A perfect winter day.


The day has been rather wonderful despite the world being covered in snow. The sun has been shining all day from an absolutely cloud free sky and the wind has been mostly absent. I even had my jacket open most parts of our walks because the sun warmed me up so much. The temperature has stayed around 0C (32F) as warmest but the snow melted where the sun hit so I’ve heard roof dripping all day long.





We’ve taken two long walks today, both more than one and a half hour long. We walked to the slightly dried out lake in the forest in the morning, I figured the hunters would be out today since we had such a nice weather (and I did hear several shots very close from the forest when we came home). The last rains we had had filled up the lake somewhat so I could see a smooth frozen surface in the middle of the lake. Not many trees drink water now so most of what has fallen has had a chance to stay in the lake.


He's still too thin but he's slowly getting back to his right weight.
He’s still too thin but he’s slowly getting back to his right weight.




We followed the creek upstream a bit on our next walk and then turned in to the forest on our way back again. I had expected to see lots of tracks from wild hogs where we were walking but I didn’t see anything. It is odd because I have hardly seen any tracks from them since last spring, it isn’t as if I am missing them but I do wonder where they are. One day I won’t expect to meet any and that’s when we will 🙂 I can only hope Albin will behave and not run to investigate what they are 🙂





Tomorrow will be cloudy the say and next week will be cloudy, warm and rainy if they have gotten the predictions right. It’ll not be fun to drive to work on these icy roads when it has rained on them too, it is hard as it is to be honest 🙂 The wildlife I’ve met in the mornings have behaved very well, they have been standing by the road until I’ve almost stopped before they have crossed the road, I like well-behaved wildlife 🙂



Many flocks of mute swans passed over our heads this morning, I guess they don't trust our weather sites either :-)
Many flocks of mute swans passed over our heads this morning, I guess they don’t trust our weather sites either 🙂


It is time to give Albin his medicines before he gets his food. He’s really good in the stomach now and I hope it isn’t just because of the medicine but because he actually can eat chicken. He is gaining weight again though even if he still is too thin. After that I’ll give myself something to eat too, I’m thinking French fries (or as we call them Pommes frites, deep-fried potatoes in french and we use the french name for it) and either meatballs or prince sausages.





Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “A perfect winter day.

  1. Hi Christer,
    I hate snow but I love the shades of blue that snow gives us.
    Great photos of the mute swans. The golden light on them as they fly is beautiful.

    Excellent action shots of Nova. She looks very intense.
    Albin doesn’t look thin in the photos. But it’s good that the diet change seems to be working. I hope it’s more than just an effect of the medication.

    I read that we are stuck in a warm bubble and you are stuck in a cold bubble. It’s the second week in November and I’ve been walking around outside in short sleeves and flip flops more often than not. I’m not complaining. I planned to put marker stakes by the opening to my driveway for the plow guy but it feels kind of odd to do so while wearing shirtsleeves and flip flops. 🙂

    Wild life that is traffic savvy is always a good thing.

    You remind me that I have french fries in the freezer. I’ll have them with some steak later on. Thanks.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Snow does well in photos but not so much in the real 🙂 but today I wasn’t that bothered with it even if I slipped on some hidden branches in the forest 🙂

      They show her true self, she is very intense to be honest but I think Albin is even more so. His ribs would have shown very well if the light had come from another direction though, they are very visible still. He started to feel better before the medication bso I do hope he reaslly is better but then again it was the same when I changed to the new food, he looked great for a few days until it got even worse than before.

      Maybe we are changing bubbles now because we’re getting warmer and rainy weather next week. I really don’t mind if it gets cold but I don’t like the snow. A world covered in rime is much more beautiful than one covered in snow 🙂 I doubt I would be able to walk in flipflops even if we did swap bubbles 🙂 Perhaps it would be a good idea to put up those markers just in case.

      I do wish more of them were like that 🙂

      I cooked my fries a tiny bit too long but I don’t mind if they are crunchy 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. Christer,
    Your photos are wonderful. The dawn pictures almost, again almost, make me want to be up early.

    Your title of Perfect Winter Day gives me a shiver. I’m not so sure I’d call it a perfect winter Day. I just can’t wrap my head around winter arriving this early.

    Gracie would be gone in a shot chasing another dog. She no longers runs out the front door but rather just sits waiting for the door to close. When she was young, she was always running out the door and would never come when called.

    I think Albin is looking good. I also hope it is the chicken working a miracle.

    Today will be in the 40’s but it will get as warm as the high 50’s later in the week. I like that much better.

    Have a great day!


    1. Hi Kat!

      The sun goes so low in the sky now that I can take dawn photos for almost two hours now 🙂 It’s the only thing I like with winter I think 🙂

      WE usually get our first snow in October, even if people tend to only remember the last winter which didn’t give us any snow until late November 🙂 If we’re unlucky it’ll last till late May. Thankfully they say we’ll get warmer weather again next week even though I’m not too happy about the rain they also say we’ll get.
      I’m glad Albin hasn’t figured out that he easily could jump over the fence on the back side of the garden 🙂 but then again he is always waiting for me when we’re out walkingand never wants to be too far away. I guess it’s just a matter of time until his more adventures side takes over. I’m glad everyone knows him here in the village and knows how kind he is, pitbulls aren’t the most popular dogs ariound here.

      Cold again tomorrow but after that it’ll turn.

      Have a great day!



  3. Hi Christer!! Well behaved wildlife is always a really good thing! I always fear hitting something when we travel at night on the highways. At least we do not have moose this close to the city – that would be deadly.

    Glad to hear Albin is back on track. I am sure you are happy too about that! 🙂

    Not sure if we broke records today, but I think it got to 13 or 14 outside. So very odd for the middle of November! I am sure I must be living in a dream world. My shoulder ached a bit today so not sure if a change in weather is happening or I am just getting older! 🙂

    Off to my brother’s house in the country tomorrow for brunch. I am making a tres leches cake to take. I hope it turns out, I have never made one before! If not I can always throw together some brownies. Those are easy peasy!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      Yes it is so much nicer when they wait than just run out in front of the car 🙂 Moose quite often walk in to our bigger cities too, I guess it’s because we tend to have big foresty parks even in the center of the cities. It is amazing how such a big animal as a moose can be so invisible!

      I’m so glad he’s better but I wouldn’t mind if he stopped using the poocie bells just because he’s bored inthe middle of the night 🙂

      Still around 0C today but tomorrow it’ll start getting warmer again. I can only hope that te rain will melt away the ice on teh roads very fast! I’ve never tasted a tres leches cake, not sure we make them here at all. I do however have a bread just about to be tossed into the oven 🙂

      Have a great day!



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