To the vet we’ll go.

Older photos today but it still look much the same here.
Older photos today but it still look much the same here.

I’m a bit worried about Albin. The new food he got turned out to be even worse than the previous one, not only did he get insanely much eczema he also started to lose weight. I didn’t see it until late yesterday evening after he had gotten his food for the evening. So I went up rather early this morning and started to boil some fish I had in the freezer.





He gulped down almost half a kilo, one pound, of fish and I added extra corn oil as well. So I bought lots of fish today but also lots of chicken filets that I could give him when there was no more fish. He just looked at the fish and went away!! He just refused to eat it so slightly panicky I started to boil the chicken instead and thankfully he ate all of it, almost half a kilo mixed with some rice. The thinning of him has gone so fast! So I won’t let him out of my sight just in case he throws it up when he goes outside.





So now I boil all the chicken I have here at home so I can give it to him tomorrow morning and evening and I will go to the store to buy more so I always have some at home. I’ve called the vet so we’ll meet him tomorrow afternoon at five. It can of course be something completely else but since this got worse when I changed the food I’m pretty sure that’s the reason. At the moment however Albin seems happy and sleeps close to the radiator here in the kitchen 🙂


At the pilgrimage in Gudhem.
At the pilgrimage in Gudhem.



Yesterday I was so late that I not even started the laptop, I went to the super market to buy some things and the roads were anything but nice to drive on, thankfully everyone drove carefully and adjusted the speed after the road conditions. That’s very rare but I guess lots of people still ave summer tires on their cars so none wanted any surprises so we would have to panic brake on slippery roads 🙂 As soon as they have changed to winter tires they think they can drive as if we were driving on dry summer roads 🙂





It is finally time to make something to eat for myself too. I’m not that hungry to be honest, In worked in the neighbor factory today so I got my lunch a bit late after coming back to my usual work place. What I really want is a big cup of coffee but I also wants to sleep tonight so I think I’ll skip that 🙂



Two weeks ago.
Two weeks ago.



Have a great day!


12 thoughts on “To the vet we’ll go.

  1. If it’s allergies, maybe ask the vet about “Apoquel”. It’s not a steroid or an antihistamine.
    We sell a lot of it here at the clinic and there’s cat that lives here who is on it and all the hair grew back onto her front legs so I’d say it works.
    Good Luck!
    I’m thinking positive healing thoughts for your pup!


    1. Hi Cindi!

      I sat at the vet and just couldn’t remember what it was called 🙂 I’ll ask him next time if we need to go back. From now on I’ll only give Albin boiled chicken and rice and can only hope he isn’t allergick to either. He’s much happier today though so I hope for the best. I have to keep an eye on him all the time because he’s a master of steeling the other dogs food and the cats too 🙂

      So so far so good 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. Hi Christer! Oh I hope it is the food and nothing else. So worrying when a pet is sick!! Keep up the good care and he will be right as rain I am sure.

    I can’t access my email on my computer so I am sending from my phone so a short response because I dont really like typing on this keyboard.

    See you thursday!!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      The vet was pretty sure it is the food so we’re hoping Albin isn’t allergic to chicken and rice because that is what he will be eating for quite some time. When he’s ok again we’ll start rying other things to see what he reacts on. The vet sell all these kinds of doet foods but didn’t try to sell any of it to me, he’s a great vet!

      Have a great day!



  3. Hi Christer,
    Poor Albin. I probably would have turned up my nose at the second serving of boiled fish, too. 🙂 Chicken and rice is much better.

    You might ask the vet about adding flaxseed oil to whatever food he can tolerate. It’s excellent for eczema and dry skin. Salmon oil and cod liver oil also work very well but flaxseed oil smells a lot better when the dog breathes in your face. 🙂

    Let’s hope you don’t end up having to cook for him. Rocky and Piki Dog are not sensitive to food so far. But there was a period of time when every dog food I chose eventually ended up with a factory recall because of salmonella or E. coli in the food. I thought I was going to end up cooking breakfast and dinner for them. They scarf their kibble like it’s the best food on the planet but boy are they picky about food that isn’t tiny brown pebbles.

