I ate my first pizza in over three years :-)

I start with a few photos showing what it looked like here yesterday before we went to the vet. It had become a bit warmer so You should have seen the rime we had on the trees before these were taken.
I start with a few photos showing what it looked like here yesterday before we went to the vet. It had become a bit warmer so You should have seen the rime we had on the trees before these were taken.

Yesterday afternoon while most of my work friends were having christmas dinner at a restaurant in the village where I work (our employer paid for us all if we wanted to go) I and Albin went to the vet so he could neuter Albin. To be honest I had already said I wouldn’t come because I stop working so early on Fridays that when I have come home after work and walked with the dogs I have no wish what so ever to go back to that village again. What I didn’t know was that the vet would give me the appointment that day. So I actually passed the restaurant while they all were there eating.





I did however eat a pizza for the first time in over three years 🙂 The surgery only took 45 minutes so I had just enough time so I wouldn’t have to rush down the hot pizza, it tasted so good, I wonder why I don’t order one more often. It is rather costly to neuter a dog here, yesterday I paid 2760 Swedish kronor (slightly less than $300 US) but that included painkillers, a recipe for another kind of painkillers and a cone of shame. This vet is rather cheap so it wouldn’t surprise me if it costs twice in a bigger vet clinic. The night wasn’t especially fun but not because Albin was complaining because he did very little of that but he did need to go outside several times during the night.





This morning I had a problem to solve. I had to go to the pharmacy to get the other kind of painkillers since he is supposed to take both every day. I couldn’t put him in the dog house since he wouldn’t be able to get out into the yard or in to the garage where he likes to be. I couldn’t leave him in the cottage since he’s never been alone before and he isn’t the kind of dog that would sit down feeling miserable 🙂 I couldn’t leave him with the other dogs either since they are very interested in the bandage he will have for three days. So the best thing I could do was to bring them with me.


A few from my old neighborhood.
A few from my old neighborhood.




Then I had the problem of chosing what pharmacy to go to. The one in Falköping always has what I need for my dogs but the parking spaces are a bit too far away and would most likely be filled since it is the week before Christmas. The pharmacy in Skara has no parking spaces close at all but they too usually have what I need for my dogs. Both towns are reasonable close so I would have liked to go to one of them. The only alternative I actually had was the pharmacy in Vara, moe than twice the distance to drive to but it is outside the town center so very little people would be there and they also have lots of parking spaces. I don’t think they ever have been without the medicine I need for my dogs or me as a matter of fact.



Branches on a magnificent old pine.
Branches on a magnificent old pine.
The stoneage tomb.
The stone age tomb.

The roads were awful to drive on because it was just below 0C (32F), foggy and some rain fell aswell, so I drove very slowly all the way. No problems with that really because I was almost alone on the roads 🙂 The pharmacy was very sorry that they didn’t have the normal pill as it stood in the recipe, only pills that had to be chewed. I told them that it wasn’t a problem at all since Albin chews on everything, even the most disgusting tasting pills there is and then he swallows it 🙂 Good when it comes to pills, bad when it comes to anything else nasty he finds when we’re out walking 🙂




The old fire pond. I remember that I used to see lots of small fish in this pond every spring, Crucian carp I think it was.
The old fire pond. I remember that I used to see lots of small fish in this pond every spring, Crucian carp I think it was, a very close relative to the goldfish.

We stopped on our way home in my old neighborhood, looks much like how it does here but with less spruces and the area is totally flat. All dogs behaves like crazy and it was almost impossible to walk with them leashed. I could watch them the entire time when I was in the pharmacy and Albin had stressed them up with him guarding the car against invisible things in the neighborhood 🙂 So I gave up rather fast and drove home. It was a totally different thing when we went out for a walk here, instead it was Bertil the cat that alarmed all the time. I think there was wild hogs close to us and he just couldn’t relax until we had come home again.




Neither the Swedish nor the Norwegian weather site says we have fog right now but we do so I hope that we’ll get fog again tomorrow morning because neither says we will 🙂 I’ll be at home next week because of this surgery so I can always hope for more fog during the week. I have most of what I need here at home but I’ll need to go to the grocery store some time next week and I will have to bring the dogs then too, I’m already looking forward to it 🙂


A few photos of how it looked here at home this afternoon.
A few photos of how it looked here at home this afternoon.



Have a great day!






8 thoughts on “I ate my first pizza in over three years :-)

  1. Hi Christer,
    Pizza is perfect food. Vegetables, starch, protein, tastes great, is portable, can be delivered to your home or easily made in your kitchen, and can be eaten hot or cold. It’s got it all. 🙂

    That’s actually fairly inexpensive for neutering compared to where I am. When Rocky was done, he didn’t have either a bandage, a cone of shame or pills and it still cost a couple of hundred US dollars more than what you paid. This is an expensive part of the country to live in but not as expensive as some other parts.

