Ours must be the worst in the world.

This spruce always catches my eyes, it isn't the color because many spruces have that anemic color here. It is the shape of it, for being a spruce it's too even. It looks like someone has been pruning it and I doubt anyone has since it grows in the forest :-)
This spruce always catches my eyes, it isn’t the color because many spruces have that anemic color here. It is the shape of it, for being a spruce it’s too even. It looks like someone has been pruning it and I doubt anyone has since it grows in the forest 🙂

They said we were going to have sunny weather today and I can’t deny that the sun is shining somewhere behind all those clouds. The sunshine has however never reached the ground so I still feel as if they got it wrong as always. We must have the worst meteorologists in the world here in this country. They say we’ll get sunny tomorrow as well so I guess we won’t see any sunshine tomorrow either 🙂





They also said we were going to have strong winds today but I’ve been walking in the open fields just now and I can’t say I felt any wind at all. I have to admit that it has been rather pleasant weather even if it is cloudy because it is fairly warm and no wind. This warm weather is however bringing out the tics again, I picked one from Sune yesterday afternoon. I guess we’ll have to live with that since the climate is warmer now than before. I really don’t mind the loss of snow but I do mind that the tic season gets longer.





The hunters were out today in the part of the forest where we met them last week, I could hear two shots clearly. Suddenly they were all here around noon but they never put up any signs that they were hunting here so I have no idea what they were doing. They could of course be looking for an animal that only got wounded by the shot so they were out searching for it because I did hear a dog bark. Three weeks ago they must have done the same thing because I saw several drops of blood on the gravel road. If they can’t shoot the animal properly they really shouldn’t be out hunting at all!





It just sounded as most of them drove away again so we’ll be able to take one more walk in the forest before it gets dark again. I was a bit surprised the other day when I saw two woodpeckers in my apple tree eating apples! I didn’t know they ate apples. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had been pecking on the tree itself since half of it already has fallen but they were only concentrating on the apples.



Caryn, this is one of the original WOW trees.
Caryn, this is one of the original WOW trees.


I have four apple trees in my garden but really can’t  eat any apples myself, my stomach sort of gives up if I eat any. So I am thinking of actually cutting them down and perhaps replace them with hardy cherry trees. I don’t know why but I’ve never had any stomach problems after eating cherries and I do like that berry. I don’t think I would be able to get many myself though, the birds are nasty fast in eating them all before I would get a chance 🙂 I’ve also been thinking about perhaps replacing at least one of the apple trees with an oak and I doubt it would be especially big before the day I pass on 🙂


These three were taken with the Ambi Silette. They are not good and that's because I forgot what ISO the film in the camera had :-)  I still like this first one though.
These three were taken with the Ambi Silette. They are not good and that’s because I forgot what ISO the film in the camera had 🙂 I still like this first one though.



It is time for a pot of tea and after that another walk. It still doesn’t look like the sun will show itself and it is only two hours left before it will set.


These three were taken with the Contessa. I do miss the autumn colors.
These three were taken with the Contessa. I do miss the autumn colors.




Have a great day!


14 thoughts on “Ours must be the worst in the world.

  1. Hi Christer,
    No more Wow? Sad. The question now is, will they be Ow trees or Wo trees? 🙂 The trunk of that one looks punky. Did it fall over from rot?

    Are you going to cut down the apple tree with the very delicious apples? That would be a shame. Cherries aren’t my favorite but I like the flowering trees. I even like the wild cherries that don’t have much of a flower.
    In other garden topics, I threw down grass seed a couple of weeks ago. I can see it there not doing anything. Since the lawn guys didn’t suck it up with the mower and it didn’t blow away or float away with the wind and rain, I’m hoping it has put down tap roots and is just biding it’s time until spring.

    I like that first Ambi Silette photo, too. It reminds me of a painting that showed a clearing in the forest and fairies were dancing around. I can’t remember the artist, though. It was a slightly creepy painting but lovely.

    Today started out very foggy. You would have liked it. The fog has gone but it’s still a very grey and damp day. Once in a while the sun tries to peek out but no luck.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Well if I look at the wow in another angle another tree takes over but it does look a bit fifferent. If that tree hadn’t been there it would have looked something like WOll (not capital i’s) 🙂 It actually died some time ago and I think it had rotten inside, I never got close enough to look what it looked like inside.

      I’m not sure if there is any other apple around that pollinate its flowers so there is really no use in saving it but then again it stands close to the fence in the back and I have pruned it into a hand fan shape so I might save it after all. I do like cherries so for me it would be perfect but I’m also thinking of perhaps buying seeds to American plum, P. americana but even if the prunus species grow fast even up here it would take quite some time until it became a tree of some size. I doubt that I can buy it as a tree here so seeds it must be.

      Isn’t it a bit chilly where You live now? The grass seeds might not show any signs of life above ground until nexct spring. There’s no use in starting too late in the year so it risks freezing to death during winter.

      I think that photo has an eerie feeling too it and I do like it 🙂 I’m just witing for something odd to popp up in the photo 🙂

      No sun here at all, I do hope they’ve predicted it right for tomorrow!

      Have a great day!



      1. Yes and no it has been cold. There were a couple of nights here and there when it went below freezing but usually it’s been around 33 or so for a low. High temperature for the last couple of weeks has been in the mid to high 40’s. The ground has not frozen. I was thinking the seeds might be just be growing a tap root to anchor themselves for the winter. But I don’t know if grass does that.

