I think it was sunny today.


Sorry about yesterday but if I’m late in normal Mondays, yesterday was even worse because I bought my new car 🙂 I was planning on putting in a photograph of it here today and just realised that I forgot to take a photo of it 🙂 It is however a Peugeot 307 and it is black. I’ll try to photograph it tomorrow instead 🙂






It is very different from the SAAB but I like it. It always takes a while to get used to another car but I will. The SAAB was a bit more luxurious to be honest but that also costs when it comes to the car tax, this car (I haven’t named it yet) cost only half of what the SAAB does and it does drink less petrol too and that’s always a good thing since our petrol prices are at least the double to what You have in the USA for instance.






I think we’ve had a rather sunny day because it became really warm in the factory. I had to stand a lot by the machine all day so all of the heat from the oven made it even warmer. It is a good thing we have a water cooler in the department 🙂 Ours also has carbonic acid if we so wish so it is well visited from the other departments too 🙂






It is time to make something to eat and then to see if there’s anything worth watching on tv.

Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “I think it was sunny today.

  1. Hi Christer,
    It looks like it was sunny.
    Those sheep in the top photo look awfully snooty. Looking down their noses at you, I think. 🙂
    Lovely portrait of Albin. He poses like a dog model. 🙂

    I can understand why one would want a water cooler near one’s work station but why would one want carbonic acid?

    I looked up your new (to you) car. It’s cute. I’m looking forward to seeing what yours looks like. It gets variable ratings over here. Lovely car to drive but has variable quality with electrical problems being one of the main things. I chuckled when I read one of the reviews about a mysterious electrical problem. The starter clicks but nothing happens. My old AMC Pacer did that. I’d have to go under the hood and gently push the solenoid towards the center of the engine compartment and then the car would start.

    Today is variable, too, weather-wise anyway. It’s mostly cloudy, warm and muggy. We had some lovely rain yesterday. All day it rained in a nice, polite fashion so we got the most benefit from it. The birds were so happy yesterday that they were singing as if it were spring. Today I watched a bunch of them bathing in the puddles at the top of my driveway. They were ecstatic. I was happy too.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      It was sunny when I came home but I’m not sure it was the rest of the day 🙂

      They were actually quite the opposite 🙂 They were glad to see me because they thought I was going to let them move to another pasture 🙂 They come running every time now when I pass 🙂 The owned think they still have lots of grass to graze and he’s right but I think they don’t like that variety of grass for some reason.

      Many want bubbles in their water and some mix it with lemonade and get soda instead 🙂

      Electrical problems are typical for French cars 🙂 Also things that happen once but perhapos never again, more than other cars 🙂 I’ve had the starter problems in some of my cars and I’ve always used a hammer to hit hard on it 🙂 Works every time 🙂 Have You had a Pacer!!!!I almost bought one once, they have always been rare over here so I didn’t just because the costs for repairs but I’ve promised myself that if I win the lottery I’ll buy one 🙂

      Really nice weather here today and just enough warm and! low humidity. Too bad I had to work all day. I guess our birds would like some rain too now, they have nowhere to bathe any longer.

      Have a great day!



  2. Yes, I did have a 1975 AMC Pacer. Green. I was an early adopter. 🙂 It was a funny-looking thing. One of my cousins said it looked like someone had stuck a straw in its butt and inflated it. Another ruder cousin called it the Friggin Moon Buggy. Both male cousins, of course. On the first day we were allowed to drive after being snowed in for a week with the Blizzard of 78, I slid into the back of another car and almost totaled it. Ironically, it was the same day as my last car payment was scheduled to be paid out. Naturally. They put it all back together again and I drove it for another 5 years. I sold it to a friend’s son who did a little work on it and let his sister drive it around all summer after which it sat beside my friend’s garage until the following March. I happened to ask how it was doing and she said her son had tried to start it but couldn’t. I told her about the solenoid. The next time I saw her she said he tried the solenoid thing and the Pacer started right up. It was the car that would not die. 🙂


    1. I really liked and over here it was called the American Beetle 🙂
      I bought a Citroen DS21 instead and looking back it would have been a much smarter thing to buy the Pacer instead 🙂


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