Frosty morning.


I forgot my winter jacket at work yesterday so I was a bit worried this morning when we went out for our walk because it was -5C (23F) and all I had to wear was a thick shirt and a fleece jacket. Turned out it was just perfect since the sun rose and actually warmed the air already from the beginning and there was no wind either. We were out for almost two hours and I didn’t freeze even for one second.





I thought the hunters would come today so we didn’t walk out to the forest near my cottage but to the small lake on the other side of the village. The hunters that did come came late and I wonder if they were looking for a shot but not killed animal because when we did go out to our part of the forest the dogs found blood drops on the ground. I have to admit that I rather see that it was a wounded hunter than an animal because if they shoot that bad they wouldn’t be allowed to hunt any more.





I met a neighbor I haven’t seen in a while and he seemed so happy this morning. He told me he had collapsed a few days ago, several times actually (and his wife is rather sick too I understand) but now he was alert as a fiddle. They had put in a pacemaker the other day and now he had no problems at all. It isn’t often one can congratulate someone to have gotten a pacemaker so fast 🙂





We walked out towards the lake in the bog this afternoon, I didn’t plan on going all the way because clouds have come in over the area and since we went back to normal time again today the sun will set so much earlier. Half way there though I suddenly lost all energy so we had to stop for a while and then it felt like I was boiling. My nose got stuffed and a headache started to hit me inside my head. I think I might have gotten a cold again and I’ll check if I have any fever later today. That was something I wasn’t prepared to get I must admit 🙂




I thought it was odd that the lake was frozen after only one night with low temperatures. Turns out the lake is dried out in big parts so what we can see of the lake here is actuallu frozen mud. We really need much more rain than I thought we did.
I thought it was odd that the lake was frozen after only one night with low temperatures. Turns out the lake is dried out in big parts so what we can see of the lake here is actually frozen mud. We really need much more rain than I thought we did.

Tomorrow and Tuesday will be fairly warm (with lots of rain) they say but then it’ll turn towards colder and they say we’ll get snow on Wednesday and later in the weekend. I don’t mind it getting colder but do we really need to get snow? Didn’t we have that last year and did we think we liked it then? No we didn’t 🙂





It’s time for a big cup of tea and perhaps a tiny nap in front of the tv.

Have a great day!


Sunrise at the church in Vilske Kleva.
Sunrise at the church in Vilske Kleva.

8 thoughts on “Frosty morning.

  1. Hi Christer,
    It looks like a beautiful day in your village. Lovely light everywhere.

    I was going to ask if the little cottage was yours but I see a bee hive in the corner so maybe not. I can’t remember if you have a porch like that.

    It must be really dry there if most of a lake has disappeared. We’ve had several days of decent rain so it’s a little recovered. I haven’t been down to the swamp to check if it has returned to normal yet.

    Today is mostly cloudy and some rain is expected later on. No snow though. 🙂

    Colds are nasty, inconvenient things especially when they pop up out of nowhere. On Thursday I woke up with stuffy nose, coughing, sinus headache. It looked bad. Friday morning it was gone. I remembered I had gotten the pneumonia shot on Wednesday so it could have been side effects.
    I hope your cold disappears that quickly.

    Enjoy the evening.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      It was and it stayed that way almost till the sun dropped. Now it’s cloudy but nasty chilly outside and I do hope it won’t go down below 32 tonight.

      don’t think that’s a behive but a root cellar entrance 🙂 but You are right, it isn’t my cottage. Doesn’t it look like that cottage is leaning? I first thought it was I who had held the camera in a bad angle but it isn’t 🙂

      We have had unusually little rain here, the rain that has fallen has mostly been misty rain and that never gives any higher amounts of water. My hopes is that the dry ground will be too bad for fly larvae to survive 🙂 There’s a sign at that place now telling about the lake and the marsh lands around it. Turns out the marshlands used to be a part of the lake but they lowered it in the middle of the 1800’s. So the lake used to be twice as big back in teh days.

      I have a little fever so I guess it is a cold I have. I hope it doesn’t get any worse but I know me and colds, it might come and go for a few days before it’s gone.

      Have a great day!


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  2. eave a Reply

    I didn’t do much today. Gracie and I went to the dump. One of the bags got caught and it was pulled open. Cat litter was all over my trunk. On other days I might have sworn, but I am just too worn out from all that has happened so I just closed the truck. I did go to a gas station with a vacuum and removed the litter, unhappily removed the litter.
    I do keep looking for Fern as it seems so strange without her. I guess it just takes time.
    Have a great day tomorrow!


    1. Hi Kat!

      Cat litter in the trunk is anything but nice! Good thing they have those big vacuum’s at petrolstations! Still one has a tendency to remember the smell even if it isn’t there any longer 🙂

      Our brains work in mysterious ways, I can still look out into my garden wondering where my Sickan is, she passed away over twelve years ago and I do see, in the corner of my eyes, all of my dogs every now and again. I do still miss them all but now days I smile when I think of them 🙂



  3. The golden colors in several of these photos were so beautiful, Christer. Our fall colors are nearly all gone after a weekend with rains and wind. Sorry to read that you may be getting a cold and hope that the TV and rest will help.


    1. Hi Beatrice!

      It was but now the leafs are dropping fast, strong winds and snow makes sure ot that happening 🙂

      The cold is better so I’ll most likely go to work tomorrow.

      Have a great day!



  4. Christer,
    The sun and the frost make for wonderful pictures. We might have had a frost, but I missed it by sleeping late. My car was wet so that made me think it was frost which had melted. It was in the 30’s that night.

    Today was warm, in the 60’s. It was also a calm day, not even a breeze. I was going to do some errands, but I just decided to hang around the house instead.

    In the late afternoon, my neighbors walked by the house, each with a dog and each with their 4 kids. Gracie barked and barked from the deck. She hates people and dogs walking down her street.

    I don’t ant it to get as cold as you’ve had. It is too soon!!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!!


    1. Hi Kat!

      Sun and frost is almost as good a thick fog 🙂 Here the cars always are wet afte the night since we wlmost always have lots of due here but I guess since it was in the 30’s You did have frost.

      I know we had some sunshine this morning but it got cloudy during the day, just as good since it gets so nasty cold on cloud free nights in late autumn/ winter here. Now it’ll only drop down to around 30 tonight.

      Nova is always quiet, she’s more like surprising anyone who walks in to the garden 🙂 Sune and Albin however barks when someone pass by otherwise they rarely say anything. Well Albin grumbles all the time 🙂

      Have a great day!



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