I’m taking a short blog vacation.


I’m so tired in the evenings now that I fall asleep in front of the tv before 8pm so I’ve decided to take a short blog vacation until Saturday.





Why am I tired You might wonder? Albin is my answer 🙂





He has decided that he needs to go outside some time after 3am every night. He does need to go and it is better than what he did the other day, he pooped on the floor just beside the door and them covered it all with my shoes 🙂 🙂





So I’m not really complaining but it is a bit difficult to fall asleep properly again after that 🙂 So I say good bye and see You on Saturday.

Have a great day!


10 thoughts on “I’m taking a short blog vacation.

  1. Hi Christer,
    😀 😀 😀
    Yes, you do need a vacation. From Albin. 😀
    Can you crate him or would he keep you awake with his yammering?

    Your Jul card is on the way. It has an inclusion which I hope will not be pulverized by the mail service.

    Enjoy the day and your vacation. See you on Saturday.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Yes a few days so I could getr some proper sleep 🙂

      It is actually forbidden to crate dogs here. You can have a crate but only if the door is open or removed so a crate wouldn’t be much help here 🙂 He most likely would been even more loud if I had put him in a crate 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!



      1. That’s interesting. Over here, crate training is considered to be the best and kindest way to house break a puppy. But, like everything else, people can be arseholes and abuse the tool.
        My old dog Tegan loved her crate. It was her personal hidey-hole for 10 years until The Cat Monster decided it was his nap spot. She knew she was not allowed to kill him so, if he was in there, he stayed until he decided to leave.
        Rocky loathed his crate right from the start. He chewed up the plastic floor liner trying to escape. Finally, he managed to break a clip on the upper corner and crawl out. I put the crate away. I have no idea how Piki Dog feels about them. I didn’t even try. 🙂


      2. I was a bit surprised to learn that it was forbidden unless the gate was fully open, I just thought it was frowned upon. It was when one of the puppy owners told us she hadher dog in a crate when she left the home that someone of the other puppu owners showed us the law.

        I think the crate is what one makes it to, if it is a place where they send the dog as a punish it becomes an awful place but if it is a pace for rest and the dogs own place where it is forbidden to disturb it it then becomes a good place. Too bad cats just don’t care 🙂


  2. Ja, det är helt klart bättre att vakna och rusa upp mitt i natten än att få hundskit på skorna! Santos väckte ju mig för ett tag sen när han var dålig i magen, men det är faktiskt första gången på 5 år – alltså sen vi fick honom!!
    Efter sju på kvällarna däremot så går vi inte ut med honom, utan släpper bara ut honom på tomten två tre gånger så han får kissa. Och det gör han faktiskt numera på kommando! Vi har fortfarande det där med att han kissar i sitt hål och inte i från snoppen i bakhuvudet och vill inte “utmana ödet”.
    Ha det skönt tills på lördag!


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Framförallt är det bättre att bli väckt när han är lös i magen som han var häromdagen, då var jag riktigt tacksam 🙂

      Jag tror det beror på att jag har flera hundar som gör att de alltid kissar när de går ut, så de har alla fort blivit rumsrena här, tja förutom Orvar då som kissade i sömnen.

      Ha det gott!



  3. I never used the crate as punishment nor did I ever get mad at Tegan or yell at her when she was in there. Her crate was her safe space. Being a Jack Russell Terrier, she, of course, turned that to her advantage. Whenever she really wanted to destroy something, she would take it into the crate and calmly shred it while watching me try to distract her with bribes of hot dogs. Sometimes she could be truly evil. 🙂


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