    I laughed at Albin guarding the car against unseen invaders. Rocky does that with the house at night. He sits by the window on the stairway and barks at things that only he can hear. Of course Piki Dog has to join in because there must be Something Out There. But, then again, Piki Dog guards all the things, all the time. Rocky might join him for a few barks but then he’ll look at me as if to say “He’s lost his mind, hasn’t he?” 🙂 But when they are both in full cry for the postman, they often end up howling into each others’ faces.

    It’s been brutally cold but sunny for a couple of days. Now it’s about 10 degrees F warmer than the highs for the past two days but it’s snowing. It’s going to get warmer and the snow will change to rain and then it will freeze. The joys of winter. 🙂

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      I agree in all what You say about pizza but they don’t deliver this far away from any town. I think I most likely had eaten pizza much more often if they had 🙂

      This vet is very cheap and since he also is very good I’m happy to have found him! It was the organisation from where I git Nova who told me about him years ago but since I was very happy with the vet I had I never went there. Now when the old vet is gone and the new owners do some very suspect tests which they must send to Germany and charges more for forinstance vaccination than most do for a light surgery most of us have fled that place and I fled to this vet. Venture capital companies have bought around 70% of all vet stations here and they truly want return on their capital in a high procentage.

      Sune can see things that can’t be seen butr nothing compared to Albin 🙂 Sometimes it is bad to live as isolated as we do because since nothing ever happens here even an empty town is very much for them 🙂

      I’ve heard about Your weather and I’m glad it wasn’t we who had it 🙂 Still it has been rather cold here too but no wind so it has been rather pleasant. Very beutriful too since rime started to build up during the nights. Days will be fairly warm here and nights somewhat chilly this coming week. No rain or snow though so I’m happy and since I’ll be at home I wouldnb’t care if it did snow anyway 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. Christer, Hopefully, you will not have to travel with all the dogs in the car, because that does sound like quite a challenge. Glad the roads were clear of much traffic as I dislike driving in bad weather, especially in winter. We have had some snow, but the heavier snowfalls haven’t come yet. The scenes with the wet snow on branches were lovely, but the later photos in the post were rather dark.


    1. Hi Beatrice!

      First I want to thank You for the card! It came two days ago. Mine will arrive very late to You though.

      I must bring them at lrast once since I need food for the cats and dogs too. Albin eats a lot of chicken now when that is all he can eat right now. We’ll go early tothe small grocery store in Gudhem, before any other go there and I’ll park a bit from the entrance 🙂

      Very little snow here, mostly cold and usually some rain before it started to freeze 🙂

      It was a rather dark day here yesterday, normally I think foggy days can be quite bright but not yesterday.

      Have a great day!



  3. Forgot to add that pizza is one of our favorite fast foods, if it can be classified as such. While we don’t have it every day or even every week, we have never gone more than a month without having it anywhere.


    1. It is so odd, I really like pizza but almost never eat it 🙂 I live too far away from any piza place and it never taste the same if I do it myself. I must admit that they can make them so much better than I can in a pizzaplace.


  4. Christer,
    The vets always seem expensive. Poor Fern cost me well over $1000 even before the medication. Maggie, my Boxer, cost me 10,000 dollars at Angel Memorial, a big time vet hospital. The cost, though, doesn’t matter, just getting the dog or cat well is what counts.

    I haven’t seen fog in a long time. I just haven’t gotten up early enough as it is usually mornings over the ocean when the bridge is shrouded.

    Gracie likes the car, and I like to take her, but I can’t imagine having all the dogs in the back seat. They’d fight for the windows!

    Have a great evening!


    1. Hi Kat!

      I agree, the cost doesn’t matter but that’s easy to say for us who can afford it. I can’t imagine what I would do if I hadn’t had the money. I must admit though that I would have given up if the cost had reached 10 000 dollars! It really doesn’t help with an insurance either because they have so many exceptions that the insurance almost never comes in if it is costly. I’ve put away money instead so I know that I can take a hard economical hit without getting ruined.

      We’ve had unusually much fog lately, mostly when I’ve been at work though. I love walking around in fog but really dislike driving around in it, especially if it is below as it has been lately.

      Both Nova and Sune likes the car, Albin not so much. He isn’t hapy as crazxy like the other two if I say we’ll go for a drive, he usually tries to hide instead 🙂 I think it has to do with that he only has gone to the vet when he’s been in the car. I have one in the front seat and the two others in the back seat and it actually works pretty good.

      Have a great day!



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