We couldn’t stay indoors :-)


I have a sour throat and a stuffed nose and my stomach feels a bit wobbly too. Ok it’s not like I’m suffering but I still rather not feel anything of that at all 🙂 Albin on the other side farts so bad now that we couldn’t stay indoors 🙂 He found a few more apples that he ate and the smell is so bad that not even burning matches help at all 🙂 He seems happy though so I doubt his stomach hurts.





I love animated film so yesterday I watched The Secret Life of Pets. It has its bright moments but I have to say it wasn’t at all as funny that I thought it would be. I also believe that grownups have much more fun than kids, lots of the jokes were clearly made for grownups. Still I don’t regret buying the film, I’ve seen many more bad films than that one.





Today I watched the latest Star Treck movie and it wasn’t that bad. I really liked it but I have heard fans weren’t especially impressed. I guess the hard-core fans wants it like in the old days, papier-mache backgrounds and very bad acting 🙂 I do like the original show though but I don’t mind that they have more action in these new films.





We’ve had fog again today but not as good as it was yesterday. Big parts of the day has been more hazy than foggy and the clouds above has been thicker so it has been much darker than yesterday too. We might, with lots of luck, actually see the sun tomorrow. Long time since that happened when I didn’t work.





Have a great day!


12 thoughts on “We couldn’t stay indoors :-)

  1. Väldigt vackra disiga bilder! Speciellt den 5:e – den med vägen!! 🙂
    Det låter inte så kul för dig att du är dålig och dessutom att Albin släpper sig så hemskt. Hur reagerar dom andra två!? 80
    Idag har Santos haft jättekul, hans kompis Leo – också en Podengo, fast strävhårig och betydligt yngre – har varit här och dom busar jättebra ihop. Så nu ligger han i korgen under skrivbordet och sover. 😛
    Igår kväll så råkade Rolle nämna att Leo skulle komma hit och jäklar vilket glädjefnatt Santos fick. Han kom tydligen ihåg vem Leo var – trots att det gått ett halvår sen sist. Men sånt där otroligt kul och oförätter glömmer dom aldrig…..:D


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Jag är ju inte förvånad att jag får något nu när jag är ledig 🙂 Det går en massa sjukdomar här nu och med tanke på hur trött jag varit så är det kanske bara naturligt att åtminstone något hittar mig 🙂

      Det var faktiskt så illa att till och med Nova reagerade och lämnade sóffan 🙂 Albin har fått en tablett så jag hoppas det lugnar ned sig på gasfronten igen 🙂

      Hundar minns nog saker mycket längre än vi tror, tror framförallt att doftminnet sitter i bra länge. Som du säger, roliga saker och oförätter minns de hur länge som helst :.-)

      Ha det gott!



  2. Hi Christer,
    I think I would cut down the apple trees to prevent future evacuations caused by hazardous emissions. Maybe you can invent a way to install a charcoal filter on Albin’s nether end? 😀

    Love the lighted star on the horse’s barn.

    I haven’t seen any of the newer Star Trek movies. They would have more action in them now that there are great special effects tools. It often comes at the expense of good plots and character development. I liked the original Star Trek series as well as Next Generation series. The ones that came after that were meh. Except for Deep Space 9.

    Today the weather is back down to colder than midnight on Pluto but it is very sunny. I suppose that compensates a bit.

    Hope you feel better especially since you are off work. It stinks to be sick when you’re off work. If you’re going feel rotten, you might as well be at work.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Thank You for the card and the kernels! I’ll take really good care of them but cross Your fingers and hold Your thumbs for good luck!

      I think I will and then I’ll plant cherry trees instead and of course if I’m successful with the kernels those too 🙂

      Either a filter or a way to collect the gas so I can use it to warm up my cottage or use the gas for light 🙂 🙂

      I do like that star too, I think it is the first time they’ve put up something at all so it was a nice change.

      The plot was a bit wobbly to be honest but I do think they’ve manage to develope the characters rather well. I did like Star Treck Voyager and The Next Generation, I’ve barely seen any of the others and what I have seen has not been good at all 🙂 Deep Space 9 I’ve only heard of.

      It’ll stay warmish here for quite some time, no change is predicted at all so I’m quite happy 🙂

      Still much the same but I wasn’t planing on doing anything at all, more than take it easy and take naps and I can do that even if I’m not 100% 🙂

      Have a great day!