        If I recall correctly, you said you have sandy soil. Try to get some American beach plum, Prunus maritima. It should grow where you are as it’s cold hardy and grows as far north as Maine. Some say it can grow as far up as New Brunswick. The ones I know about grow on Plum Island which is a barrier island. The weather can be really harsh there. It doesn’t grow tall though some can get up to 13 feet in cultivation. I keep meaning to plant some. I love the fruit. It’s small but tasty. Makes great jam, too.


      2. My guess is that You won’t notice anything until next spring, they have a built in system that stops them if there are signs it will be winter soon. You could of course check one seed to see if it has any root.

        I have really tried to find the beach plum or seeds to it but no luck so far. It is a tough one but can it take the long period when it is dark here? It can sure take our temperatures but the summer might be too short and cool for it to survive the winter. I really want to try it though 🙂


  2. Hi Christer! I think its the same weather forecasters here and where you are. They rarely if ever get it right. While I can appreciate predicting the weather is tricky, no denying that, I just wish they would be at least 30% accurate. Today however they did get it correct. The sun is shining and the thermometer is telling me it is 5 degrees out. I am pretty sure we are breaking records. The snow that came the other day is now completely gone – except for little tiny bits in the gardens and on the north sides of houses 🙂

    I would like to grow an apple tree but my husband refuses to accept this. Makes too much of a mess he says. He grew up with apple and cherry trees but I did not and I think I should like one 🙂 I do however have a fabulous birch that we planted as a baby and it is so stunning – especially in the fall. It has grown mighty but quicker than an oak would I am sure. I do like oak trees as well, and spruce.

    I wish hunters would not hunt and just open a can of chick peas 🙂 🙂 🙂 Of course I understand the reason why people hunt but I just can’t bring myself to accept it. Poor animals. They just don’t have a chance. 🙂 I am sure you can tell I am a huge animal advocate! 🙂

    I hope your evening went well. I have just cleaned the house ready for our neighbors and I think soon I will start the 2nd half of the preparations….


    1. Hi Dianna!

      Here they brag about their super computer they have just gotten and still they get it wrong so often. It does actually look as they have gotten it right this morning, the sky is clear and it is somewhat chilly and windy outside.

      In what way does an apple tree create too much of a mess? 🙂 The leafs and apples in the autumn? I guess however it must be hard to find apple trees hardy enough for where You live? I wouldn’t miund one of Your more coloful (in autumn) oaks and preferably with pointy leafs. Ours are round lobed and almost get brown directly.

      To be honest, I think huntimg is much better for the animal than how it works with farm animals. The wild one doesn’t even know what hit it while an animal on the way in to a slaughter house unfortunately knows very well what is going to happen. Even for us humans that place reaks of death. Over here they hunt so no animal population becomnes too big and the balance in nature fall apart but if they can’t shoot it right they shouldn’t be out there!

      The dogs and I went in and out of sleep all day 🙂 I think I satill must have thet cold inmy body 🙂

      Have a great day!



      1. Hiya! Yep, its the apples falling in the autumn. So messy and then the wasps come. So he refuses. We do actually have apple trees that are for our climate and some that have been “born” via crossmatching pollens, etc. Some get quite large and a proper apple – not a crab apple either. I still would like a tree. 🙂


  3. För en gångs skull så visade det sig att metrologerna hade rätt igår; Vi har en fruktansvärd blåst just nu och eftersom dom sa igår att det skulle bli ännu värre framåt eftermiddagen med riktig storm så oroar men sig en aning. Träden i kohagen bakom är så enormt stora att faller någon av dom närstående ner så når dom huset.
    Frågade faktiskt försäkringsbolaget vem/vad skulle ersättas i sådant fall och dom svarade att det skulle vår försäkring täcka, men självrisken fick man kräva markägaren på. Han…som inte ens är ett dugg intresserad av att ta ner dom här jätteträden trots att vi skulle betala för nertagningen. Ja, ja – vi får väl se vad som händer…..
    KRAM – Susie


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Samma här, redigt starka vindar men lite mer moln än de sade. Ingen risk för storm här och hade det blivit så har jag ändå tur med vindriktningen, märks inget all att det blåser här vid stugan 🙂

      Man kan ju tycka att det är ägaren till träden som skulle stå för allt vid skador men så är det inte, konstigt egentligen! Jag håller tummarna för att träden står kvar i stormen, inget roligt att få ett träd rakt över huset!

      Ha det gott i blåsten!



  4. Christer,
    We have rain, and the weathermen got it right. On Sunday they said rain until Thursday. Yesterday rained rather heavily but not so much today until later in the afternoon. Gracie came inside and her fur was pretty wet.

    The plastic is not attached to the dog door frame. I met a friend who suggested washers. I went to the hardware store, and the clerk found screws with bigger heads but similar threads. When I put the screws on the door, the middle ones were fine as is, but I had to use the washers on the two outside screw as the holes were much bigger. It was a good thing I bought both screws and washers.

    Gracie has been in and out several times. She wasn’t happy when I had to keep the door closed because of the opened dog door.

    Albin looks so leggy in that picture.

    The autumn pictures are lovely, particularly the road picture.

    Have a great evening!!


    1. Hi Kat!

      Both snow and rain today and the roads were slippery as soap on my way home. We will get below 32F temperatures now so I do hope the roads will be better soon again!

      I’m glad the dog door finally sits where it should 🙂 Normally one never buy both just because why should one 🙂 So I congratulate You to buy them both 🙂 I can understand how happy Gracie must have been when she finally could go in and out as she pleased 🙂

      Have a great day!



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