    Little Quincy is planted in the ground. It’s warm here and temperatures are forecast to be well above freezing for the next 10 days. I surrounded him with the orange flags that lawn companies use for treated grass. Maybe the lawn guys won’t weed whack him. The little flags also deflect the dogs and their tie-out lines. Good luck to Quincy. Hope he makes it through the winter. 🙂

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Lets hpe he continues to love boiled chicken because that is what he will get for quite some time 🙂 We’re hoping that chicken and rice aren’t something he is allergic to! If this works and he’s back to normal again I’ll change the chicken to pork, if that’s ok I’ll try beef and so on.If nothing works we’ll try a blood test.

      Since we don’t know what he’s allergic too he didn’t want any oil in his food at all right now and I agree, flaxseed oil does smell better 🙂

      I’m used cooking for my dogs since Orvar quite often had a bad stomach because of his medicines. I don’t mind as long as he get better. Sune and Nova are like trash cans, they’ll take anything and survive 🙂

      Just remember to water the little plant quite a lot the first week! It really need all help it can get in the beginning and lets hope they realise what those flags are there for 🙂 I’m pretty sure that as long as it is left alone from weed hackers and dog pee it will survive the winter 🙂

      Have a great day!



      1. I planted it near the front walkway and it’s only about 5 inches tall. In winter, a lot of snow accumulates along the walkway. Should I pile leaves on it or put some other kind of protection over it after it goes dormant to keep it from getting crushed by the snow?


      2. I don’t think the risk of it getting crushed is especially big unless it has some branches that could break. Don’t cover it until it’s cold though, if You do it too early lots of pests will get a chance to destroy it because it will be enoiugh warm for them to survive longer.


  4. will be thinking of you and albin, hope the vet will be able to diagnose and come up with an easy fix. i have some digestive problems with my cats, but at least they are not ill. we just need to get a more regulated feeding routine worked out. i can’t just let them free-feed because one has to eat a different food. –suz in ohio/usa


    1. Hi Suz!

      Thank You!

      He’s pretty sure that it is a food allergie since Alöbin’s stomach also is troublesome. No easy fix though, I’ll be giving him rice and chicken for quite some time and am hoping he isn’t allergic to either 🙂

      When he’s back to normal again it’s trial and error that will go on here. Try something else and if he reacts avoid it for all his life, if he doesn’t it’s safe for him.

      Albin is unfortunately a master in stealing food from both the other dogs and the cats so I’ll have to keep an eye on him all the time 🙂

      Have a great day!



  5. Christer,
    Nothing is worse than a sick pet. I hated it when poor Fern got so sick. I did everything I could. I do wish I could have explained to her why I had to give her the medicine.

    I’m lucky that none of my animals have had allergies to food. The dog eats really excellent dog food while the cat food comes from the supermarket. They all seem to do well.

    I figure Albin is pretty excited having chicken and rice. I totally understand his aversion to the fish. I like fish but I’d have turned my nose up at it.

    Have a great evening!!


    1. HI Kat!

      It is bothe stressful anf frustrating! So far it has been easy to give Albin medicine though but that can change in a second 🙂

      I knew his father had allergies so I was prepared for it but not prepared for how fast things happened. He looks as if he hasn’t eaten in weeks and it was a bit scary when he just didn’t care about food at all. Not so this morning though 🙂 and he has been complaining about not getting any food since we came home from our walk 🙂

      He’s not too happy about the rice though but he isn’t that fussy so he just picks the chicken parts though 🙂 All my other dogs in my life have loved fish so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised tat the only one that was in risk of having to eat fish for the rest of his life refused to eat it it 🙂

      Have a great day!



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