We slept the entire night :-)

Taken with the Nikon F 401s and so are the three following ones.
Taken with the Nikon F 401s and so are the three following ones.

We finally slept an entire night without Albin complaining about something or just wanted to look out the open door just to go inside immediately again 🙂 Still, I was just as tired when I woke up this morning 🙂 I hope he also has understood that I won’t run to the door every second he hits the bells 🙂 I think he has understood that he needs to pick his battles 🙂





I drive on a rather narrow forest road to and from work now, it is much shorter to work and I usually only meet one or two cars the entire way. It is always a problem when I meet someone though because we both need to slow down rather much to be able to pass each other, there are deep ditches on each side of the road. Yesterday on my way home I suddenly met over thirty cars and it drove me insane and I thought it would take over an hour to come home.





At first I thought that the hunters in that area must have had a meeting or that some village community would have a meeting in one of the villages I had passed. Today I heard that there had been a car crash and all traffic had been redirected to this very small road. Suddenly it seemed that meeting a lot of cars wasn’t that bad to be honest, there were other people who had much bigger problems than me meeting lots of cars.





It is time to get something to eat and then some tv before going to bed. Tomorrow I’ll buy that heat-resistant clay/ cement I need to renovate my stove. I think I’ll be able to start having fires in it after a few days again 🙂 I have missed the nice heat from that stove.





Have a great day!






6 thoughts on “We slept the entire night :-)

  1. Hi Christer,
    Swans in the mist. 🙂
    Is this new snow or the old snow that disappeared?

    Sounds like it must have been a very bad accident if they had to reroute traffic onto that forest road.

    Rocky will still ask to go out for no other reason than to get a fresh nose. I have to judge whether he needs to do business or just wants to go out to look around. I don’t mind letting them do that during the day but not at night. There are things out there at night that might be fatal or, at the very least, stinky. Skunks. 🙂

    Today is cool and what could be called bright overcast. The sun is up there somewhere making the day brighter than it would otherwise be. It’s only visible as a brighter area of cloud.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      I wish it was mist, it is just a grey and dull sky 🙂 It is old snow, the rain must have removed all snow even in the forest by now.

      It must have been or perhaps a lorry that had slid of the road without anyone getting hurt. They have a lorry terminal not far from this littlke road and something could have happened there.

      No fatal or stinky things here to be aware of 🙂 Well badgers when it is warm and the fox that pass through my garden at night and none of them smell like violets 🙂 Albin comes in just to hit the bells after a few minutes so I know he’s just bored. I’m so glad the weekend starts tomorrow so we can take long walks without any leashes 🙂

      Warmish and rainy here, I guess that’s why Albin doesn’t want to go outside 🙂 Snow doesn’t bother him but he just doesn’t like rain 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. Hi Christer! Oh yes, lots of traffic usually means one of two things. With me its always a train or an accident. I hope whoever was in the accident is okay!

    Funny how dogs go through different phases! Perhaps he’s thinking of his next “thing”!!! 🙂 You never know with dogs.

    Very slowly my cold is leaving me. Its in my chest now so coughing is great and my sinuses are not as bad as a few days ago. This coughing hurts!! I treated myself today with a hot chocolate from our atrium in the hospital. It has some food places, a coffee shop, a pharmacy and a gift shop. Its sometimes nice to get away from the office to browse. Good stress relief.

    We are considering a senior companion dog for Tucker. He has not been himself since we put Willow to sleep in February and to make matters worse, he gets so violently car sick that if we take Karma out for hikes, he has to stay at home. So we are considering. It would be nice if we could find an older dog for him to have as company. 🙂

    Have a good evening!!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      I have no idea how things went for those in the crash so I can only hope things went well.

      I think he’s just very bored since we can’t take those long walks as he’s used to. It’s pitch black when I come home and he can’t walk unleashed then.

      I’m glad the cold is leaving even if it i sklow. I’m glad those few times I have a cold but not coughs, that pain can stay long after the cold has left. Hospitals are great that way, there’s always a few places where one can find something to eat 🙂 I don’t think I’ve been to any tnat has an atrium though. They have one in the neighbor factory and I just love walking through it.

      Can be a good idea to get him a buddy that is a bit older, young dogs can be a pain in the a.. for older dogs 🙂 I would go for it if I found one that clicked with Willow.

      Have a great day!



  3. Christer,
    The snow makes everything look pretty, but I’d rather do without if given a choice. My sister has snow, but she could do without it and the cold nights it brings.

    The dogs look wonderful against the white snow. Gracie likes snow, but the stairs get covered, and then they are dangerous for her to go down them to the yard.

    I know all the alternative routes, the ones with fewer cars, so I would be annoyed if all cars found my routes. With an accident, there isn’t much to do but hope you don’t hit another car on the narrow road.

    Have a great evening!


    1. Hi Kat!

      It does but I rather not have it anyway 🙂 I’m happy if I just see itr in photos 🙂

      Sune and Nova likes snow but Albin doesn’t seem to care at all. Heä’s happy as long as it doesn’t rain I guess 🙂

      Thankfully everyone understood that they had to drive very slow and the ones driving there every day knows where the best spots to stop at when we meet another car. There wasn’t a single car the next day 🙂

      Have a great day!



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