I got what I wanted.


Have You even been by the frozen sea or a really big frozen lake just before the ice is about to start breaking up? If You have You know the odd sound the ice makes, a metallic kind of sound which is hard to describe. I woke up to a very foggy morning today and we walked out to the bog as soon as we could. We were standing on one of the islands when we suddenly heard that sound but there was of course no water to talk about out there. It was really odd to hear it and the dogs didn’t like it at all.





I wouldn’t recommend anyone to walk out on such a big bog in fog unless they stay on known paths, it is easy as it is to go astray out there and in the fog it’s almost certain one does if one leave the known paths. I went out a few yards from the island and closed my eyes. I could hear a few ravens calling to each other and water dropping from the trees because it had started to be a bit warmer. Besides that it was absolutely quiet until that metallic ice breaking sound started. I decided it was time to leave when I noticed the dogs didn’t like it. I love that bog but some things is best to not know about I think 🙂





It stayed foggy until we walked out later in the day, too bad I really enjoyed the fog. It didn’t take long after we had come home for the fog to make a grand return again but by then it had started to become dark again. Instead I started to renovate the fire stove, I have missed to be able to use the oven and the nice heat that stove gives. It is a strange clay/ cement one use filled with tiny iron fillings. No matter how one mix it with water it’s almost impossible to get it to stick. My work friend told me to spray water on the old clay/ cement and let it sit for a while before putting it on.





It helped some and now the clay/ cement has to dry for at least three days until I can have a fire in it again. It says one should have a few tealights burning in the oven so the water dries from within but I didn’t have any at home. The worst thing that can happen if I don’t do that is that I’ll have to do the same thing next year again, not fun but I’ll survive it and perhaps I’ll have those  tealights at home next time 🙂 All I have at home is a graveyard light and that is supposed to be in a lantern outside, it also has a plastic cover so I doubt it would be a good thing to burn indoors 🙂





I now know one more thing Albin can eat without getting a bad stomach, sunflower seeds 🙂 He eats the one falling out from the bird feeders and they come out in one piece and his stomach is still ok. I do wish he wouldn’t like apples so much though because it is pretty clear he can’t eat them, yesterday he farted so badly I had to toss him outside against his will 🙂





It is time for something to eat and after that see if there’s anything worth watching on tv. I didn’t win the lottery this weekend either so back to work tomorrow as usual.


The fog was so thick that I could see it in the foresty parts of the bog as well.
The fog was so thick that I could see it in the wooded parts of the bog as well.




Have a great day!




8 thoughts on “I got what I wanted.

  1. Här har det som sagt varit fint klart väder idag, det slutade med att det blev hela +3 grader – riktigt behagligt! 🙂
    Det enda vi gjort var att åka till Margus ett ställe som säljer lite roliga och fina saker , behövde köpa en enda julklapp till min väninna i Stockholm. Det är knepigt för det måste vara något lätt, något bra och något som inte är alltför dyrt. Det blev en utomhustermometer som satt på oregelbunden träbit. Riktigt snygg faktiskt! 🙂 🙂
    Sen körde vi till Hemse (1,5 mil) och handlade och så åkte vi hem och jag gjorde middagsmat; Lutfisk till mig och Santos, Falukorv till Rolle. Han äter inte lutfisk och jag äter inte falukorv! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    KRAM – Susie


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Vet inte exakt hur varmt det blev här men det droppade friskt från träden i alla fall. Förutom promenaderna och spisen har jag inte lyft ett finger idag 🙂
      Tycker alltid det är svårt med presenter så jag är glad att vi inte har det längre i släkten 🙂

      Jag måste erkänna att Rolles mat lät riktigt god, lutfisk undviker jag in i det sista 🙂

      Ha det gott!



  2. Hi Christer,
    Undigested sunflower seeds in scat is how I know that unidentified poop belongs to coyotes instead of dogs. They eat the seeds around bird feeders. I suppose any random rodents they might find there would not be unwelcome.
    But Poor Albin. I sympathize. Sometimes raw apples don’t like me very much either. Fortunately they don’t have quite the same effect. 🙂

    You got some lovely foggy photos. The bog looks very mysterious. I was interested in the noise so I googled. I figured the sound was ice forming. There was a lot of stuff about booms and cracks and the tinkling shushing noise that broken up ice makes when it’s against the shoreline and waves are moving it around. The coolest noise was made by someone skipping a rock across a freshly frozen lake. It sounds like an amplified bat. 🙂

    My cards arrived. They came out much better than I dared hope. They are not very Christmassy but definitely Seasonal. I am pleased. Now to address them, stamp them and send them on their way.

