I haven’t figured out what to call her yet.

Here she is, my new car. I still haven't figured out what I'll call her but I have a few ideas :-)
Here she is, my new car. I still haven’t figured out what I’ll call her but I have a few ideas 🙂

The day started a tad chilly and I found a new thing happening in my car when the days start like this,. First there’s a text saying risk of ice (a bit odd since it was above 0C, 32F) and the digit that showed how chilly it was, was blinking all the time. That was actually a bit annoying because the eyes had a tendency to see what it was that blinked even if I knew why.


The fog was so so but I did see lots of migrating cranes this morning.
The fog was so so but I did see lots of migrating cranes this morning.





We had fog again this morning but it wasn’t even close to how good it was yesterday even if it was much colder today. Still, fog is always a good thing unless I have to drive too far in it 🙂 The sun goes up so late now that I can’t get a sunrise photo on the way to work and now it’s also dark already at 8pm. Autumn might be beautiful but I do wish the days could stay longer.


Yesterdays fog was much better.
Yesterdays fog was much better.
Can You see the timber lorry? I couldn't but I could at least see the two flashing lights in the air.
Can You see the timber lorry? I couldn’t but I could at least see the two flashing lights in the air.




The day passed fast because I was working in the neighbor factory all day and I’ll be there tomorrow as well. There isn’t a single clock where I work so if I want to know the time I’ll have to open the overall and check my phone and there’s always a risk I get paint on my hands if I do (and it is really poisonous) so I do that as seldom as possible. By now I know more or less how long it will take to paint one thing anyway.






It is time to get something to eat. I didn’t get my lunch until way after 3pm but I’m already really hungry 🙂 I have no idea what I’ll have to eat but I know I’ll have cold cocoa 🙂


Back to today afternoon. I can't but love all these bright yellows and oranges.
Back to today afternoon. I can’t but love all these bright yellows and oranges.
Most acorns are already taken by the Jays and squirrels.



Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “I haven’t figured out what to call her yet.

  1. Hi Christer,
    She’s very cute. I would call her Pookah. I would also have a pad of small Post-It Notes in the car for sticking over blinking dash lights that won’t shut off or that annoying Check Engine light that is programmed to come on every few thousand miles so you’ll have to go the dealer to reset it because it’s only there to make you go to the dealer so they can reset it. I have learned to live with the light. 🙂

    Even though there wasn’t a lot of fog, these are still lovely photos. I like the fiery clouds.

    I don’t know how the acorn crop is this year. I see some on the ground but can’t see the ones up in the trees. The black walnut trees seem to have a normal size crop though a lot of nuts fell off when they were quite small. There are still a lot up in the trees waiting to fall down.

    Today is sunny, warm and dry. Very summery for the first day of fall. 🙂

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      She is but as long as it isn’t some kind of warning flash that has gone mad I can take it 🙂 but I was thinking of it in the SAAB where the engine lamp shone even though we never could find anything wrong with it 🙂 Thankfully they didn’t care about that when it came to old cars on the annual vehicle inspection 🙂 So I too learned to live with it 🙂

      Fog is always nice even if there’s just a little of it.

      I think it is a very good year for acorns here, my neighbor, the farmer, has several smaller oaks and they are filled with acorns. Last year it was really bad so I guess it was a good thing the winter was so mild, otherwise lots of jays and squirrels would have starved since they almost never come to our feeders. Still not a good walnut year since I am the only one who has a walnut tree 🙂

      We’ve had a rather nice day, not too warm or cold, lots of sunshine but also cloudy like now. They say rain will fall but so far the little we’ve gotten can even be described as drizzle 🙂 So Yesterday was the first autumn day?! Didn’t know that!

      Have a great day!



  2. Hi Christer! She’s a beautiful car!!! I would call her Rebekah. She looks like that name! 🙂 Great photos again today but I agree, it gets very dark very quick in the evening. I have to remind myself that its only September. My brain wants to think its October already 🙂

    We are rather pleasant here today for the first day of autumn. But rain is coming and will visit for Saturday and Sunday apparently. Then it will really feel like autumn. I can hear geese in the evenings now, and there are alot of them. They are starting to really gather now and I watch the squirrels, crows and blue jays gathering treasures for the coming cold months. Funny to watch. I can’t remember if I told you that we have a rather unique squirrel hanging around. Its a red squirrel but has a white tale. Very unique. I am sure its just a weird genetic throwback! But its very pretty.

    We are having an issue with our Nissan Cube. There is a pipe and clamp that is attached to the muffler. Its making a noise/has come loose. But, in Nissan’s infinite wisdom you can’t just buy that part, you have to buy the muffler too. Our muffler is perfect!! We just need the little pipe and clamp. So,we have to spend $500 for a muffler we don’t need to get the clamp. We are searching for other options!! How incredibly ridiculous!

    Hope your evening was lovely!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      She is! Especially since she is over ten years old.
      It does get dark early now and it’ll only get worse. Soon it’ll be dark before I leave from work.

      They say we’ll have warmer weather next week again, I don’t mind but a few really cold nights that killed all the moose flies wouldn’t be so bad either 🙂 I killed several long after I had come home after the walk yesterday and they are hard to kill too! Today is a rather pleasant day, just enough warm 🙂

      There are always other things to use that what they want us to use on our cars 🙂 I have plenty of work friends that would come up with several things I could do without having to buy a new muffler I don’t want 🙂 That is how they make money on spare parts, make it impossible to buy just what we want but instead force us to buy “packages” of things instead. I do hope You can find something else!

      Have a great day!



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