I got surprised when looking in to the aquarium.

I was very surprised to see this flower in my aquarium the other day.
I was very surprised to see this flower in my aquarium the other day. I was also a bit surprised how the camera flash showed how dirty the glass is 🙂

Today I finally picked up the six goldfish I had in my two water barrels. They don’t feel the cold as we do (they are cold water fish) so when it gets really cold their body temperatures fall down as well. They don’t freeze but sort of goes in to a hibernation. Good thing for me because those water barrels have been almost totally frozen twice this winter 🙂 Now they live in the cool cellar until next spring. A little too strong filter is cleaning the water and as long as the water temperature is 10C (50F) or lower  they won’t eat, the food would root in their stomachs if they did.


It looked promising for a foggy day but the wind blew in the wrong direction and all the fog ene´ded up around the mountain instead.
It looked promising for a foggy day but the wind blew in the wrong direction and all the fog ene´ded up around the mountain instead.
The Bog Ladies were busy putting out the fires this morning.
The Bog Ladies were busy putting out the fires this morning.


I also planted the false cedar tree (the one they call Julen here or Yule juniper in English). It has a much bigger chance to survive the winter here (if it gets normal and cold) if it already is planted in the ground. Now I have nothing even remotely decorative on the front of my cottage, i better place a lantern or two there instead. I also planted the tiny spruce that grew on that magnificent tree stump I’ve so often photographed. The tree stump got severely mangled by a forest machine and the little spruce had no chance of surviving if I hadn’t taken care of it. It barely did anyway since it was so dry this summer and I forgot to water it 🙂





I looked in to my aquarium the other day and one of the plants looked a bit odd, it had a white leaf so I thought it might be dying. Turns out it is a flower! I have never had an aquarium plant in bloom in my aquarium before and this one is flowering way below the water surface. It must be enjoying life since it is flowering but the flower looks like a Calla so I wonder if it instead might be desperate and tries to flower before it dies 🙂 🙂





There’s a fire burning in the stove and I’m boiling rice porridge on it at the moment. I’m also boiling normal rice for Albin. I wish I had some whole cinnamon at home, it does taste rather nice if one boils the porridge with a piece of whole cinnamon with it. Instead I put in some cardamom instead, not the same but rather tasty anyway 🙂 I also like to put in some vanilla sugar but I didn’t have that at home either. If I had had some whipping cream at home I would have been able to make some Rice a la Malta as we call it (Risalamande in Danish but I can’t find any English name fo it at all). It is cold rice porridge mixed with whipped cream and vanilla sugar. The original recipe says it also should have orange juice and pieces of oranges in it but my family have always used berries that we like, like blueberries , raspberries or strawberries. Quite tasty but fill the stomach really fast, it is very easy to eat too much of it 🙂





The porridge is almost done so it’s time to find a soup-plate. The laundry is done and It is time to start the radiator in the dog house, we’re getting a cold night they say. They also say we’ll get snow but so far we’ve been lucky and no snow in sight.


Three photos taken with the Zeiss Contessa.
Three photos taken with the Zeiss Contessa.



Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “I got surprised when looking in to the aquarium.

  1. Hi Christer,
    There’s an aquatic plant called anubias something or other that looks like a peace lily and sort of like the one in your photo. It can grow under the water surface as well as partly submerged. But if it were my plant, it would be flowering because it thought it was going to die soon. 🙂
    I didn’t know you had taken the little Spruce under your wing. That’s great. I thought it went with the destruction of the stump.

    Yesterday was painfully cold and windy. Today is a little warmer and not windy so it feels better. At least I was able to be outside for 5 minutes without a jacket and in my flip-flops and didn’t feel like tiny knives were cutting all my exposed skin. My house is cold, though. No sun inside here.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      It actually is an Anubias barteri var. nana but I had forgotten that 🙂 Normally when aquatic plants flower they send up a stalk so the flower comes above the water, this one I now found out normally flowers beneath the surface. I would not have known that If You hadn’t written that is might be an anubis 🙂

      I did actually write about that spruce once, the day I found it with all its roots on the ground. It would have dried out if I hadn’t taken it so it was sort of legal I think 🙂

      It was rather pleasant today, next week we’ll mostly have well below 32 at nights but above during the days. Not much sun though but I’m happy as long as it doesn’t snow 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. Kom in precis efter sista kvällsrundan med Santos och det var hemskt ute. Det var lite snö på marken, lite snöflingor i luften, -2 grader och blåsigt. Mycket blåsigt och på grund av det isande kallt! Ni behöver man dock inte gå ut något mer ikväll. Visserligen ska Santos ut, men då får han gå ut på den inhägnade innertomten och kissa alldeles själv. Fast man måste stå i dörren och lysa med en ficklampa åt honom! Han är som matte, lite mörkrädd!! *fniss* Fast det har blivit betydligt bättre sen vi flyttade till landet.
    KRAM – Susie


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Dert har fallit lite snö men knappt så man ser det på marken, men natten har ju inte börjat än så det finns tid för mer är jag rädd. Inte så mycket vind här trots allt men å andra sidan skyddar skogen så mycket att jag oftast bara hör vinden om den är igång.

      Tack och lov är jag inte mörkrädd, hade varit omöjligt att bo här om jag varit det. Här är becksvart på natten 🙂

      Ha det gott!



  3. Hi Christer! Thank you for saving the little spruce tree!!! I am sure it will thrive quite well at your cottage 🙂

    Yesterday got the better of me and I finally sat down just after 8 p.m. and I was tired by then!! Its still bitter cold here and no relief in sight. Strange this cold for early December. Crazy weather!

    What a nice treat to find that flower! I hope it survives!

    Great photos today!! Love the lichen covered tree trunk!

    Have a good evening!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      Well I couldn’t just let it stay there slowly dying 🙂 It almost did anyway and it looks really sad but it is alive 🙂

      I fall asleep every evening in front of the tv now so I’ll take a blog vacation until Saturday.
      Chilly nights here but fairly warm days, I guess this is the weather changes we’ll have to get used to from now on.

      Turns out that flower often opens up beneath the water surface, I wonder if it will give any seeds?

      I do like that photo too 🙂

      Have a great day!



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