    Today is colder but sunny. I did wear flip-flops to walk the dogs even though it is only 39ºF.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      I’ve never seen it in fox poop but foxes eat a lot of wild cherries so cherry kernels are quite common. My dogs ahve always eaten sunflower seeds but I don’t know why since they aren’t digested at all 🙂
      I just don’t get it why he eat all these apples since his stomach get so bad, he must be feeling it as soon as he has eaten some.

      I do like a foggy bog 🙂 but I would never go out there if I didn’t know the paths.

      It is an odd but cool sound and if one is out on the ice and hear that sound one better hurry in to land again :-)The sound from a skipping stone is realy cool too and the thicker the ice the better the sound.

      I have totally forgotten about the cards 🙂 I better sit down tomorrow and start writing them. My cards can’t be called chrstmassy or even seasonal 🙂

      This week will be mostly rather warm they say, nights will most likely be chilly though.

      Have a great day!



  3. Hi Christer! I do know exactly what that sound is like. Our cottage is on Lake Winnipeg – the biggest lake we have in our province. That is one creepy sound!!! Sometimes it gets so loud you think its right outside your door!

    Sad that Albin can’t eat apples. Have you tried carrots? Ours love carrots. Unfortunately I think gas comes with the dog’s territory 🙂 Sometimes it is rather overwhelming! 🙂

    I had such a busy weekend – I hope you are okay with me when I play catch up. I thought the winter months meant I had more slow time. Apparently not!

    We took Karma to the vet Saturday for her “puppy” exam. She weighs in at 89 pounds and she had to be muzzled. She does not do well with strangers and she remembers the vet from her mange and skin scraping days. She was ++ anxious and yawning widely and frequently (a sign of nervousness) and snarling. We thought it best for all involved. Poor thing. The vet says she may grow out of it. But she urged us to bring her in randomly for a treat and to get weighed and then perhaps she will settle when she’s due for her next visit. She’s a massive dog. I don’t want her biting anyone out of nervousness. Always something!!!

    We are due a blizzard tomorrow. About 30 mm coming our way apparently. 🙂 Have a good evening!!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      Lake Winnipeg is pretty big 🙂 It is a really strange sound and I was rather surprised to hear in by the bog where there were no ice to talk about. It was really loud too so I have no idea where that sound came from.

      At the moment I’m just happy that he can eat rice and boiled chicken, I’ll start trying other things closer to spring. I have however decided that I will cut down my apple trees since I can’t eat apples either, unless they are cooked.
      He farts so bad after those apples that it is impossible to have him indoors 🙂

      This time of year is always busy 🙂 After all, one of the absolute biggest holidays is on its way 🙂

      I’ve been lucky to have dogs that never has been afraid of the vet. The vet we have now spoils them rotten and that’s always helpful 🙂 I do hope Karma does grow out of it, as You say she is rather big.

      Warm with rain here, I don’t envy You 🙂

      Have a great day!



  4. Christer,
    The fog on the seashore is dangerous. On the Brewster flats, the fog could so disorient someone that they would be lost and could easily be heading the wrong way, into the ocean. I like riding over the bridge as the fog is sometimes so thick you can’t see beyond the side of the bridge.

    In parts of the US, people bet on when the river ice will break. I have seen it on TV but never in real life. The Cape has no large rivers.

    I do love the ice of footsteps walking on the icy tops of snow. That is a cracking sound as well.

    Enjoy your evening!


    1. Hi Kat!

      I once was out with my sailboat when the fog came in, luckily I was close to the marina so I could figure out how to get in there 🙂 Fog on the bog is very similar, one can’t see far and all small trees and bushes look the sdame and one never know where the deepholes are. No one will hear if one fall in to one of those.

      I have actually heard about that 🙂 I wonder if they do the same here up in the north where the big rivers are?

      Here it’s so quiet that walking on icy tops of snow sounds like small explosions 🙂

      Have a great day!



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