så jag har varit lite orolig för hur han skulle reagera när han till slut faktiskt såg något 🙂 Haren var bara tre fyra meter ifrån honom så det hade varit lättare att bara strunta i mig och ge sig efter den 🙂 Kan vara så att eftersom han inte visste vad det var så kanske han samtidigt funderade på om det kunde vara farligt och då är det ju tryggare hos husse 🙂

      De digitala kamerorna är bättre på alla sätt utom två egentligen. Jag måste tänka efter innan jag tar en bild med de gamla kamerorna för på dem kan jag ju inte bara ta bort bilden igen, framförallt vet jag ju inte ens hur den blev 🙂 🙂 Dessutom ger de gamla kamerorna e annan stil på bilderna, det är lite retrokänsla på dem, framförallt färgfotografierna. Färgerna på dem är alltid liite fel så att de ser ut att vara lite bleknade som äldre fotografier 🙂

      Jag trodde ju att det bara var ett förslaf på vad man kunde skriva på kortet, inte fattade jag att det skulle tryckas om man inte tog bort det 🙂 🙂 🙂 Funderar faktiskt på om jag skall ta med Petra på nästa års kort, trots allt sp önskade hon ju en god jul och gott nytt till er alla 🙂

      God fortsättning på julen!



    1. Hi Joyce!

      How was it last winter, didn’t You get snow and cold rather late in teh season? I’m happy with thw eather we’re having now, slightly chilly and no snow 🙂

      I was so happoy that he actually listened to me, wildlife can be so interesting that they often go temporary deaf 🙂

      Have a great day!



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