Better today!

This is my favorite moss. It looks like lots of small fern leafs.
This is my favorite moss. It looks like lots of small fern leafs.

It didn’t hurt that bad in my ankle this morning and since I managed to put on a shoe without too much pain I went to work. I did work a bit slower when cleaning the box but managed to not sprain the ankle again 🙂 Today I even managed to put on my boots, something that was impossible yesterday. They go up above the ankle and keeps it steady, so we even walked in the forest today without me making it any worse 🙂



Moss and lichens don't care if a tree is dead, they juist need it as something to grow on.
Moss and lichens don’t care if a tree is dead, they just need it as something to grow on.



We had frost and fog when I drove to work and we’ve had that several mornings ony way to work, so why can’t it happen on a weekend? I do like fog a lot but not when I’m driving. I guess I really can’t complain since we’ve had lots of fog since late summer but still, why does it only show up when I’m at work 🙂






I’m late with ordering the christmas cards this year, I haven’t even picked out any photo yet, so I guess I better get cards that says happy holidays so it doesn’t matter if it arrives late 🙂 I thought I had plenty of time and then I saw what date it is 🙂 Time has finally started to move again, November is a month when days feel like ages and weeks like eons but as soon as the first of advent comes close time just flies again. I bought a potted Jul en (christmas Juniper) today. It’s actually not a Juniper at all it is a false cypress (Chamaecyparis).




Not even the dogs liked to walk in the Forbidden Forest today, so we went out of there rather quickly.
Not even the dogs liked to walk in the Forbidden Forest today, so we went out of there rather quickly.


I’ve placed it on my entrance stairs and I think this might be the first year ever no dog will pee it to death 🙂 Orvar would have reached it anywhere but Sune is too small to reach it from the ground and I think it is too difficult for him to stand on the stairs and still aim right when peeing on it 🙂 Albin doesn’t seem to think trees are for peeing on, he prefers dirt mounds or moss so far. These trees are barely hardy here but if it actually survives I will plant it in my garden next year.


Four photographs taken with the Balda.
Four photographs taken with the Balda.




It is time to feed us all. I’ve been longing for rice porridge all day but now I’m not sure I have the energy to boil it this evening 🙂 It does demand a lot of attention to boil rise porridge so perhaps I should do it tomorrow instead, it isn’t that fun to try to get rid of boiled milk on the stove 🙂


Four taken with the Agfa Ambi Silette.
Four taken with the Agfa Ambi Silette.




Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Better today!

  1. Hi Christer,
    Glad to hear that your foot has improved enough to stick in a shoe and go to work.

    Thanks for reminding me that I haven’t done my Christmas card photo either. There are still cards from previous years leftover. I did go through my photos and couldn’t find anything that inspired me. It might be another year of Rocky peeing on the snow-covered lawn mower. 🙂

    One of my two Christmas cacti is blooming. It’s the stunted one I keep in the pantry which is usually lacking in light. I forget to water it regularly and lots of it had died off. I stuck it outside with the little quince a couple of months ago but moved it to the porch when it got cooler. Now it is covered in blossoms.
    The little quince is hanging in there with the very cold, windy weather. Last I checked it had one green leaf left. The dogs haven’t peed on it.

    I hope your little Christmas juniper does well and escapes being peed to death.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Rocky peeing on the snow covered lawn mower is a classic already 🙂

      It was even better that I could get my feet into my boots since they support the ankle, I wouldn’t have mind if I hadn’t been able to go to work 🙂

      I really need to find a photo this weekend so I at least have a chance to get those card away in time for the over sease.

      I think I must buy a few christmas cacti this year, all the old ones are dead now. They do flower best when they are badly mistreated 🙂 and they do need a colder period to flower at their best. I have my leaf cacti but they show no signs of buds I’m afraid.

      That quince will have no problems out there, it would have had it if it had stayed indoors.

      None of the dogs have shown any interest inthe christmas juniper so far, it’s a bit over two feet high so it would be nice if it survived the winter, I’ve always liked those chamaecyparus.

      Have a great day!



  2. Hi Christer! Oh boy!!! I totally forgot about cards this year…..I think its too late to send overseas! All my cards say Merry Christmas so if it arrives in January that’s just silly. Oh boy…..

    Albin is such a handsome looking dog. I just love their faces!

    Today we are gray and drizzly. We are breaking records this year for sure. This weekend will be sunny and 4. Unheard of at this time of year!!!! I for one am happy. One less month of bitter temperatures makes me happy.

    So glad your ankle is better! Nice solid boots to keep it stable is just the ticket! 🙂

    I wonder what I will make for supper too? I have to bake a cake tonight as we have our neighbors coming for dinner tomorrow. I am going to make a tres leches cake. So delicious. But now I have no clue for tonight’s supper!

    Have a good evening!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      It’s nice to know there are more than I who has forgotten those cards 🙂 I think December 13th is the latest for over seas cards from Sweden.

      He is and now he finally is getting back his weight. Today I couldn’t count hgis ribs when looking at him from above.

      Sunny here this weekend too and up to 8C but it will cool down on Sunday and after that it will stay chilly. I don’t mind cold weather that much but I really don’t like snow 🙂

      Yes boots are great for bad ankles and I’m so glad I could put it on without it hurting too bad.

      I didn’t make any rice porridge today so I’ll do it tomorrow, rice porridge smells like chriatmas to me 🙂

      Have a great day!



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