Much better than expected.


Albin sighs, groans and complains loudly like he always do after eating too many apples. I don’t feel the least sorry for him but I do feel sorry for me and the rest of us since his farts are toxic 🙂 They are so bad it’s impossible to stay in the same room as he. Every time I move though he follows 🙂 Dogs doesn’t seem to be able to think in the cause and effect way. It looks however as birds now are eating almost all apples, even those on the ground.





Nova’s ear is bad again but the pill she got today is working as it should, the swelling is going down and the pain seems to be gone. Every time the pill starts to work she starts to play like a puppy again 🙂 I have no idea what ear ache is like since I’ve never had it but it must be awful.





We’ve had more sunshine today than expected and even if the temperature never went above 0C (32F) it still was rather pleasant. The absence of any wind did help a lot with that of course. In the morning we went out to the  fields, it is actually one huge cow pasture (it goes on for a few kilometers, two miles or so) but is divided in to smaller fields with electric wires and gates which they open and close depending on how the grass grows. I didn’t see or hear a single vehicle while we were there, I guess most people slept longer on this saturday morning.





We walked out on the bog in the afternoon and by then people had woken up because I could hear the traffic on the big roads out there. Sounds travel good when all leafs have fallen off the trees. Still, the bog is a place where I really can relax unless we scare a moose and all the dogs want to follow it 🙂 They did stay with me but only as long as I kept an eye on them and constantly told them not to leave 🙂 They should only know how dangerous a moose can be.





The night will be cold but after that it seems we’ll get a period with warmer weather again. The Swedish weather site says fog in the early morning tomorrow and the norwegian says no fog in the early morning but for the rest of the day 🙂 I do hope the Norwegian is right, we haven’t had a descent fog on a weekend for months now.





Have a great day!


7 thoughts on “Much better than expected.

  1. Hi Christer,
    I didn’t know Nova’s ear was bad again but I’m glad to read that it is getting better.

    Albin sounds like Piki Dog. After Piki Dog ate all the chocolate and vomited up almost pure cocoa and had to have a scary nighttime vomiting ride to the 24 hour vet where he was made to vomit up even more, he tried to eat chocolate again a few days later. One would think they would begin to associate the smell of the offending food with something unpleasant but apparently not. Rocky was a street dog. He sniffs everything before he eats it. Piki Dog was not a street dog but a puppy mill dog so the only sniffing of food he does is the great inhalation as he sucks it down his gullet. 🙂 I suspect Albin was not a street dog either. I don’t envy you the puppy farts.

    I have several boxes of those solar powered strings of lights. Out of curiosity I opened another one and left it under a light for awhile. It didn’t work and I was going to toss it in the trash but I looked at the instructions before I did. There’s a ON/OFF button! Who knew? 😀 But I tried the power button on the one in the Xmas wreath and I think it still doesn’t work. So it’s not entirely me. 🙂

    The weather here is clear and the temperature is dropping. There was a stiff wind all day which made it even colder. It will get even colder over the next few days. I’ll have to bring the Christmas Cacti in off the porch at night.
    It looks like a beautiful day in your area in spite of heavy frost. May you get your foggy Sunday.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Her ear is always bad I’m afarid. It is just a matter of how bad. The pill seems to be working so I hold my thumb that it will stay better for a long period this time.

      Yes it sounds like Piki Dog and Albin is very much the same 🙂 Hector who actually was a pretty smart dog was exactly the same. I never remember the time he ate a toad and thankfully threw it up. They are poisonous so we had to drive fast to the vet and as soon as we had come home again the first thing he does is to find the dead toad and eat it again 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I always miss those on and off buttons 🙂 In a way I’m sort of glad if the thing still doesn’t work after I’ve finally found the off and on button 🙂

      So far the morning is dark and clear, I can see some stars in the sky but I’m holding my thumbs 🙂

      Have a great day!



      1. Tegan bit a toad once. I looked down and saw her foaming at the mouth and there was the toad on the ground with a huge chunk out of its back. I had to drag her away from the poor toad and she didn’t go without a fight. I went back a few minutes later to dispatch the toad and it was gone. Nowhere to be seen and I did check. Tegan was fine. It was not a poisonous slime kind of toad.

        And the wreath lights work just fine so it was me. They even blink. 😀


  2. Hundar har nog inte det där i sig att koppla ihop vad dom ätit eller gjort med att saker och ting går åt helsicke! När Penny hade fått två getingstick i mun när vi var ute i Stockholms Skärgård och var tvungna att ta en dyr taxibåt till fastlandet (då var hon genast bra igen *fniss*) så fortsatte hon bara att jaga getingar. Likaså att äta avföring och annat äckligt som hon mådde dåligt av. 😦
    Som tur är så är Santos ganska ointresserad av annat än sitt eget kräks – och kräks gör han kanske högst 1 gång vartannat år – och flygdjur bryr han sig inte om alls. Jätteskönt!! 🙂
    Här är det minsann ingen dimma utan iskallt. Det var -5 i morse när vi gick ut, men -4 när vi kom tillbaka så nu när Rolle ska ta en runda med honom kanske det har blivit ännu bättre. Alltså inte så kallt….. 🙂 🙂
    KRAM – Susie


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Nej orsak och verkan är nog inte deras grej 🙂 Det är de mest vidriga saker de kan sätta i sig, man får vara glad att man inte har samma smak som de i alla fall 🙂

      Riktigt tjock dimma här periodvis, den försvann ett tag men kom tillbaka nu efter att solen gått ned. Har riktigt njutit av den idag 🙂

      Ha det gott!



  3. Christer,
    Gracie is not as obedient as your dogs. She would be off in a second chasing anything which moved though now that she is so much older, I doubt she’d run far.

    Gracie isn’t a fruit eater. She’d leave the apples for the birds, but some foods have the same effect as apples do on Albin. The boxer I grew up with ate horsemeat which is what was sold in dog food cans back then. He too could clear a room. Gracie occasionally does the same.

    The ice on the trees is so lovely. I know they shine like jewels in the sunlight.

    Stay warm!!


    1. Hi Kat!

      I think it helps a lot that I start to walk around with the dogs unleashed. They don’t run that fast as puppies and they tend to feel abandoned if one is more than three yards away from them 🙂 They are however a nightmare to walk around with if they are leashed 🙂 🙂

      I think it helps having several dogs at the same time, I better eat it so they can’t 🙂 and once they’ve started they just continue to do so 🙂

      Have a great day!



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