      1. You’re welcome. I’m glad they came through the mail as kernels and not as powder. 🙂 I’ll cross my fingers and hold my thumbs as you request but I think they’ll be just fine with you. Around here they grow on sandy barrier beaches but on the land side of the dunes and mixed in with the beach roses and wax myrtle.


      2. Sandy barriers sounds great because that’s what the ground around my cottage actually is, but the sea/ huge lake was here around 8000 years ago 🙂 I’ll find out how hardy they are. If they are really hardy I can plant it outside already the first year, if not so hardy I’ll have them in pots the first three years. That is if they germinate 🙂


  3. Hi Christer! I woke in the middle of the night with very drippy sinuses so I am sure I am on the way to getting a cold. Would not surprise me – there were so many at work sick over the past 2 weeks it was ridiculous.

    This past weekend we had the nastiest weather in a few years. Yesterday morning when we woke it was -42 celcius. So, so bitterly cold. Today we are getting to -7 and then it gets warm again but then gets colder come Christmas. Stupid weather!

    As you know our newest addition to our family is learning by leaps and bounds 🙂 Karma is over the moon to have a play mate, Tucker just wants to move out 🙂 🙂 🙂 The cats are hiding and only coming out for feeding. Balance will soon be restored I am sure. He’s good though, sleeping through the night and not a peep until he hears us stirring. He is a joy!

    I hope you are feeling better! 🙂


    1. Hi Dianna!

      Lots of people have colds here or stomach problems so I’m not surprised that I got something.

      I can’t imagine those low temperatures! The coldest I’ve ever experiensed is -32C. IT was absolutely calm and we had sunshine during the days and amazingly clear night skies. All vegetation was covered in rime almost an inch thick. That was beautiful, much more than snow on the vegetation and I didn’t have to shovel anything 🙂 What do You put in Your cars so they doesn’t freeze? The things we have here only works down to around -35C

      Poor Tucker 🙂 I’m pretty sure he will love this new member of Your family too, after a while at least 🙂 Albin behaved just like that until he was six months old, then he started to wake up at nights and made sure he wasn’t the only one 🙂 now he’s back to quiet again and I hope it stays that way!

      No, much the same here. I hope You don’t get anything!

      Have a great day!



      1. Hiya! All of our cars here come equipped with a block heater which uses a plug. So we plug in our cars at -20 or colder. If you don’t you run the risk of your car not starting or your battery taking a hit which is not good either. Our cars use typically a 10W30 oil or a synthetic. We don’t use the synthetic oils in our cars, we just be car smart and make sure you plug in! The wind chill does not affect inanimate objects, but when the temps drop, its best to be safe rather than sorry!


      2. Most cars have electric block heaters here but that’s useless unless one can plug it in at work as well. I did have one in my Mazda and I can connect it at work too, all parking spaces are like that at work. Thankfully we’ve never even come close to those low temperatures here in southern Sweden.

        Very few don’t use synthetic oil here, nasty expensive but they say it’s better for the engine. I don’t know enough to say they aren’t right so I too buy the synthetic oil 🙂


  4. Christer,
    No sun again for you either. I’m getting used to all the grayness. I’m happy for my Christmas lights brightening up the night.

    With anti-freeze added, the motors are good to even 15 or 30 below. I have my motor checked every year to make sure it has the right amount of anti-freeze.

    I’ve seen all the new Star Trek movies, and I liked them. The characters were believable as the original crew of Star Trek when they were younger.

    The barn star was great.

    Enjoy your evenig!


    1. Hi Kat!

      The sun never showed here today and the clouds are so thick that it actually is darker than normal here now.

      The anti-freeze I’ve put in my cars usually never goes below -35C (-31F), I have no idea what they put in cars when the temperature drops to -42C (-43,6F) as Dianna has had now. To be honest, it has never been that cold here so I don’t think I have to worry about it 🙂

      I do like the new Star Treck movies much more than the old ones, the old ones were never popular here. The new ones are though and I agree, the characters are good and are developing in a good way too. The plot however was a bit weak in this last film but who cares 🙂 🙂 I liked it a lot!

      I do like that star! Perhaps I should do something similar for my cottage next year?

      Have a great day!



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